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Chung Shi Shoes Review

Updated on August 25, 2011

Most of the major training shoe manufacturers have jumped on the toning shoes bandwagon of late, however Chung Shi have been producing their shoes for over 10 years.

Whilst Chung Shi shoes tone the body, the focus is not on one aspect of health and fitness but the body as a whole.

Chung Shi shoes provide a broad range of benefits to the body of which muscle tone is only one.

The Chung Shi Shoes Concept

Designed and developed in Germany, the shoes draw their inspiration from Chinese reflexology and stimulate nerve centres on the feet to improve well being whilst preventing pressure build ups which can lead to discomfort . They correct the posture to align the bones, muscles and ligaments naturally, and they guide the body through a new way of walking which is more beneficial to the health.

How do Chung Shi Shoes Work?

Chung Shi Shoes feature an innovative angled sole which corrects the posture to stand up straighter, with the weight back on the. Standard shoes promote more of a hunched walk, however with Chung Shi shoes your spine is kept straight and perfectly aligned. Your hips, knees and ankles are also straight and properly positioned which enforces an efficient, comfortable and natural walking gait. The shoes increase the muscle activity with the angled sole smoothly rolling the foot from heel to toe.

The sole is constructed in 4 parts which are biomechanically engineered to offer support, comfort and stability when walking. The outsole is constructed from non-slip rubber to provide great grip and traction. The midsole of the shoe is the shock absorber to take the sting out of walking, easing the shock waves and cushioning the heel. In the forefoot a firm base is required for the push off, and the shoes feature a metal plate for stability and robustness.

The insole offers great support to the foot arches and helps to line the bones correctly; however it is easily removable and can be replaced with an orthotic insert for additional support if required.

Chung Shi calls this system AuBioMo®, for Automated Biomechanical Movement, or in other words, their shoes make you walk the right way.

Chung Shi Shoes

Balance your body
Balance your body

Some of the Chung Shi Shoes Styles

Chung Shi trainers
Chung Shi trainers
Chung Shoe walking shoes
Chung Shoe walking shoes
Chung Shi Red Multi purpose
Chung Shi Red Multi purpose
Chung Shi waterproof
Chung Shi waterproof

Chung Shi footwear benefits to the health

  • Increase muscle activity in the legs by up to 50%
  • Stimulate the muscles in the abdomen, bottom and legs
  • Posture corrected to stand up straighter and taller with the shoulders back
  • Pressure on the joints eased to stop pain
  • Stimulate reflexology centres on the feet
  • Stimulate the muscles of the feet
  • Helps to increase the height of the foot arches
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Increases core muscle strength and boost stamina
  • Increases oxygen consumption and calorie burning
  • Stimulate a wider array of muscles body
  • Help reduce cellulite
  • Absorb shockwaves from walking
  • Speed up weight loss
  • Strengthen floor of the pelvic muscle
  • Help prevent varicose veins
  • EU class 1 medical product
  • International Sports Organisation Award (ISPO) winner

Chung Shi Shoe Styles

There are two options available when purchasing Chung Shi shoes, although both have the same overall effects to the health.

The Chung Shi Comfort Step features 15┬║ of tilt to the soles of the shoes offering great all round toning and health benefits. They are designed to be worn all day and as a long term footwear solution.

For those looking for more of the muscle activation benefits, the Chung Shi Balance Step features a 20┬║ angle which increases the work the body is required to do, increases muscle activity more quickly and offers all of the benefits of Chung Shi in a faster time frame.

Both models are sold in trainer, shoe and all weather waterproof styles for men and women.

Praise for Chung Shi Footwear

Chung Shi has won much praise for the orthopaedic benefits of the shoes. In the UK, GMTV consultant doctor Dr. Hilary Jones has endorsed the benefits to the body which can be gained from the shoes, and famous wearers include Jerry Hall, Tamzin Outhwaite, and the cast of Desperate Housewives.

The Verdict

9/10 - Excellent health benefits, robust design, superior construction, and great posture enhancing shoes. As an orthopaedic shoe they get top marks,and offer the most extensive range of health benefits of any wellness shoes on the market.


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    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Marisa Wright 5 years ago from Sydney

      I like the look of these shoes but not sure I've seen them on sale in Australia. Will have to investigate!