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Poem - We Love You Daddy and Miss You So

Updated on February 4, 2014

From my bedroom window right through the twigs, through the trees to the snow on the mountain,the clouds of white and the sky of blue make me think about you to the mountain

One month from this day the 22nd you died February at 52 while it snowed, here i am 52 still missing you through the twigs and the trees while it snowed

My son is grown and husband still ticking and my friends are oh so many. Still I need that void you took to be full with the memories oh so many.

Please rain on me and give me a gift of your spirit. Show me you as you were and are now. Fill me up with your laughter and give me insight and peace to get by later on and right now.

I feel okay, the love never left but sometimes the situations vanished, and now I am here with my pride and my joy feeling grateful my child has not vanished

Oh daddy please don’t stay away, come and join me fly in my dreams. Since you’ve been gone I saw you once a clutter in my deepest, deepest dreams.

Before I could reach you, you faded away and I was just one with the crowd. Where are you right now? Are you just one with the crowd?

I love you daddy, I miss you so and surely the others do to, God if you can let him hug us again so we can feel you too, so we can feel him too.


Pjf/pjb 1/22/11

We're Still Calling


Almost another year that you are gone and I still remember that day.

You pushed that car to release from the snow to get where you had to stay.

With a headache so dramatic and your daughter and wife you love, you just went on your way fighting, fighting the heavens above.

You turned your head to your sweetest divine, your Rose you embraced through your life and rested your head on her warm gentle body till you got to the hospital that night.

You never imagined you would die that night and leave us seven and mommy alone, But you did and we felt like we did as we called and called you, but with no avail you were gone.

We miss you daddy and mommy and we think of you every day; we are so grateful we're still connected and support each other in every way.


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    • More Than Words profile image

      Pamela Bogwald 7 years ago from Oak Ridge, NJ

      No pain just desire to have a small peak into his destiny.

    • FaithDream profile image

      FaithDream 7 years ago from (Midwest) USA

      This is very beautiful. I know your pain. He must have been very special.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 7 years ago

      A poem for a father, and Im a lucky father of a great daughter! Thank you for sharing.