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Cystitis - Ease Cystitis Pain Naturally

Updated on May 1, 2011


It is possible to ease cystitis pain naturally, without pharmaceutical help.

Cystitis is basically urinary bladder inflammation. It usually starts with urethritis, which is inflammation in the urethra (the vessel which connects the bladder to the urine's exit point). Both these conditions are known as UTI, or urinary tract infections. They will cause dysuria, the pain experienced when passing urine.

These bladder infections, if not treated, can infect the kidney, resulting in pyelonephritis, an extremely dangerous condition.

Most UTIs are bacterial, and 90% of the time, are recurring. The bacteria responsible for UTI, are mostly E. coli (which exists in the anus, and can be passed unwittingly) but can also be strains of Staphylococcus.

Mostly these infections enter through the urethra, and then spread upward, into the bladder. The urethra is only 25 to 50 mm long, so it doesn't take long for the bacteria to spread.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is nature's greatest gift
Water is nature's greatest gift

Ease Cystitis Pain Naturally

There are several reasons for cystitis to occur, commonly poor personal hygiene; the anus is not cleaned well, or correctly. Anal bacteria is introduced to the urethra.

So many cases of cystitis could be avoided, if women were more careful when cleaning the vagina or anus after visiting the lavatory. A simple task, like using toilet paper, is so important. One should always wipe backwards, away from the vagina and toward the anus, never the other way round.

Women with more than one sex partner are more likely to contract Urinary Tract Infections

Diabetes sufferers are also more susceptible to these conditions.

Dehydration can also be a factor, as can cases of an unusually short urethra.

Vaginitis, a vaginal bacterial infection, can secrete infectious fluids which may reach the urethra.

The cause of your cystitis may also be just a recurrence of a previous infection.

Usually the first symptoms noticed, with UTIs, are an urgency to pass water, which will then cause pain, dysuria. Frequent urination is also likely.

Other symptoms can include pain in legs and lower back, chills, shivering, and even nausea.

The more severe the symptoms, more likely the kidneys are infected.

It is easier to prevent cystitis, than to cure.

Drink plenty of water, really a lot, when attempting to ease cystitis pain naturally.

Also cranberry juice, at least once a day, unsweetened. This juice is very good as it makes it impossible for bacteria to attach to the bladder walls, so they can't grow.

Even after the infection takes hold, cranberry juice helps to remove the bacteria and flush them out.

I can't stress enough: drink water, water, water!

Drink copious amounts of fluid, unsweetened of course, and urinate as frequently as you can. This is especially important after intercourse.

Cucumber juice is also very useful in treating cystitis, as it is a natural diuretic. Peel the cucumber, then process in a blender or liquidizer. Drink a cup, mixed with a teaspoon of honey, and the juice of half a lime, three times a day.

Fresh spinach juice is another helpful aid.

Surprisingly enough, fresh lemon juice is helpful too. Add 1 teaspoonful to 180 ml of boiling water. Let cool, then take 60 mL every two hours between 8 AM and 12 noon. Will ease the sensation of burning, and stop cystitis bleeding also.

Barley is a diuretic, therefore the drinking of barley water is also beneficial.

Sandalwood oil is a valuable aid to cystitis. Take the oil in increasing doses, starting with 5 drops then 10, and so on increasing to 30. Mix 10 g of fresh ginger in a cup of water. Taking the Sandalwood oil mixed with the ginger water, will increase efficiency.

It is imperative that you stop eating solid foods, from the outset. Just plenty of liquids and regular urination.

With fever, you should only drink water (or tender coconut water) for 3 to 5 days.

Without fever, although you should still not eat solids, you can take vegetable juices, carrot juice being the most beneficial. Half a glass of vegetable juice, mixed with half a glass of water, each time. You may eat fruit, but only ripe fruit, 3 to 4 times a day for the next three days.

After this you can begin to eat solid foods, but avoid carbohydrates and salt. Try to stick to fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds mostly. A well-balanced diet is essential

Whilst on a liquid diet, it is best to keep warm, and rest where possible.

Ease cystitis pain naturally, by soaking in hot water; immersing the pelvis can be very soothing. Do not use perfumed oils or essences in the bath, which may irritate.

Another way to ease cystitis pain naturally, is with the use of hot towels, on the outside of the stomach, they can be very soothing.

Cold towels on the other hand, should be used during the fruit only diet. Used in the same way, as a cold compress on the stomach, they will help relieve congestion in the pelvis.

Cystitis, as with any UTI, can be extremely uncomfortable, even very painful, but there are ways to make one more comfortable. I believe the natural ways are the best, they have to be much kinder to a body that is already suffering.

Prevent Recurrence

Not only is it important to clear cystitis up quickly and comfortably, by natural means, it is also necessary to prevent recurrence as much as possible. There arenatural ways to do this, too.

There is also the danger of yeast infections, which are vaginal rather than urethral, but every bit as uncomfortable, and painful.


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