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Natural Health Remedies-My Crazy Diet For High Blood Pressure

Updated on January 16, 2012

A couple of years ago I was taken ill with a mystery illness that made me extremely weak to the point where I could not walk unaided. It was at this moment that I decided to call up the local Ambulance service to take me to hospital.

Once I arrived at the hospital, a blood sample was taken from me and I was tested for high blood pressure.To cut a long story short I was hospitalised for roughly 2 weeks and to this day I still do not know exactly what was wrong with me, and to tell you the truth I didn't really care. All I wanted to do was to get out of the hospital and away from the nurses who seemed to have a problem finding the right vein to take my blood sample.

When I eventually did leave the hospital, I was given a course of antibiotics and a reminder to visit my doctor within a month. You may have already guessed by now that I did not go to my doctor (well not within a month) it was more like two months. My reason for this delay was because, like most men, I absolutely hate going to see the doctor.

Doctor Checks My Blood Pressure Again!

Anyway I did make it to my doctor and he took a blood sample, and once again I was tested for high blood pressure. Over the years I have had my blood pressure tested countless times because I suffer from a mild form of sickle cell disease, but despite knowing this I still asked my doctor a few probing questions.

He informed me that the reason why he was checking my blood pressure was because of my age (which is 47 at the time of me writing this) my weight, and the fact that I come from Caribbean parentage.

What my doctor said to me on that day was not a suprise because I had know from a very early age about the amount of high blood pressure sufferers from people of Afro Caribbean descent.

Natural Cure Remedy vrs Doctor's Advice

I have mostly ignored medical and my mum's advice regarding my own health. Instead I have been relying on my own good family genes and a bit of luck in helping me to stay reasonably healthy. I have never been a smoker but I have and still do sucumb to the demon drink occasionally.

My mum is in her mid 80's and is still alive and kicking, despite being fed a poor diet for the most of her life. All of my brothers and sister's are all still alive and well. In fact the only member of my immediate family to die prematurely was my uncle, that's if you can call dying in your mid 70's premature.

Before I forget to tell you, my grandmother also lived well into her 80's before passing away. I firmly believe that she would have lived for much longer had she not decided to return to the West Indies to see out her final years.

Natural Diet Cure Remedy

Hands up if you love good old fashioned home cooking? "Yeah me to" I use to love my mum's cooking even though from a health point of view it was bad for me. Like most West Indian cooking my mum's food as tasty as it was, contained to much salt.It was also quite stodgy and virtually everything was fried in fat and cooking oil.

I can still remember my mum's friends and family coming over for dinner and we would all sit around the table waiting for our meal to arrive and once it did, the first thing that everybody wanted was the salt canister I can only imagine what all of that added salt was doing for our blood pressure.

To bring you right up to date, I now follow a much more healthier diet than I use to when I was living at home with my mum. Don't get me wrong I haven't gone all healthy eating crazy, far from it as a matter of fact.

The main changes in my diet are simply in the way I prepare and cook my food. For instance I almost never fry any food, all of my meals are either grilled, roasted, boiled, or steamed and most importantly of all I don't use SALT.

I drink tons of water the occasional cranberry juice and nothing else. I try to eat my main meal no later than 8pm and that's about it really. My main weakness is a lack of exercise which is something that I'm working on and I still can't quite break my habit of eating late at night.

The point that I would like you to take from my little story is that nobody told me to change my diet for health reasons I chose to change it myself. I knew that I could no longer burn the candle at both ends like I did 20yrs ago. I've gotten older and slower so changing my diet and life style just makes sense.

For the record my blood pressure is normal and I still enjoy a good Chinese meal or some fried chicken every now and then, I could still do with shifting a few pounds but let's just call that work in progress for the future.


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    • dadhwalz profile image

      dadhwalz 6 years ago

      natural health remedies are really rocking and helps in many ways and we can find these remedies in our home also.