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Cardiovascular Exercise - An Essential Workout

Updated on June 14, 2010

Cardiovascular exercise is a very important component of general health and is the most suggested exercise for burning excess fat and increasing metabolism. In fact, it is reported by many professionals in the medical community, that three periods of approximately twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise is almost certainly all that you will require to increase your metabolism and start a continual fat burning mode. Other doctors would suggest about thirty minutes of routine cardio work each day is what we should all be doing.

Fundamentally cardiovascular exercise is activity that results in a healthy heart. The quantity of oxygen flowing through the heart during a regular exercise session helps to exercise the heart and also provide oxygen to other organs in the body. It should be an integral part of any exercise program and can be an essential element of restoration after a coronary or any kind of heart ailment. It is required for most of us in our quest to achieve the slim athletic look that we are searching for.

Cardiovascular exercise is categorized by breathing and heart rate increasing, and there are many ways to achieve this (like dancing and swimming) which all have their benefits. But two of the easiest cardiovascular exercisers are stationary bikes and treadmills that will provide a significant workout, provided you keep the resistance to the lowest level. It is very important to choose an activity that you enjoy as you will be more likely to maintain it, and to remember that a cardiovascular routine is only one piece of the workout jigsaw. For an optimal exercise program, include cardiovascular exercise, strength exercises, and flexibility work-outs for an efficient, successful program.

A cardiovascular workout is generally an easy activity to incorporate into a person's daily plan because it can be enjoyable rather than a chore. Walking quickly around the neighbourhood, swimming, bowling, cycling or any exercise that gets the blood pumping is acceptable. Indoor bikes are one of the most important items of exercise equipment for a cardiovascular session. An upright bike takes less space and can be positioned so that you can watch TV, or the kids while enjoying a steady but very important exercise routine. Even more comfortable are the recumbent cycles where you sit lower to the floor with the pedals in front of you. The seats are not at all like a bike seat and are very pleasant to sit in and pedal away for thirty minutes or more. But they do need more space because they are not upright, so perhaps the solution for many to achieve their cardiovascular session would be a folding recumbent exercise cycle that can be stored after the routine is over.

The health benefits of cardiovascular exercise cannot be ignored so the essential thing is to stick to a plan and for that, you will need convenient exercise equipment if you prefer to workout indoors. But don't forget a brisk walk will produce the same results and possibly give you a chance to take some fresh air, or meet friends on the street.

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