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Coffee enemas for improved health

Updated on September 29, 2016

Coffee enemas for a healthier liver and healthier life.

Coffee enemas help your liver to 'let go' of toxins. If you have no health problems your liver can still use the odd push to cleanse it. The root of most chronic illness begins with an overburdened liver. In this toxic world where our air is polluted, our water is filled with chemicals, our food is sprayed with toxins , we eat things filled with preservatives, unhealthy fats and take over the counter and prescription medications...our livers are working double overtime to purge the junk from our bodies. Simply put the liver cant keep up and we end up sick. Coffee enemas aid the liver to open up and dump the junk.

What do coffee enemas do for you? - Sit back and listen....good information.

Coffee enemas are an amazing way to help your liver detox in a time when our livers are grossly overburdened. Help your body to heal itself. This video is short and full of great info. The Doc who is explaining the process isnt a great 'speaker' but he has good information so bear with him if you can:)

This doc talks raher quickly but he tells it like it enemas are amazing for your health. If you have cancer you might want to investigate this.

My own experience

I started doing the coffee enemas about 14 months ago on the recommendation of my naturopathic doc. He explained in depth the correlation between liver health and chronic disease. I have added a link to the bottom of my page to my 'story'. I have 3 autoimmune diseases and it comes down to the liver needing help to dump toxins. I juice and eat raw and living foods most days and this healthy path has my body detoxing my cells and liver on a consistent basis. Sometimes die off is too much for the liver and the liver gets bogged down in the process . The coffee enemas enable the bile ducts to open quickly and dump toxins into the bowels where they are washed out by the enema.

Enema Coffee and Equipment

PureLife Enema Coffee - 1 Lb - Mold Free Organic Light "Air" Roast - Gerson Accepted - Medium Grind
PureLife Enema Coffee - 1 Lb - Mold Free Organic Light "Air" Roast - Gerson Accepted - Medium Grind

The right coffee made for the job makes a big difference. There are other brands but this is a good one

Enema Bag and Bucket Set
Enema Bag and Bucket Set

Yup, i use this one, but its not as heavy duty as the stainless for obvious reasons. It still works great and i can see how much is left as the process goes


I know it sounds odd and gross but its not.....really, its not.

We live in a time where people live longer and our bodies need help to be healthy with the enviromental challenges we face. Whether you are healthy now, have cancer or a chronic illness , this is something you need to learn more about and consider adding to your health plan. I am just am average person like you who has researched in the hope that i can save my own life, be healthier and live with less symptoms. I dont take any drugs other than a little dessicated pig thyroid for my autoimmune hypothyroid condition. I have avoided horrible and body killing meds to control my Sarcoidosis. Coffee enemas are part of my protocol. Maybe it should be part of yours as well. If you are seriously ill, make sure you run this by your naturopath first. An orthodox doc will just roll his eyes....

Coffee enemas How to

The special coffee is boiled and simmered for 15 minutes , cooled to lukewarm and then put into the enema bucket.

Have the bucket hanging or sitting beside you about 24inches off the ground, if its much higher it will flow too fast.

You lay on your right side and with knees bent insert the lubed tube ( a little coconut oil works well) into your bum .

Once its inserted a few inches release the clip to allow the coffee to flow . At first you can start with only a cup of liquid and

work your way up to 4 cups. You want to lay as long as you can but no longer than 15 minutes. During that time the bile ducts should open , the toxins will dump from the liver into your can get up and expel the enema in the toilet. Sit for about 10 minutes if you have the time to fully empty your bowel. I generally do my enema each morning before my shower. I take the empty bucket into the shower, give it and the hose a good wash and pack it up for the next time. If you are sick with cancer you will want to do this more than once per day. The hose can be rinsed out with hydrogen peroxide and flushed with water to rinse.

A helpful video 'how to':)

The Gerson clinics in Hungary , Japan, and Mexico use coffee enemas on all their patients to detox their livers to support their healings from cancer.

My personal healing tools for autoimmune support

My links are all parts of my personal health protocol that aid me in keeping healthy in spite of autoimmune disease. I have 3 autoimmune diseases to date and hope to not get another. The most serious is Sarcoidosis that can invade your lungs/heart and eyes in its most serious stages, and i am knockin its socks off with my protocol! I have autoimmune hypothyroid and celiac which is a gluten allergy. I used to be afraid of the Sarc but once i got into nutrition and realized the power of food...i am a warrior on a mission to help others:)

I find that most are shy about this topic...but it is becoming mainstream in the holistic community. I might have thought this was 'odd' until i started researching alternative cancer healing avenues and this was part of every single avenue.....A healthy liver means a healthier body.

Lets Talk ..... - Open to any healthy conversation or question about Coffee enemas for health.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Coffee enemas are a great formulation for a healthy life. Along with eating broccoli to promote healthy bulk stools, the occasional coffee enema brings new life to my body. Taking one yearly is an amazing refreshing experience. Thank you for updated tips on a great coffee enema.

    • somebudiesangel2 profile image

      Tami-Lynn 4 years ago from North Vancouver

      @aesta1: Hello brave soul;) MOST people in the mainstream are not familiar with the coffee enema.....but......BUTT....yes...pun intended:) This type of enema is very effective and good for your liver and overall health. Our toxic world is a heavy burden on the mighty needs all the help it can get

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      This is the first time I've heard of this but I do agree with the need to help our liver. I tried tumeric before but I really don't know what's effective. You got me interested in this one.