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Chiropractic Care for Head, Neck, and Upper Back Pain

Updated on September 23, 2018


Millions of Americans suffer from chronic migraines and the debilitating pain that comes with them. Were you aware that there's actually an effective and safe treatment out there that helps you and provides lasting relief from migraines? A skilled chiropractor will know exactly where your blocks are and break them down so that you can have a normal effective life with a body-friendly treatment and adjustment.

Your nervous system provides all the necessary energy to all of your organs, especially your brain which is the most important organ in your body that needs to have substantial nerve flow at all times. Tight muscles may block necessary energy to your brain. Body-to-brain feedback is broken by any sort of blocked muscles. These muscles can become misaligned which causes such a giant headache that seems to last forever.

Chiropractic practices have been perfected every single day in order to be proven to relieve muscle tension and get rid of those awful migraine headaches. Migraines can cause nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite and even vomiting.  They leave your whole body feeling fatigued and numb. It puts up an entire barrier on your day to day activity and life.

Chiropractor's take your nerves and work them so that they're no longer knotted so that they can let out flowing nerve energy through every organ to every cell in your body. They zero in on where there is tension in your body and relieve it with proven ancient methods of success. A chiropractor studies the patterns in your body in order to see where you may need help and then they will give you recommendations on how to help your body become healthier and receive more nutrition than usual.

 If you want to experience life without stress or pain and have relief from those terrible migraines, then seeing a skilled chiropractor as soon as possible will be the smartest and healthiest thing you could ever do for your body in order to live a happy life.

Neck Pain

Do you ever feel pain in your shoulders, or feel pain when you turn your neck? Stress generated by desk and computer work is becoming even more common as the years go by. Computer work is how our culture thrives. However, when your daily life is abruptly interfered with pain, it's not a great way to thrive. It's no surprise that neck pain and shoulder pain are both extremely common in our world. It's where all of our tension basically comes from. Let's do a quick test to see what the tension is like in your neck and shoulder region. Alright, focus on those two regions and close your eyes for a few seconds to feel the upper neck and shoulder area. Do you feel tense? Are your muscles relaxed or are they tight?

It's not healthy, or fun, to have any sort of neck or shoulder pain. Your neck is almost like a major highway of your body in a metaphorical sense. When the highway has zero traffic and clear of anything, it means your whole body is relaxed and your blood and nerve flow are moving fluidly with ease, which ultimately leads to a happier body, and more clarity in your brain since oxygen is flowing correctly.

On the contrary, when your neck and shoulders are tense, you might feel tired for no apparent reason, irritated out of the blue, and overall just stressed. Tension and stress can create a form of blockage that stops, slows or interrupts the flow of vital blood and oxygen going both to your brain, and from your brain.

The practice of chiropractics can relieve your stress on your body. Thousands of patients through the years have realized that chiropractic is the most effective and safe treatment for pain in the shoulder and neck, and it offers relief. In some cases, the relief is almost instant.

Are you absolutely positive you want to stay being stressed and all this tension in your neck and shoulders? How much longer will you be able to honestly live with this pain?

Many people feel as though they carry most, if not all, of their stress and body tension in their neck and shoulders. As common as neck pain is, it's also very painful. There is a simple test that can be taken in order to find out whether or not you suffer from a type of neck pain that might eventually cause more serious health conditions. It's all about testing your range of motion. All you have to do is look down as far as you can, down towards the ground and beyond as far as looking at your chest. Then look up to the ceiling. Once you've done that, you'll need to turn your head to the right and then to the left. If any of that hurt, then something is wrong. That is not normal. Subluxations (spinal misalignment) can easily be directly linked to neck pain.

Upper Back Pain

Do you often find yourself thinking about chronic neck pain? The human body is like the connections that can be found in roadways. There are highways and smaller back roads, and if one area is having trouble than the others will be affected as well, because they're all connected. For instance, if you feel tension or pain in your upper back, there is a possibility that it could cut off blood flow and the way your nerves run through to your head and neck. Your brain needs your blood to bring a steady supply of oxygen to function properly. The entire human body relies on the brain to command and control everything that it does.

The Hidden Effects Of Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can lead to throbbing headaches. It's one of the more common ways that tension can lead to greater pain. All it takes is a bit of computer or desk work and you could be at risk. Aspirin is a common relief for this kind of pain, but it's only a temporary source of relief.

When it comes to upper back pain, blood and nerve flow is constricted on its way up to the head. Think of it as a traffic jam. The tension in your upper back pinches the body's roads that blood moves through. Imagine it as if it were a two lane pile up on a three lane road. It slows the flow of traffic. It's easy for tight muscles to push the normal alignment of bones. When the vertebrae in your spine are pushed out of place, it pushes the blood and nerve highways out of line. It pinches off the normal flow.

An Easy Solution For Getting Rid Of Back Pain

The healthier goal is to look for something that will lead to long-lasting relief. Desk life is just a simple part of life, but it leads to tightened muscles, especially the kind that causes upper back pain. There's nothing that can be done about the workout you put your body through during work hours, but you can take a deeper look into the way upper back pain works.

One of the many ways that you can look for long term and healthy relief is through chiropractic treatment. This treatment is called an adjustment, and can bring you relief by aligning your body properly so that blood and nerve flow come more naturally. Basically, the adjustment helps push your body back in the direction that it's meant to be, realigning your bones and muscles in a gentle way that promotes better functionality over all.

The Simplicity Of Chiropractic Care

Getting chiropractic help is as easy as calling in to make an appointment to go in for a simple adjustment. You'll feel immediate physical relief, and if you continue to show up for follow up appointment, you'll feel better and better with every visit. Your chiropractor can explain all of this further. Though tension can be described as a normal part of life, you don't have to live with it.


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