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Combining Essential Oils and Meditation Practices

Updated on December 25, 2015

Tapping the Sacred Centers

Meditation is considered as an art that have been practiced by ancient people during the longest time imaginable. However, it has gained popularity in the modern times for its ability to restore the mind, body, and spirit's ability to stay calm and focus even during the most stressful conditions.

Meditation is at the forefront of aromatherapy and like all other processes involved, it also utilizes the healing essences and aroma of essential oils. All functions of the body, whether consciously or subconsciously, are impacted by the senses. The sense of smell that is connected to the olfactory system is one of those that can highly trigger reactions all throughout the body. Once the odor introduced by the essential oils start to affect the nerve endings, it can have huge impacts on one's emotional, mental, and sexual state.

How Essential Oil Impacts Meditation

There are two methods wherein essential oils can be beneficial during meditation. The first benefit is the ability of essential oils to create the atmosphere needed for meditation. Depending on your intended atmosphere or the essential oil you use, it can also set different kind of moods that will facilitate in breathing and deep meditative state you are about to enter into.

Another benefit of using essential oils during meditation concerns your mental and spiritual awareness. The scents of the essential oil enables your mind and body to attain quiet relaxation until it is nourished by your meditation experience.

Suggested Essential Oils for Meditation

The process of meditation itself can be just as vital as the type of essential oil you use. You have to remember though that essential oils only serve to assist, conditioning your mind to properly meditate.

Below are some of the more common and effective types of essential oils used in meditation.

Patchouli Essential Oil

This is a grounding type of oil and has been dubbed as the oil of peace. First off, it resembles the sweet aroma of the soil and also contains natural sedative properties that bring about quietness of the mind.

The ability of patchouli essential oils' earthy scent to relinquish one of any form of nervous anxiety that makes it ideal for meditation is also the same reason why it is considered as an aphrodisiac. It creates a calming effect on both mind and body to reintroduce balance and revive normal function.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

If you want to reach the next level in your meditative practice, then make sure to use sandalwood essential oil. All throughout history, it has been associated as a spiritual oil wherein its woody scent renders meditation as more than a process of attaining deeper spiritual awareness but an act of ritual.

You can assume a comfortable sitting position and rub the oil in your forehead. This will allow you to inhale its healing essences as you move deeper into your meditation. Or, you can use an essential oil diffuser to fill up your meditative space with the aroma of the essential oil. The essences of the sandalwood essential oil contribute to the realignment of your body, mind, and spirit.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil emits a woody-balsamic scent which is ideal to use during meditation as it uplifts and comforts your soul. That way, you can let go of any form of stress and release any form of nervous tension. When you are able to eliminate any negative thoughts, mind clarity immediately follows that allow you to take note of minute details that allow you to enter a deep meditative state.

Cedarwood essential oil is commonly used to balance the root chakra, while also helpful in restoring and strengthening your respiratory system.

Frankincense Essential Oil

The biggest contribution of using frankincense essential oil during meditation is its facilitation in achieving a quiet state of mind. It also helps improve your lung capacity, thus enhancing your breathing patterns which is a vital aspect involved in meditation.

A slight dab of frankincense essential oil is beneficial in increasing mind focus. Plus, it balances your mental, physical, and spiritual body resulting in an overall sense of well being and increased spiritual awareness.

Other Ideal Essential Oil Types

Here are more beneficial essential oils during your meditation practice:

*Ylang Ylang – The sweet and feminine scent of this essential oil produces balance and harmony amongst your mind, body, and soul as you eliminate any form of negative thoughts.

*Orange – The uplifting scent help produce positive thinking and bring about inner sense of peace.

*Lemon – This is ideal for increasing energy vibration and mind clarity, which consequently increase your ability to focus and concentrate.

*Jasmine – This is vital in transformation of the mind and relieves one of any form of emotional and mental suffering.

Essential Oils to Balance Your Six Chakras

Below is the list of six chakras present in the body and the corresponding list of essential oil types that are known to trigger these chakras, to help facilitate in your meditation:

  • Crown Chakra: This type of chakra is most vulnerable to light penetration. Consequently, it represents wisdom and one's effort to create a deep understanding of all of God's creation. You can use peppermint, juniper or frankincense essential oils to balance the crown chakra.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Also known as the Brow Chakra, this is located at the center of your head and behind the eyebrows. This is crucial in enabling you to perceive clearly and in facilitating imagination. Suggested essential oils include myrtle, yarrow, clove, and bay laurel.
  • Throat Chakra: When you locate your adam's apple, your throat chakra is commonly located behind this. This is responsible for proper communication and produce creative things. Suggested essential oils include marjoram, blue chamomile, and mandarin.
  • Heart Chakra: Obviously, this one is the center of compassion, love, forgiveness, and all other emotional state of an individual. Suggested essential oils include rosewood, lime, grapeseed oil, rose, and geranium.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: You will find this 1-2 inches above your navel and is responsible for putting together will power, authority, self-control, and discipline. Suggested essential oils include ginger, fennel, lemon, arnica, and vetiver.
  • Root Chakra: You will find this at the base of your spine and is helpful in creating identity and attaining survival. This is where you should be focusing on if you want to gain security and achieve better constitution. Suggested essential oils include jasmine, St. John's Wort, benzoin, and cedarwood.

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