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Cures for Upset Stomach and Weak Bowel

Updated on February 2, 2013

Stomachache Again? Upset stomach every now and then? Feeling frustrated and helpless? Worry not, read on.

Back in our school days, I guess many of us were so jealous of those classmates who seem to be so good at scoring As. How the heck did they do it? Well, while they're good at exams, we might have been good at something else. Perhaps excelling in art, music, dancing, sports or writing?

The point is - NONE OF US IS EQUAL! The strengths and weaknesses of each and every person are different. The same applies to our body! While some of them have great stamina (joining and winning Jogging and Running events every weekends), some of us might not have it.

Therefore, don't fret or get fed up just because you have a weak stomach or bowels. Who knows, you might have a stronger heart (or some other organs) than most people! So don't give up on your stomach and bowels(or worse, yourself); there are some things you can actually do to help your them to be stronger and fitter.

Here are some tips for you to get your troublesome digestive system into a better condition!

Healthy Stomach
Healthy Stomach

Tips to Cure Stomach and Bowel Problems

7 Simple Tips or Guidelines to Follow

1. Take more fiber-rich food.

2. Drink less cold water.

3. Make sure your food is clean.

4. Sleep early.

5. Eat yoghurt.

6. Reduce intake of coffee or other stimulants.

7. Reduce intake of spicy or sour food.

Fruit & Vege
Fruit & Vege

1. Take More Fiber-rich Food

Fiber is a very important part of our diet. It helps to digest our food a big deal!

By taking in fiber-rich food such as vegetables and fruits, you are sure to have a healthier digestive system, especially the bowels!

So start adding more leafy green vegetables and cereals into your meals and take fruits as your dessert (instead of sugar-filled cakes)!

Ice-cold Lemon Tea
Ice-cold Lemon Tea

2. Reduce Intake of Cold Drinks

Take more warm drinks instead!

When you come back home after working/shopping/traveling under the hot sun (be it Summer in the Western countries or afternoons in Asian countries), I'm sure you would love to grab an ice-cold drink and just let it flow down your throat.

However, is this good for your stomach? NO. Although it feels good (because it brings down our body core temperature), it is actually not very beneficial to our digestive system.

Nowadays, many teen would just drink ice-cold drinks under ANY circumstances, even on a cool rainy day. Well, the more you take, the more stomach-ache you'll get!

Therefore, unless it's REALLY hot, it's best to stay away from ice-cold drinks!

Dear, guess what I found in my soup!
Dear, guess what I found in my soup!

3. Make Sure Your Food Is Clean!

Some people doesn't care...

Most people work from 8-5pm in the corporate sector and they would find it hard to prepare their own food. Therefore, many would just simply have their meals outside or grab some take-away. Simple, quick and hassle-free!

However, most of them would neglect the cleanliness of their food, probably because they have to always rush due to their tight schedule. BUT food cleanliness or food hygiene is very important to the well-being of our digestive system.

When we're eating out, the least we can do is to check the cleanliness of the food we eat, more so if your stomach is sensitive. If it's not clean, we have the right to demand one that's clean!

Sleep Early
Sleep Early

4. Sleep Early

And don't take heavy meals after 8pm!

If you drives your car all day long, 24-7, do you think it will last for many years? No... Your car will exhaust and eventually break down!

The same goes for your stomach, as well as your other organs. They need to rest after a hard day's work. Ever since you put your breakfast into your mouth in the wee hours in the morning, your stomach and guts would've started working all the way until you've stopped eating at the end of the day.

Sleeping early allows your digestive system and the other systems to take a break. So start sleeping earlier, especially for those who have a weak stomach!

Marigold Low Fat Yoghurt
Marigold Low Fat Yoghurt

5. Eat Yoghurt

Yoghurt contains loads of Good Bacteria(Probiotics)!

From Wikipedia:

Probiotics are live microorganisms thought to be beneficial to the host organism. According to the currently adopted definition by FAO/WHO, probiotics are: "Live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host". Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and bifidobacteria are the most common types of microbes used as probiotics; but certain yeasts and bacilli may also be helpful. Probiotics are commonly consumed as part of fermented foods with specially added active live cultures; such as in yogurt, soy yogurt, or as dietary supplements.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a yoghurt now! It's a great to show your love for your tummy!


6. Reduce Coffee Intake

Coffee is a type of stimulant

Coffee has become a part and parcel of our daily life. We simply cannot live without coffee! The aroma, the taste, and the invigorating effect it brings us!

BUT for those who have a troublesome or sensitive stomach, do take note, coffee is not for you (at least not very much for you). We can't deny the benefits it brings us so I would recommend a cup a day.

If you have a strong stomach, then go ahead and drink more than one. However, more than three cups a day is not advisable.

Penang Famous Curry Mee
Penang Famous Curry Mee

7. Reduce Spicy or Sour Food Intake

Another type of stimulant...

If you're from Malaysia or the region there, I'm sure you're very familiar with Asam Laksa, Curry Mee, Char Kuey Teow, Satay and Nasi Lemak. These are all spicy food (some are sour) and the locals just love it!

However, not everyone can handle them. After taking these foods, some might throw up, constipate, have diarrhea and flatulence or even heartburn! These are all signs of a weak or sensitive stomach.

For these people, what you can do is, well, ask the hawker to put less spice/chilli into your food. Or you could just simply take less of such food!

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