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Cherries – FDA Ban Natural Arthritis Cure

Updated on March 11, 2010

Cherries - a Natural Arthritis Cure

Cherries have been proven to be the most powerful fruit in the world as a medicine for eliminating gout and reducing inflammation and pain in arthritis. They are so powerful in fact that the FDA in America tried to muzzle cherry growers, trying to prevent them from linking cherries to arthritis care. They are cherries! How can the FDA ban natural arthritis cures?

It has been said that cherries are better than any arthritis drugs. It has been suggested that if the truth were known, pharmaceutical companies would lose billions in profits from arthritis drugs.

Eating cherries every day controls levels of uric acid, therefore preventing gout. Cherries are a very safe way to eliminate swelling and pain. Fresh cherries are obviously the best source, but cooked cherries and their juice are just as beneficial, as are cherry products such as; soft gel capsules, natural cereal bars with cherries, dried cherries, glacé cherries etc.

A Natural Arthritis Cure


FDA Ban Cherries?

Pharmaceutical companies obviously hope that the public don't find out how beneficial cherries are, but the fact is that cherries contain everything one needs to fight against arthritis.

A trial period of a month eating cherries every day (or cherry products) has proved in many cases, to completely banish pain from arthritis and gout.

It has been reported (but not confirmed) that the FDA has tried to stop cherry growers from distributing information on the health benefits of cherries.

What is confirmed, however, is that the FDA sent letters to cherry marketing companies, threatening them with legal action. They were told they should remove scientific information from their websites, describing health benefits of the natural medicine found in cherries. They claimed that when cherry growers give out scientific information on health benefits, such as anthocyanins (found in cherries) which reduce inflammation, they are declaring cherries to be drugs. Therefore, if cherries are drugs, they need FDA approval to be sold in the USA.

Ludicrously, they claim that if cherry growers want to promote the health benefits of cherries, they are promoting cherries as a drug! They then claim that they need FDA approval, as a drug!

Wow! A cherry is a fruit, no doubt with healing properties, but a fruit nonetheless.

These reports come from the USA, but what do the rest of the world feel about these arguments?

Is cherry a fruit? Is cherry a drug?

It seems unbelievable to me that they're even asking these questions, but the one thing that is proven beyond a doubt is that cherries are one of the best things in the world for gout and arthritis.


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    • profile image

      andrew 6 years ago

      the fda should do something useful and put a ban on poison ivy

    • profile image

      Hal 6 years ago

      Interesting. While I have no love of the corporate-controlled FDA I must however point out that this article is lacking ANY credible sources, a sign of (at the least) poor journalism practices and at the worst deliberate rumor-mongering.

      Please include at least (3) sources from proper locations to back up claims like this in the future. And no - those sources can't be an online article that ALSO doesn't include sources. If you MUST, use wikipedia, but I'd prefer the hard facts and direct sources to the studies.

      Thanks! :)

    • profile image

      Sue 6 years ago

      Back in the 90s Clinton signed a law for the FDA that states "Only a drug can be used to cure or treat a disease". Don't believe me??? Look it up.......

    • profile image

      sequoia 6 years ago

      The question at the end of the article is: These reports come from the USA, but what do the rest of the world feel about these arguments? Well, I have news for the writer...the US is the ONLY country to try and control 'food' as they do - NO ONE else does this...makes one really sick, doesn't it?

    • profile image

      JoshHarwood 6 years ago

      Ya know.. The crap that many may call "food" that has no nutritional value whatsoever is not prevented from being consumed by American citizens and yet foods that prove invaluable for their health benefits face legal threats from the FDA. FDA is a wicked sort of scum.

    • profile image

      healthylife 6 years ago

      For all of you who suffer from RA it would never hurt to try cherries for a few days. The government has it's hands in too many place it does not belong. I believe there are remedies straight from the good earth.

    • profile image

      adam 6 years ago

      Actual Scientific Breakdown of Cherries

    • profile image

      adam Nuber 6 years ago

    • profile image

      Lewis Brewer 6 years ago

      Have been using tart cherry concentrate every day for over 3 years, it definitely works. At 85 years old I use no other pain killers.

    • profile image

      AmazedHuman 6 years ago from Michigan

      Are you kidding? Is the FDA totally owned by the pharmaceutical companies? Is that why they go out of their way to look stupid with rulings like this? Insanity runs rampant at the FDA!

    • profile image

      Greg 6 years ago

      The FDA are a tool that the pharmaceutical industry are using to create an orthodoxy of experts who will be the only ones who can speak openly about health claims. They are muzzling the general public in a bid to control any disenting opinion in a very similar way to the Catholic Church in early Christian history when they forbade the general public from learning to read so that the priests were the only ones who could interpret the "holy word".

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      It's amazing but predictable that God's creation wil put out things like Fruit , veggies, and herbs that can help heal our bodies. It's us humans that are messing things up with ourselves with the lousy "Food" we eat everyday. Food is the medicine we take every day 3 times or more a day! As for me I tend to want to give my child food that is whole, natural and organic. Check out a company I get my food from shipped from an organic farm in Missouri: they don't have cherries, but they have awesome organic grassfed beef, dairy and more. Its really changing people's health.

    • profile image

      Cannabis for Autism on Facebook and Wordpress 6 years ago

      I wonder if cherries help autism? I bet they do :)

    • ArtzGirl profile image

      ArtzGirl 6 years ago from San Diego

      Thanks for writing this very important article. I have been doing my part to investigate and write my findings on the issue of Chemtrails. It appears that one of the reasons that they are spraying the planet, is a depopulation exercise. Banning foods that deliver ways to extend life and health may be on the chopping block due to their ulterior motive to wipe out millions of people.

      Thanks for speaking up on this important issue. I appreciate someone else dedicated to getting the "truth" out there!

      Blessings to You!

    • profile image

      Buzz 6 years ago

      Let your medicine be your food.

      Let your food be your medicine.

      A former client of mine, CherryPharm is in this industry, and constantly had to tiptoe around what they could and could not say about the product in their marketing. It's ridiculous that PROFIT PROTECTION for druggers trumps common sense health motivations in the good ol' land of the FEE.

      Hopefully internet word of mouth will educate the masses while the thinkers migrate away from all mainstream media and MARKETING of DRUGS.

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      Time to get rid of the FDA they are taking away all of our rights and freedoms and I frankly am sick of it. They promote stuff that is known to kill people and ban natural foods. They suck sorry people I have been a victim of the terrible drugs everyone is brainwashed into taking for arthritis but not anymore....

    • profile image

      Grade school calling.... 6 years ago

      Remember in school, where we all learned how we were supposed to quote our sources when we wrote works like this? I don't see any sources here. This article is based on an unfounded claim and also a claim that is supposedly, founded.

      Quote: "What is confirmed, however, is that the FDA sent letters to cherry marketing companies, threatening them with legal action."

      The FDA does on their website, post these types of letters for the public to read. Warnings to companies in violation of FDA regulations are there to be found, yet this writer does not link to the reference and show us these letters. Why not?

      While the FDA is certainly not flawless, there must be regulation of those making health and drug claims. Greenwashers and unscrupulous marketers are jumping on the 'health' bandwagon in droves and the only protection from false health claims that may actually harm our health... is to demand proof of claims made. So, it is one thing to speak of the nutritional value of a food, it is another to make outright claims. Cherry marketers could detail the nutritional value and list the chemicals they contain and explain what those chemicals can do... and leave it up to the consumer to put 2 and 2 together rather than make outright claims.

      Gryphster (earlier comment) was correct. If there are no regulations controlling what kind of claims people can make, the 'snake oil' salesmen out there will be selling unsuspecting folks 'cures' for everything that help no one but the pocketbook of the salesman, and potentially may harm as well.

      People need to remember when reading these types of articles posted at places like this,(or any of the other boatload of sites online that allow anyone to be a writer) that any good writer worth taking seriously, will quote sources and give references and not just expect their readers to 'trust' their word.

      It's not like we all weren't taught that in school.

    • profile image

      aprilt 6 years ago

      Geez lets get real here. Years ago when there wasn't any b.s. about natural home grown foods . People where healthy, we go back to healthy and the fda see's dollars signs. Not health. So what the hell.....Then people that eat "cherries" or any other fruits for that matter are " drug abusers". Really?!

    • profile image

      Elpidio 6 years ago

      Here this link confirms the above said:

    • profile image

      Neil 6 years ago

      Then is jogging and yoga a drug that needs FDA approval? What about breathing?

    • AdinaH profile image

      AdinaH 6 years ago from UK

      Thanks for pointing this out DianeW! Raw almonds have been found to have amazing healing properties in recent research, and as this became more widely known the FDA decided to ban them, and decided only the cooked variety that are void of live enzymes and basically have no healing properties are "allowed."

      I wonder why?? Time we all stopped listening to this, and being told what we can eat and can't, and stand up for our rights.

    • profile image

      Love4OurHuman 6 years ago

      Get a president that believes in The Constitution of the United States and will end the fed govt intrusion into our lives and end the FDA, EPA, USA, war on drugs, wars killing our children, the inside trading, special interest corruption and more... Ron Paul 2012 Do the research. By ending the federal FDA each State can handle these issues. He is NOT ending in without a solution. WE ARE THE SOLUTION... think think... do your research Ron Paul 2012. Vote in the primaries.

    • profile image

      Sister Survival 6 years ago

      They have surely done this with walnuts, basically saying they are a "drug"

    • profile image

      Ron Walton 6 years ago

      All food in some fashion that helps heal/control/support the symbiotic relationship between our bodies and all other living things (inside and outside) our flesh can be considered a drug. If it is used for that purpose. But like anything that is able to have the body heal itself the powers who will suffer want to control, out law, our ability to do so. This act in its self is against all that I believe and I will stand against this injustice. It was started by the generation that preceded me but I will not buy into the propaganda that nature can not heal better then a drug company.

    • profile image

      janet1313 6 years ago

      I took a prescription drug for my "gout" for about 6 weeks and never saw the outside world or for that matter the outside of the bathroom. I started taking a "natural" black cherry tablet and within a week, my pain was gone and my life was my own again. How dare them tell me I can't take it. I'll buy every bottle I can find.

    • profile image

      cindyg57 6 years ago

      It has always been about the money. That is how we are in the condition we are now. There are many natural cures for everything but the guys on capital hill are constantly getting payoffs from big pharma etc. etc. to keep us sick. Pretty soon we will have to grow our stuff in our houses so we can eat healthy stuff. People are already hoarding seeds because monsanto threatens to take over the seeds so all we can plant are gmo crops. It is sick but we will prevail. Because all their crazy concoctions will eventually kill them off while us seed hoarders will prevail or move to another country and live off the grid somewhere to just stay alive and healthy. It is a sick bunch of humans. In many ways we have not evolved at all. Just got more dangerous.

    • profile image

      Donna 6 years ago

      Go figure. The government has essentially formed a giant monopoly with many large corporations and producers. So much for the role of the government, and FDA, being to protect American citizens. It's all about the money now.

    • profile image

      RayT 6 years ago

      All these people asking for proof, it has been proven that the FDA and big pharma will try to stop anything natural that can be shown to alleviate suffering. Strange how people will buy the OTC drugs without question and not try simple natural cures to see if they work. My opinion, God or nature, is better at providing cures than pharmaceutical companies.

    • profile image

      D. Slade 6 years ago

      It would help if the headline was more factual. "FDA says scientific research on cherries prove that they are drugs". Nope, that sounds equally ridiculous. Maybe its just the FDA that's ridiculous, regardless of the headline claim.

    • profile image

      Ray 6 years ago

      FDA= Filth and Death Administration

    • Sherree Holster profile image

      Sherree Holster 6 years ago from Roseville, Michigan

      They really do help. I hate taking pills for pain so any info like this is always intresting to me. Its a damn shame that the people that are supposed to be helping control pain are more interested in getting people hooked on drugs that mask the pain rather than actually helping people feel better.

    • profile image

      Jake 6 years ago

      Yeah.... let's all be reasonable... just like the FDA. They are now claiming that your body is a drug, and they have the right to regulate it (they don't want any competition for their Big Pharma pals). NO, they are NOT protecting us.... they are KILLING us!

    • profile image

      Wayne 6 years ago

      @Barbara.... I think it more important to review the behavior of the FDA and demand that *they* use common sense. You cannot even point to scientific studies concerning things like cherries or walnuts without being threatened (and sometimes prosecuted) by the FDA. I'm not talking about making spurious claima.... I'm talking about suppression of *scientific* studies. The FDA exists only to promote big Pharma. Do some reading... I believe that you will come to the same conclusion. It is one of the most corrupt agencies of all time!

    • profile image

      Monica 6 years ago

      Yes -- they did this to almonds and apricot pits (both contain laetrile, a natural cancer fighter). They claim that consumed in high doses, laetrile kills. While laetrile is by its very nature toxic (and can also be found in apple seeds, and orange and watermelon pits), you would have to consume mass quantities for it to be harmful.

    • profile image

      Frank Clark III 6 years ago

      Time to Shut down the FDA, they have proven themselves time and time again to be beholden to the Pharmaceutical Industry along with Monsanto and as long as they care more about profit and nothing about people, continue to expect more about banning certain foods and an emphasis on outlawing the sale or trading of homegrown vegetables and fruits.

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      Barbara .. Pizza is considered a freakin' vegetable. I wouldn't say this is too far fetched.

    • profile image

      Barbara 6 years ago

      This article is simply to stir up trouble. Fact is, cherries DO help reduce inflammation in prone individuals. A great study can be downloaded here, for free:

      While the FDA certainly does it's share of evil, the FDA has no intention of banning fruit. Please use common sense.

    • profile image

      Debbie 6 years ago

      I started taking cherry gels and eating more cherries. I have RA and had to stop using Humira because of bad side effects. A friend told me about cherries....I am doing awesome!!!!! Really helps take away inflammation, which takes away the achy crappy feeling:) So sad how much our world is influenced by money.

    • profile image

      Bob Tabor 6 years ago

      If you dring a freshly jucied cabbage right away it helps bleading ulsurs study was done a few years back with prisones and they found that to be the fastest cure

    • profile image

      Curious 6 years ago

      "Cherries have been proven to be the most powerful fruit in the world as a medicine for eliminating gout and reducing inflammation and pain in arthritis."

      Can you provide links to the proof, please?

    • profile image

      Carolann 6 years ago

      Hippocrate was saying: May your food be your medecine...

    • profile image

      AndyB 6 years ago

      This is not just a problem in the USA, worldwide there are loads of plants that are classified as drugs, coca, some types of poppies, cannabis, tobacco, magic mushrooms, all are classed as drugs and grow naturally in the wild.

      Plan an article about those plants do you?

      it has long been accepted that plants can be drugs so your main argument doesn't work (but it's a cherry!) and as an earlier commentator noted health claims need backing up

      PS: want to buy some carrots? they make you see in the dark!

    • profile image

      Will 6 years ago

      It's about time the people tell congress to put an end to this absurd thinking of FDA. Big Pharma is only wanting to protect their bottom line and they obviously control FDA.

    • profile image

      Robert 6 years ago

      So I guess they will ban Nancy Pelosi's face from TV. Her face is a natural birth control for men.

    • profile image

      rob 6 years ago

      so where's the "ban?" This all seems a bit specious. I agree the big pharma and big govt. can't be trusted farther than one can spit... but I would like to know more concrete facts regarding any such 'ban' or coercion undertaken by the FDA.

    • profile image

      Barbara 6 years ago

      soon all foods will be so genetically altered and modified there will be no natural healing benefits in anything - the world needs to wake up to what is really going on! we are told it is too expensive for organic growing and guess hat the world believes it...

    • profile image

      A lil Wacked 6 years ago

      Food in its natural state is a complete source of wellness. To point out the the health benefits of a food or seasoning/herb does not constitute it a drug. Well, It shouldn't anyway. I heard today that they have sugar on their agenda too..

    • profile image

      Christine Pomeroy 6 years ago

      You suck FDA!! You are part of this government that is slowly killing it's people. You disgust me!! Think about it. You allow GMO foods!!! Up Yours!!

    • profile image

      naturalbornhealer 6 years ago

      It is sad to see that articles like this, even though good in intention, do more harm than good with their sensationalistic statements without any backing.

      Fact is that the FDA is bought by big corporations and pharmaceutical companies. It is a fact that the FDA is a poster-child for conflict of interest. To have anyone from Monsanto in an influential position at the FDA is ridiculous. The FDA has repeatedly overlooked missing studies from pharmaceutical companies, and their continued support of genetically modified foods despite the overwhelming evidence of health dangers related to these foods shows that we cannot rely onto them for food safety.

      However, all these statements about one superfood being a cure-all is just as ridiculous. Same with the reports of the FDA trying to "ban" these foods. They are disallowing claims to be made about health benefits. Yes, it is ridiculous to do because we have plenty of scientific evidence showing the health benefits of certain foods. But to say they "ban" the food is wrong and will discredit any good intention.

      Health lies in a healthy, balanced diet. I lies in a diet free of genetically modified foods and highly processed foods. It lies in exercising regularly, and in keeping a positive attitude. It lies in living a balanced life in a supportive community of friends. And yes, big pharma spends billions every year to suppress any research discrediting their drugs and proving herbal remedies to be effective, but there's little we can do about it directly. What we can do is find a health care provider who takes an integrative approach, and who understands the true dynamic of a person's constitution and variations in healthy diet that are different from person to person. We can go to local farmer's markets and support farmers who grow healthy organic foods. And we can ask for alternatives to the costly and side-effect rich drugs the western medical establishment is pushing on its patients every day.

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      Omg really

    • profile image

      josef 6 years ago

      the FDA has done the same thing with Laetrile / Vitamin B17, Treatment For Cancer.

    • profile image

      Basenjidude 6 years ago

      "A cherry is a fruit, no doubt with healing properties, but a fruit nonetheless."

      And Cannabis is a flower, no doubt with healing properties, but a flower nonetheless.

    • profile image

      Leslie 6 years ago

      I haven't heard about them doing this with almonds, but they did recently do this with WALNUTS. They are going after Diamond nuts.

      For any who would like to try to bring the FDA back to reality, please visit our Facebook page Occupy the FDA. Please visit, comment, "like" and SHARE.

    • profile image

      Gryphster 6 years ago

      Give me a break. They aren't banning cherries, they arepreventing unfounded claims such as those made about "superfruits" such as Akai or Gogo. What proof do you have that cherries are so great? You say that,"It has been said that cherries are better than any arthritis drugs." By whom? Based on what? A one month small scale trial. The same thing is happening with Stevia, the natural sweetener.

      The FDA's position is that if you're going to make health claims, you have to have scientific proof based on proper clinical trials. Otherwise, they know that people like me would go into the watermelon business and claim watermelons make your penis double in size and cite anecdotes about black men to back up the claims. For all I know, this article was written by cherry marketers. Do your own homework folks.

    • profile image

      Thatgirl 6 years ago

      This is why Ron Paul wants Big Gov out of the food supply- wake up from slumber please!!

    • profile image

      Sarah Canton 6 years ago

      Where are your sources please?

    • profile image

      Margaret Schutz 6 years ago

      This is getting Real Serious! Think about the internet sensorship acts and bills being passed. This is all so disturbing! Total control over the internet and people's voices is not acceptable! We each have a voice and it will be heard. They are feeling threatened because of all the access of info that we all have been able to achieve. Many things, subjects have been looked at and researched and with this being said "The powers that be do not want us to know this information because it is all supressed. They do not want to Go Out Of Business. If we all find the real truth in All these Illusions and brainwashing programs they have set up for us then it is when they lose!

    • profile image

      chris 6 years ago

      our local gov agency does the same in europe, not about cherries but about other produce.... you can not put it on internet or writen folders, so people TALK, talk, talk...

    • dianew profile image

      dianew 6 years ago from Spain

      Really? I wasn't aware about almonds. I agree with you and thanks for the comment

    • profile image

      prsmith 6 years ago

      They've done the same thing to Almonds. It's time to put the FDA out to pasture.


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