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Cardio Training Exercises You Can Do Without a Gym

Updated on January 8, 2013
Cardio training can be easily done in your own home
Cardio training can be easily done in your own home | Source

Cardio Training at Home Without Spending a Dime

If you have decided that you want to finally get in shape but you don't want to join a gym or fitness club, then this may be just the article for you. Truth is, most people can do the same exercises and get virtually the same benefits of exercise without spending big bucks for a membership.

We all know that exercise is good for us - body, mind and spirit - there is really no argument there. I think most people want to live their lives in a healthy state without the stress, hardship and problems associated with disease brought about by inactivity or lack of exercise. I was one of those folks who really never had time for exercise. What that really means is I never made time for exercise.

I discovered that making time to exercise is the most important first step in getting back into an exercise routine. These days, just about anyone can find an exercise or cardio training program that is just right for their particular situation. Just hop on the Internet and do some simple research. I even found some good apps on my iPhone like "C25K" (Couch to 5K), an application that gets you from inactivity to preparing for a 5K run in just a few months.

Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any strenuous exercise routine.


The Many Benefits of Cardio Training

The many benefits of regular exercise or cardio training are longer life, prevention of cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol, prevention of type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of stroke and better overall cognitive function. That's quite a list of benefits for just doing a bit of cardio training a few times a week.

Other benefits of exercise include weight control, improved muscle strength, stronger bones and a more effective immune system. If you exercise more you're also more likely to sleep better, have better sex, reduce stress and even curtail chronic back pain through improved flexibility and posture.

On top of all this, you get the added benefit of showing off a more attractive body. Cardio training is going to help you feel better about yourself, look better and help you live longer without the challenge of bad or failing health.

The real question is why wouldn't you want to exercise? There just isn't a real good reason.



The Top 5 Cardio Training Exercises


Running or Jogging

This is possibly one of the easiest and most convenient forms of cardio training. Running or jogging can be done almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, in just about any type of weather, alone or in a group of other runners.

Running or jogging is one of the best cardio training exercises.
Running or jogging is one of the best cardio training exercises. | Source

Start by running with a friend so that you can encourage one another during the times you don't want to run.

Also, if you're a bit apprehensive about running or jogging, simply start out slow. Walk for five minutes and then break into a slow run or jog for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, return to walking for a minute or two. Then break into a run again for 30 seconds.

Once you get the hang of it, alternate running and walking every 30 seconds for 20 to 30 minutes each day.


Another great cardio training exercise is jumping or skipping rope.
Another great cardio training exercise is jumping or skipping rope. | Source

Jumping or Skipping Rope

Some people just don't care for this cardio training exercise but it is one of the best aerobic exercises for getting that heart rate up and pumping.

All you need is a simple jump rope which you can get just about anywhere for very little cost. You don't need a fancy jump rope like that lady in the picture to the right.

Jumping or skipping rope is also a great exercise for burning a whole lot of calories very quickly. If you're new to this exercise, start by jumping rope for about 30 seconds the first day then add a few seconds each day.

Before your know it, you'll be going for several minutes every day.


While very challenging, running stairs can be a very effective cardio training exercise.
While very challenging, running stairs can be a very effective cardio training exercise. | Source

Running Stairs

It's hard to go anywhere these days and not run into stairs - they are literally everywhere and perfect for cardio training. You can even change up your training by going up and down forwards, backwards, even sideways.

CAUTION: Be very careful! One simple slip can lead to a disastrous fall.

Once you have run stairs for a few weeks and get some strength, try jumping up one or two steps at a time - jumping up three steps at a time is even possible, but I would suggest you practice on one and two step jumps first. Add to the workout by running up several steps, doing some pushups at the top and then running down the steps.

There are an endless variety of card training routines to be used on stairs.



Box Jumps

The great thing about box jumps is the adjustability of the box height. If you're just starting cardio training, you probably don't want to start with box jumps.

Build your strength and endurance up for a few months with running and jumping rope. You can start easily right at home with a low box or platform by just stepping off and back on.

Once you get some strength, start by setting your feet together and jump with both feet up onto the box or platform.

When you get stronger and more confident in your abilities, you can do this on park benches, playground equipment - wherever there is a platform.


The basic steps of the "Burpee" make for a rather challenging cardio training workout.
The basic steps of the "Burpee" make for a rather challenging cardio training workout. | Source

Burpees Are All the Rage

I am not sure how this exercise got it's name, but it is a great "all-body" exercise. Again, if you're just starting out with cardio training exercises, you may want to hold off on burpees until you get some strength and endurance form the other exercises.

Start out by doing just one burpee - from a standing position, lower into a squat, place your arms on the ground and push your legs straight back into a push-up position, then reverse the steps ending in a straight up jump toward the sky. You have just done a burpee!

Take a closer loom at the photo to the right for exact positioning.

Start slow by doing one or two and work your way up to where you can do 30 at a time.


Cardio Training: The Bottom Line

I hope after reading this article, you make the decision to get up and get out there. Start today and you can begin a new life. Even some exercise is better than no exercise at all. Start slow and work your way up to more strenuous activity lasting for longer periods each time. Remember that no exercise or cardio training can be disastrous to your health.

When I first started after years of inactivity, I could barely walk to the end of my driveway (about 50 feet) without getting winded. I started by walking up the street as far as I could go and then turning around. It was that simple. Now I'm on my way to a whole new and better "me!"

Here's to a new start for you!

The information in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information should not used for treatment or diagnosis of any medical conditions. When beginning any new exercise or card training routine, always consult your physician or healthcare professional as a first step.


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In your experience with cardio training exercises and weight loss, what was the most effective cardio exercise?

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    • MKayo profile image

      MKayo 5 years ago from Texas

      KatSanger - Thanks for the read an compliments. Glad to know this has been helpful to you.

    • KatSanger profile image

      Katherine Sanger 5 years ago from Texas

      Very helpful, thanks! I have been looking for things to do because right now I'm not able to get to the gym and I don't want to spend a fortune to set up a home gym. I think these will really help out!

    • MKayo profile image

      MKayo 5 years ago from Texas

      m0rd0r - Thanks for the read and compliment. Best of luck with your burpees and boxes! I'd be interested to know how many burpees you can do in a single setting. Nest of luck in your workouts!

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 5 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      I prefer guerrilla (HIIT) when I am starting to clean my body at spring but will probably try boxes and burpees. They don't sound hard at all.

      Thank you for publishing this article!

    • MKayo profile image

      MKayo 5 years ago from Texas

      Ahh! One more motivated to get started- wonderful! Yes, as Frau Blucher (Cloris Leachman) warned in "Young Frankenstein," - "stay close to the candle...the stairs can be treacherous." Thanks for the read and kind comments, tobusiness!

    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      I like the skipping rope idea, haven't done jogging in a while but it's probabely a good time to start again. Now about the stairs.... I would have to warn accident and emergency, before attemping to go backwards and sideways down them, come to think of it.... since moving into the Bungalow, don't even think I could go forward, so maybe I should leave the stairs alone. Seriously; great informative hub, you've certainly motivated me.