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Baby Steps to Reducing Salt in Your Diet

Updated on November 1, 2010

shaking it off

While salt is an essential part of human health, excessive intake can get you closer to dreaded diseases including heart problems, high blood pressure and strokes. 

Six grams is the recommended daily allowance of salt for adults but studies show that the average salt intake for adults is ten grams. Needless to say, we take in more than we need and so we're beating a path to those dreaded diseases. The key to keeping this in check is to be conscious of what we eat. I believe that half the battle is won if we avoid any types of processed food but that will never happen. So the next best thing is buying wisely. One wise tip I picked up is to check the label for sodium content because this is the representation of salt in packaged foods.  The sodium content should be multiplied by 2.5 to get the real salt content. If the label indicates per 100 grams then a bit more computation is needed.

wheat balls!


For breakfast cereals the type with the lowest content is muesli and wheat. Avoid processed meat as much as you can because they have been cured with salt and if you have them in your sandwich ditch the ketchup for some slices of tomatoes. Go for wheat or rye for your bread and if you are a rice and pasta person, iodized beats rock salt hands down, or take out salt from the whole cooking process. Go easy on the condiments, instead of mustard, soy sauce, mayo or pickles think along the lines of Scarborough Fair, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, yes, try herbal spices.

Perhaps the biggest salt contributor to most people's diet is in their snacks. Who can say no to a big bag of chips and ice cold soda.  I know I can't and you have to admit their substitutes are bit of a bore, but try them we must! So there's celery and carrot sticks, other fruits or vegetables, a tiny fruit bun or scone. Remember that the goal here is to reduce the intake but our health would definitely be better if we go cold turkey! The first baby step is to be aware of the food you are eating, in our busy lives most of us can only relate to fast food and that is a big no no! Think organic, think natural then act on those thoughts!


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    • buddygallagher profile imageAUTHOR

      Monie Maunay 

      7 years ago from manila, philippines

      thanks enlight...

    • enlight your soul profile image

      enlight your soul 

      7 years ago from Bangladesh

      I like your hub.


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