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Pregnancy - Helpful Information

Updated on October 10, 2016

Pregnant Parents


Congratulations Pregnant - Pink or Blue

Pregnancy and the birth of a baby are wonderful reasons to celebrate. Let's be honest - there will be a huge life change and many challenges to overcome. In the coming months, it will be hard to know what to expect. Yet you can still enjoy that precious time.

May all your days be perfect and in balance with the arrival of your newborn whether it's pink or blue.

Did you want to know the sex of your baby before it is born?

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How early can I know if my baby is a boy or a girl?

Baby boy bath time. Photo credit belongs to Elsie Hagley
Baby boy bath time. Photo credit belongs to Elsie Hagley

Are you having a girl or boy?

I know mums-to-be can find out for sure if they are carrying a boy or girl these days.

Here is the fun quiz, see if it's true. It's always nice to try a quiz when guessing the sex of your baby.

(1) My Bump is

A. All out front

B. Around the sides

(2) My Feet are

A. Colder than they were before pregnancy

B. The same or warmer

(3) My Morning Sickness was

A. Bad, especially at the start

B. Slight or non-existent

(4) When I Hang a Needle Strung on a Thread above my Bump it Swings

A. In circles

B. From side to side

(5) My Conception Date was

A. in the middle or slightly later

B. Early on

(6) When it Comes to Cravings, I like to Eat

A. Salty food

B. Sweet Food

(7) My Babies Heart Rate is Usually

A. 140 beats a minute or less

B. Above 140 beats a minute

(8) I Pick up a Coffee Mug by

A. The handle

B. The body of the mug

(9) My Legs Hair is Growing

A. Faster than usual

B. Just the same

(10) When Someone asks to See my Hands I Show them

A. Palms down

B. Palms up

(11) My Preferred Fruit to Snack on is

A. A banana

B. An apple

(12) I get Mild Headaches

A. Quite often

B. Only occasionally, if at all

Mostly A - Better start preparing for a beautiful baby boy!

Mostly B - Get yourself ready for a gorgeous little girl!

Before you find out for sure if you will have a girl or boy, take this fun quiz to see if it rings true. - When you find out what you baby is, please come back

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Baby boy in blue

Are you having a Girl or Boy - Photo Credit Elsie Hagley
Are you having a Girl or Boy - Photo Credit Elsie Hagley

Guide to common pregnancy complaints

Morning Sickness

One of the first positive symptoms of pregnancy can be morning sickness. This ranges from mild queasiness which passes after the first few weeks, to constant vomiting throughout pregnancy, requiring hospital care. Nausea can happen at any time of the day, but it's worse if you haven't eaten for a while.

Drink lots of fluids, avoid smells and tastes which trigger morning sickness, eat small meals frequently and keep snacks handy to ease nausea. Seek medical help if you cannot tolerate any food or fluids.


This burning pain occurs when stomach acids rise back up into the food pipe, this backflow caused by pregnancy hormones relaxing the stomach valve, plus pressure from your growing baby. Avoid foods which could trigger heartburn, such as chocolate, citrus fruit, tomatoes, spicy, fried or fatty foods, and eat several small meals each day. Wait three hours after eating before going to bed and try sleeping up on pillows. Wear loose clothing and avoid anything tight around your tummy.

Check with your doctor about suitable over-the-counter remedies.

Rib Pain

As your baby grows those kicks get stronger and are often felt under the rib cage, which can cause minor bruising. Try to sit very upright or do gentle stretching exercises when it gets bad, take heart, once your baby drops into the pelvis, the discomfort will lessen.


Pregnancy hormones stretch and soften ligaments for birth, which can lead to back-ache usually in the lower back and hips. Massage can help, as well as gentle back-strengthening exercises - Check with your doctor before doing any new exercises. Wear low heel comfortable shoes - this will maintain good posture. Do not lift anything heavy.

Mood Swings

Don't worry if you suddenly start crying when watching TV or listening to songs on the radio. It's normal during pregnancy to have heightened emotions. If you feel you can not cope with the mood swings, have a talk to your midwife or doctor Mood swings caused by hormones can occur at any time but are more likely in the last three months.


Even during pregnancy, your baby can keep you awake. There's not much you can do if your baby's body clock doesn't match your own and they wriggle all night. Try to relax, have a bath, read a book, watch TV or listen to soothing music. Think of it as training for when your baby arrives.

Tender and Leaking Breasts

Your breast will increase in size and become increasing tender during the pregnancy they are preparing for breastfeeding. It is well worth getting help from a knowledgeable saleswoman in finding the right maternity bra for you. If your breasts are very large, consider wearing a sleep bra.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, milk leakage is normal - use breast pads to stay dry.

Treating Pregnancy Symptoms

Exercises for Sciatic Nerve pain

Sciatic nerve pain is common during pregnancy, as the uterus can put pressure on the lower spine, but a few simple stretching exercises can help relieve much of the discomfort. Practice these sciatica stretches a few times a day with advice from a certified nurse-midwife

Baby - Birth - Born

Baby talk. Photo Credit - Elsie Hagley
Baby talk. Photo Credit - Elsie Hagley

Baby Talk

Long before a baby's first word, they have made huge advances in learning your language. Baby's first word is a huge milestone. Let baby know how proud you are of this.

But do you know your baby has been communicating with you for months before that memorable moment? In the last month of pregnancy, your little one can not only hear your voice, they can recognize it too. Although they also hear other family members in those final few weeks, it is their mum, whose voice they hear best, which is why they turn to the sound of you talking once they are born. In fact, it has been proven that they can even recognize songs and stories they have heard in the womb.

Most babies start to say their first word around one year of age, although this can vary hugely from child to child. Your baby has been working out language patterns since birth, proof of this can be seen in simple instructions, such as asking your baby to "wave bye-bye" and your baby actually waving. This shows they not only understand what the words mean but the words give them an instruction. Include words and meanings in everyday activities.

During bath time, point to their feet and say the word, or ask them where their toes are. Every time you encourage learning, your baby's word power grows.

© 2011 Elsie Hagley

Did you want to know the sex of your baby before it was born

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    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 2 years ago from New Zealand

      emi sue: Yes most mothers these days like to know the sex of their unborn child.

      In the 1960's there was no other way to know, even if there was I would not have wanted to know as I liked having the surprise when the baby was born.

      I made my own baby's clothes, knitting or sewing them all, just made them in plain colors avoiding pink or blue.

      Thanks for viewing my article and commenting.

    • emi sue profile image

      Emily Lantry 2 years ago from Tennessee

      I found out what I was having with all 3 of mine. I would've loved for it to have been a surprise, but I wanted to be prepared.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 4 years ago from New Zealand

      @shana273: Congratulations, nice to know. Hope everything goes well for you.

    • shana273 profile image

      shana273 4 years ago

      I am having a girl!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      How very sweetly done and I love that you even toss in a bit of humor and counsel to consider insomnia during pregnancy as training for when baby arrives. The side effects of pregnancy you present are normal and I like that you include them for those who are going at it for the first time. When I was pregnant with my first son, my doctor told me to smile a lot and I would have a happy baby...I smiled and did have a happy baby.

    • bechand profile image

      bechand 6 years ago

      you betcha I did - I did all the tricks to get the boy and then girl that I wanted (worked both times :O) - and I wanted to know ASAP so I could decorate in Pink or Blue (not orange ... although I just left a lens that was all about orange nursery ...LOL)

    • MagpieNest profile image

      MagpieNest 6 years ago

      Yes I did and found out both times - both boys. I'm very practical and wanted to be prepared. And there's quite enough surprise on the day of the birth!

    • profile image

      TopTenLists 6 years ago

      Great information. Well done.