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Depression: A Self Help Guide

Updated on July 19, 2017

What Is Depression

Depression is a mental illness where you feel down and at times like you are of no use to society. You may feel unwanted and that nobody cares if you are alive or dead. It can make you feel suicidal.

Although it is classed as a mental illness it is a natural state of mind in its most minor forms. It is when it gets to the thoughts of self harm or suicide that it becomes really serious. But you should always try to seek help before it gets that bad.

What Causes People To Feel Depressed?

Depression Can Be Caused By Lots Of Different Factors

Including but not limited to:-

  • Bereavement
  • Loss of a Job
  • Breakdown of a relationship
  • Bullying
  • Stress

  • Talk to someone
  • Write your feelings down
  • Seek professional help
  • Don't let it spiral out of control

What Should You Do If You Feel Depressed?

If you feel depressed even just slightly it is always best to talk to someone or write your feelings down.

How can I Help Myself Cope With Depression?

There are many things you can do to get yourself through a minor bout of depression. You may not feel like doing any of the things below but you need to if you are going to pull yourself out of it.

  • Excercise

Go out for a walk to get some fresh air into your lungs. Try jogging as this can be a great way of getting fit mentally and physically.

  • Eat Healthily

Eating healthy is a must if you want to be mentally and physically fit. Snack on fruit rather than chocolate as the vitamins will help boost your mood.

  • Write down your thoughts and feelings

For me this is one of the most important steps to recovering from a bout of depression as it helps you get things off your chest without having to pluck up the courage to speak to someone. You could even draw what's on your mind if you wish as this will also work.

  • Tell a Friend or Family Member

Talking is the best way to release your worries and tension.

If work is a factor in your depression then try and talk to your manager or another senior member of staff.

  • Listen to relaxing music

Meditation and relaxation are a great way to calm your body and mind. All you need is some free time and relaxing music. Turn off the lights relax and unwind to the sound of the sea and other relaxing music.

There are some great choices on YouTube. Scroll down for a link to one.

  • Soak in a nice warm bath full of anti stress bubbles

I love to do this after a hard day at work.

if you fell it is more serious then seek medical advice.


A great way to get these essentials into your system is by eating fruit which is good for you. This is also a great way to give yourself a natural energy boost for exercising.

Take Vitamins For Your Depression

Like I said above having a healthy diet is a great way to combat depression and making sure you take in certain vitamins will help your mood.

  • B-complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3

  • Essential fatty acids (omega-3’s)

  • L-theanine (amino acid)

  • Cysteine (amino acid)

  • Zinc

These vitamins are great for a healthy body and mind.

Please Answer The Below Question Truthfully Then Read The Paragraph Below

Do You Ever Feel Depressed?

See results
  1. If you chose not really then you live a healthy, stress free lifestyle.
  2. If you are depressed sometimes then you are normal just take to exercising and eating healthy and you should be OK. If it does ever get worse please do seek professional advice.
  3. If you feel depressed on a regular basis then you need to follow the steps to a healthy lifestyle. Get out and exercise and start eating more healthy food. Then go an speak to your doctor who will be able to get you any help you may need. There are some great, helpful links in the article bellow that my own doctor gave me last time I went to see them.

And Finally

Never Let Depression Get You Down!


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