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Cloudy, Foggy Vision, the Story of My Eye Problem

Updated on February 3, 2018
dingyskipper profile image

Hi, my name is Carolyn and I have personal experience of this problem. I hope that you find this article helpful.

Allow me to introduce myself

I have recently started to have vision problems in one eye, this is something different to my normal "having to wear reading glasses".

I have decided to write down what happens to me hoping it may be of some help to those who read this. I live in England, so things may happen differently in your homeland.

The eye test

I needed to have my eyes tested again as I knew my glasses were no longer strong enough, but I waited and waited, until one day I noticed the vision in my right eye was different, rather than just being blurrier than the left it seemed slightly foggy, when it did not go away after a few days I went to the optition.

I had the usual eye chart tests and the prssure in my eyeballs checked, and yes I needed stronger glasses.

Unfortunately I was also told that my eye is clouding up, not a cataract, but the piece that the lens sits in, and not at the front, but behind.

I was upset

the optician could see no reason for it to be happening, but wanted me seen at the hospital as soon as I could get in. He is not allowed to ask for me, but had to write a letter for me to give to my Doctor.

You should be seen within a month he said. Fat chance!

It took a week to get a letter from the Doctors, with a password on it, so that I could phone and make an appointment, I did, I got one for three months time, so at the moment I am still waiting to find out, what this is, if it's curable, or even will it happen to the other eye.

Meanwhile the faint mist is getting deeper.


Opened the curtains first thing, everythings really foggy, both eyes. Oh it is real fog outside LOL

Think I will publish this now and add to it like a diary. Have to say this new problem is not helping my usual predilection to depression, maybe writing this wil help,

Have found lots of information about cataracts and such on the net, but nothing so far that helps me understand my problem

Ah well so starts another day.

The effects of light

I have noticed since the sun has started shining here again, that effects the vision in my right eye. The light seems to reflect the same way a white light in fog does, I have this strange sight walking down the road of a clear view on one side and a white haze on the other, holding a hand above the eye improves the vision a lot.

Maybe time to get the sunglasses out.

They have just told people where I work they must wear protective glasses in case of flying debris, they are all complaining, fools, they still take their eyes for granted! I see that now hardly anyone wears them and the bosses have given up the chase.

The hospital visit

Arrived at the hospital and was seen, after a fairly short wait, by a nurse who did a very quick eye test using a letters chart. First you read what you can one eye at a time, then through a thing with a little hole in it to see if it improves your vision or not.

Then another not too long wait for to see my consultant, Miss D C Mather, a very pleasant lady I am glad to say.

No that is not me!


Miss mather asked about my general health and the medications I take, in fact and I quote "you take all these?"

Yes, and i am now thankfull that I don't have to take steroids, she said they are bad for your eyes!

She asked about symptoms and examined my eyes through a slit lamp, It looks more uncomfortable than it is, and the bright light can effect your vision for a few minutes. She also put some drops in my eyes and shone blue light in them. Somehow she could tell the pressure in my eyeballs, but I don't even pretend to know how.

Then came the bit where your should not even consider driving there yourself, because the next lot of drops open your pupils as wide as they will go and the effect lasts for hours. Taking sunglasses with you is a very good idea too.

These drops are bright yellow, and I was sent to wait while they worked.

Back in and back behind the lamp.

Turns out I do have a cataract after all, but still no idea why, no eye injury or meds to have caused it and (LOL) it's a young persons cataract, so I was told. 53 go figure!

It seems I have posterior cataract, that could grow worse really quickly, can be operated on, but because of risks involved I have not been put on the waiting list yet.

I am to go back in 4 months and see how things are. I will let you know.

How glad I am it's only one eye!

Living with type 11 diabetes

by a fellow hubber
by a fellow hubber | Source

Four months LOL

Nearly four months later and I phone the hospital, why have I not been given an appointment date, the specialist sent word to my Doctor I would be given one.

Oh! we have not made one, you can come in October instead, grrrrr.

October the 18th

Well I saw a different person this time, no less pleasant than the last. I have now been put on the waiting list and should be called in the next two to four months. All I can say is we shall see, well hopefully.

29th 0f November 2012

Maybe it's because people do not want surgery just before christmas, but here I am in the hospital for my pre -op assessment. Did not expect it for at least another 2 months.

I now realise it is a good job I do not wear CONTACT LENSES , as my appointment date was sent to me 8 DAYS ago, and it states that patients with hard contact lenses should remove them for 2 weeks prior to the assessment. Mmmm

Well I have filled in my pre-op questionaire, I have a list of all my medications and a urine sample, so here we go.

A very nice staff nurse has aked me loads of questions, including has anyone in my family suffered from MAD COW disease, well I have been called one often enough but no.

I looked it up and it is something to do with sterilizing the equipment.

I have also had my eye measured in all kinds of ways with some cool machines, Totally painless and quite interesting, but hanging around the hospital for a couple of hours is boring.

The 6th of December, the big day

Well the time has come, am I nervous? Yes very.

I was told on arriving for my 9 o'clock appointment to sit in the ward and wait for the surgeon to see me, I was also told that because I had the first appointment did not mean I would be first in surgery. Yes you've guessed it I was first in and last out, oh well.

At our hospital they do not give you beds to sit around on,just comfy chairs for those that are having the op's awake.

During my 3 hour wait I had 4 lots of drops put in my eye, 3 lots each time, the third of wich stings

It's my turn and I walk down to the anesthesia room and laid down on a trolley.

I have yet more drops put in my eye to make the pain of the injection I am about to have as painless as possible.

I am not going to lie having the needle stuck in the corner of my eyeball really hurts, that man is lucky he has not been thumped. But when he has done my eye is totally numb and I can't even open it.

On to the surgery, a plastic hat is put on my hair and a cover is put over the rest of my face, it is not dark and oxgen is being piped under it, some one takes my hand , my communication with the world, my eye is uncovered, AM I FRIGHTENED, YES.

The operation itself begins, and its nothing to worry about, no PAIN ,I can't see much but shadows against the light, it's really QUICK.

And I end up LAUGHING, which you are not supposed to do, you need to LIE STILL.

Why laugh, she was explaing to a new surgeon how to do the op' and described my cataract as like a pizza she was cutting into quarters, and putting in the lens as "stuffing a tomato"

A patch was placed over my eye, I was walked back to my chair and given tea and biscuits.


I was given drops to put in my eye and a list of does and mainly don'ts, which is for the next paragraph

So the WORST thing is the NEEDLE in the EYE, the OP' itself is easier than having TEETH PULLED, I KNOW from experience.

The next day and beyond

They sent me home with a patch on my eye which I am now allowed to take off, but must replace every night before going to bed for a week. The vision is very blurry and also very bright, the difference in colour is amazing.

Learning to put eye drops in yourself takes some practice, but you must remember to use them, and follow all instructions the hospital gave you, rest, do not lift weights etc. I was given two weeks of work. If you have been STAY AT HOME. now is not the time to be brave and tough, you do not want to run the risk of damaging your eye permanently,or all was a waste of time

Please remember to take sunglasses with you when you go outside

Getting Glasses

My eye did not settle down as quickly as I hoped, and I seemed to wait for ages before getting new glasses. If you need them sooner rather than later I would recommend cheap readers to start with. One of my eyes now has fairly good close vision, but the operated on one has settled into far vision, as it will probably be at least a year before I have the other done, I now have varifocal lenses, they are expensive and take some getting used to.

The future

I will be having the other cataract removed when it is bad enough, but also I have what is sometimes called a secondary cataract, the lens they put in will become opaque and eventually I will have to have laser treatment. So I will let you know how it goes

Things to think about.

The new lens they give you is not the same as having your own perfectly working own.

It's like false teeth, they can never be as good as a fine set of your own.

At the same time being able to see is great.

I have some problems with the way light refracts in my eye, and notice that, on one side at least, my vision seems more circular, none the less is is better than fog, and colours at the moment are bright.

GOOD LUCK and a long healthy life to you all.

2016 The Other Eye

The time came to have the cataract in my other eye removed, unfortunately all has not gone well. During the operation the lens capsule tore and the lens has been placed in front of it. Now the pressure in my eye has moved the lens out of place and I am beginning to get double vision. Another operation can be done to move, or, replace the lens.

I must mention the Eye injection was pain free this time, so maybe it is down to who does it.

I have another problem though, fluid has got where it should not be, this really needs to dry up first or I am in danger of retinal detachment . I am at the moment applying three different types of drops four times a day. This has been going on for a couple of months now, and I am getting fed up. Oh well let you know how it goes.

The Next Operation

I have been to Oxford hospital to have surgery this time. They have corrected the lens and I am on even more drops in the eye. I was a coward and opted for a partially asleep drug, it all went very easily. The staff there are great.


Yes, it took along while for my eye to heal, in fact I was only able to get glasses a couple of weeks ago. I have been left really short sighted in this eye, but at least I can see better with glasses. Unfortunately it has taken so long to get sorted out that the right eye has clouded over with a condition called. Posterior Capsule Opacification. This can be treated with laser surgery. But I have to go on a waiting list, Again! I have been told it is because of this problem, that while wearing my glasses, Things look bigger on the right than the left. Nothing seems level. So here I am still waiting for it all to be OK. Still smiling though, you have to really.

December 2016

Well had my eye lasered. It only took afew minutes and a bit of discomfort. I came out able to see better too!

Only problem is now my glasses are no good to me, AGAIN. I would have done without had I been told. That's another £350 down the drain. Oh well opticians here I come.

© 2012 Carolyn


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