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Custom Massage Therapy Oils - Helpful Essential Oils Recipes

Updated on January 10, 2015

Massage Therapy Oil blends help sore muscles and more

Do you have tired, sore muscles? Maybe you have a hard time getting to sleep or you need something to help you relax? Creating your own therapeutic massage oils is a great way to solve many of your daily problems. I don't know about you, but since I sit at the computer all day, I have neck and back issues. My muscles are sore, cramped, and cranky. That's why I began an exploration into the world of essential oils. This is a great book that has everything you need to get started -- except the oils. Terrific how-to with a nice variety of massage oil blends that anyone can easily create.

The homemade essential oil recipes that are found in Alynda Carroll's Custom Massage Therapy Oils: A DIY Guide to Therapeutic Recipes for Homemade Massage Oils proved to be what I needed for my tired finger and hands, and for my sore and aching neck and back. I also like the bonus guide on The Art of the Self-Massage.

What is it about essential oils?

Essential oils have a long and healthy history. Their usage and benefits have been recorded and trace back to biblical times. In addition, it's a lot of fun to mix your own blends, especially if you are targeting specific problems. You can use Carroll's recipes as is or let them become a starting place for your own exploration.

Additional benefits from these homemade massage oil recipes

In addition to the specific therapeutic benefits highlighted below, many have found essential oils to have specific non-therapeutic benefits, too, Carroll has included massage therapy oil recipes that are reported to be helpful in the following ways.

  • Aids in meditation
  • Uplifts the spirit
  • Promotes cheerfulness
  • Helps restore spiritual energy and balance
  • Stimulates the mood
  • Improves energy

My favorite is the one for my fingers and hands that uses oils that are reputed to be helpful for anyone suffering from arthritic pain. I'll massage it on my fingers, my hands, and up on the wrists and all the way to the elbow on bad days.


Not only will you discover the many benefits from the various oils and their combinations, you'll learn about the types of oils needed, the few items you'll need to get started, and the basic how-to steps to make your own massage oil blends. I found the recipes to be simple and easy.

Essential oils have been used for centuries and their benefits have been known for as long as they have been in use. Carroll's recipes include oils that are known for the following therapeutic benefits:

Improves circulation

Soothes aches and pains

Relieves cramping muscles and muscle spasms


Drains the lymphatic system

Aids in joint flexibility

Reduces anxiety and nervous tension

Encourages deep sleep

Regulates cardio and respiratory rhythms

Lowers blood pressure

Boosts immune system

How to Give Yourself a Good and Healthy Hand Massage

You can incorporate these hand massage techniques into your self-massage using your own homemade massage oils for added relief. 

Here's a description of a really thorough hand and finger massage.


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