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Gadgets that pollute air in the house

Updated on April 12, 2014
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Air conditionersCarpets
Air conditioners
Air conditioners

Dust mites ,molds ,asbestos and smoke are just a few contaminants that may be fouling the air at your home or work place .Often invisible ,indoor air pollution is a real health hazard ,causing headaches,wheezing ,fatigue and sinus congestion.Stand on your toes to check what is making you sick.

Common cleaning products such as polishes and air fresheners are often full of toxic chemicals .Look for air friendly cleaners or use alternatives such as baking soda to clean the sinks .

The worst of the polluter of the air is smoke from tobacco ,so try and avoid smoking it is harmful for the one who smokes as well as for the other who are around.

The new carpets and rugs in the house release gases ,old carpets collect dust mites and pet dander.its best to opt for marble or ceramic flooring if possible

Air conditioners and coolers collect dust bacteria and molds from the air ,therefore regularly used Air conditioners should be serviced once in three months .change the water in the coolers daily and dry the mats in the sun before it becomes a breeding place for mosquitoes in winters.

Places under the furniture should be taken special care as these are the places where dust mites collect and make us ill .its's sensible to use vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets and under the furniture so that dust mites are easily collected without bringing harm to any one .

Its a gadget that helps to make a place pollution free


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