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Myriad Ways for Coping with Stress

Updated on September 15, 2014

Coping and Stress - Handling the Burdens through Poetry, Readings, Music and Art

Stress gets to all of us. Both physical and mental stress.

This hub offers a variety of ways to cope with stress including an original poem on reducing stress.

Below are a few of my suggestions for handling the burdens of life, work and relationships, through poetry, readings, music, exercise, relaxation, soothing fountains, aromatherapy and art.

Stress Relief through Reading - A Poster


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Yoga for Stress Relief

Take Care of Your Stress - Take a Break; Take a Breath

Slough Off

Slough off the stiff clothes of your burdened day

And sink into the tub to soak your ails away

Be your tiredness of the body or the mind

Some minutes solitude could put it far behind

Soak and let your weary mind go still

Into your flesh let the warm cocoon instill

A sense of calm, well-being and renewal

For such a respite is too a needed fuel

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A Book to Help Cope with the Loss of a Job

When you are laid off from work, you may feel anger, bitterness and fear of that lost paycheck. Here are suggestions to cope with the stress of a layoff and possibly be able to see this time in your life as an opportunity

Sounds of Kauai

Sounds of Kauai brings you all the natural enjoyment of Hawaii.Hear the gentle surf of the ocean plus sounds of waterfalls, streams and jungles.

You will relax to all original classical guitar backed with nature sounds, written and recorded on beautiful Kauai, Hawaii.

Calming Music for Relaxation and Healing

Fun Activities and Projects to Reduce Your Stress - Try out a new fun hobby with these kits

Try Taking a Bath

De-Stress with Spa Gift Sets

Bring the spa home with this decedent mango pear spa gift set. here is a variety of wonderful items to help calm and destress yourself at home. This woven basket is filled with

  • 180ml shower gel
  • 180ml bubble bath
  • 120ml body spray
  • 100ml body lotion
  • 120g bath salt, Orange bath fizzer, ribbon & handtag

I Hope You Are Now a Little Less Stressed - Thanks for Visiting!

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    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 3 years ago

      I do Eft or energy tapping to tap away stress and negative energy. Aromatherapy is great, too! Fantastic lens! Sundae ;-)

    • natural stress r profile image

      natural stress r 5 years ago

      The Spa and Aromatherapy gift sets look great. Thanks for sharing such a wide selection.