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Do Natural Cough Remedies Work?

Updated on July 26, 2009

With thousands of options of across-the-counter cough treatments available, why is it that people often still opt for natural cough remedies?  The swing back to using natural remedies for common ailments is increasingly popular these days. With all the toxins and pollutants in our environment, many are now turning to alternative medicine and natural cures and remedies for common, everyday sicknesses in an attempt to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

There's no question that the quickest way to minimize flu or cough symptoms is often to rush down to the store and buy some cough medicine.  But before you rush out and do so, why not try some simple home remedies for coughs first.  Many are easily made from common ingredients that you most likely already have in your own home and kitchen.  One very simple natural cough remedy, for example, that often brings immediate relief from coughing, is to mix equal parts of lime juice and honey. There are thousands of different natural cough remedies you could try. 

Aromatherapy, or inhaling steam made from combining water and another herb or oil, is considered one of the best natural remedies around. Another popular method for curing coughs and colds is using reflexology. If you rub or massage a specific part of your body (usually the foot for coughs) you can obtain fast relief from coughing. Finally there is the abundance of home remedies, both folk remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, and homeopathic remedies.

Proponents of the natural cough remedy often state that using over-the counter cough medicine actually does more damage to your body in the long run than choosing the natural remedy route. It is common knowledge that one reason cough medicine brings almost instant relief is because it actually just suppresses the cold symptoms rather than actually healing the illness. Of course, that instant relief is great, but if it's not curing the underlying sickness then it's not really giving you much long-term benefit. While treating the actual problem that is causing the coughing may take a little longer, through using natural remedies, you will find that your body will be healthier and you will gain much more long term benefit from it.

Some people prefer not to bother with a natural cough remedy as they want more instant relief, perhaps they work at a demanding job and can't afford to be hindered by illness or a symptoms of a cold. Commonly, people tend to feel that because they do take longer to take effect than cough medicine they don't really work. In most cases it has been proven that natural cough remedies do work over time as the ingredients used usually have natural healing properties themselves.

Of course if your cough persists, or if you have symptoms that may indicate a more serious sickness (such as coughing up blood or sharp pains when you cough etc.) you should see your family doctor to determine whether the cough is caused by a more serious condition.


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