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Get a Dancer's Body -- Shape Up and Have Fun with DVD Dance Workouts

Updated on August 18, 2014

Dance Your Way to a Healthy, Toned Dancer's Body

A dancer's body is considered by many to be the ideal physique. A dancer is perfectly toned but without bulky muscles; strong and supple; with perfect posture. Dance workouts that take you through authentic dance moves and the type of exercises performed daily by dancers are a wonderful way to work towards a dancer's body yourself.

The dance workouts featured here are not simply 'aerobics', although they include cardio exercise to get your heart pumping and burn calories. The focus is on actual dance moves from a wide range of dance styles. All of these dance workouts are designed be done in your own home (although do check how much floorspace is required).

Why Use a Dance Workout DVD?

If you want a dancer's body, a dance workout DVD gives you the opportunity to work on cardio and toning while learning new moves.

The real advantage of dance as a form of exercise is of course the fun factor. If you can find a style of dance you love it stops being a chore to move and starts being a joy. Imagine how it would be to get up in the morning actually feelng excited about working out!

No need to worry either about the weather, conflicting appointments or that annoying person who seems to be in every dance class. You can do a Dance workout DVD at a time that suits you and in the privacy of your own home.

Achieve the Beautiful Physique of a Dancer


Ballet Dancers: Some of the Fittest Athletes of All

New York City Ballet Workout

Don't be deceived by the tutus and ribbons. Ballet dancers push their bodies to perfection through some of the most intensive training of all. A ballet dancer's body has power to leap across the stage, strength to hold a beautiful posture for minutes on end or to lift another dancer in the air, and stamina to perform demanding choreography for hours on end.

Few of us will attain those standards, but almost all of us can begin to sculpt and discipline our bodies with the exercises the ballet companies use themselves. In doing so, we can acquire more grace as well as improve muscle tone and work towards a ballet dancer physique.

The New York City Ballet Workout contains a blend of traditional ballet exercises and pilates. Also be prepared to jump while striving for perfect form, and to balance. I've found this to be a top quality dance workout although it helps if either you have had some ballet lessons (even if only as a child) or have done pilates before.

A Brilliant Ballroom Dance Workout DVD

Cardio Ballroom with Julianne Hough

Ballroom dancers look so elegant and fluid that it's hard to take your eyes off them. Of course, it only looks this way because professional ballroom dancers have years of training, as any Dancing With the Stars contestant would tell you! And it's no good knowing all the right steps if you lack the stamina and fitness levels to make it look effortless.

Cardio is an essential part of any weight loss or fitness regime. Unfortunately, many of us find it tedious. The best workout routines are those that manage to distract us!

By following a ballroom cardio workout such as this one from Dancing With the Stars star Julianne Hough you can get your body moving through some exciting Latin routines. Not only will you learn some hot Cha Cha, Jive and Paso Doble moves but you'll be having so much fun you might not even notice how hard you are working!

Pick Up Some Hot Moves with Hip Hop

Dance Off The Inches: Hip Hop Party

Hip hop dance is a fantastic style to workout to as you will pick up some cool moves that you can use at parties and clubs.

Jennifer Galardi is one of the best dance workout instructors out there and leads you through 3 funky hip hop routines on this dance DVD. It's easy-to-follow, fun and gives you a real workout. At the same time, the focus is on dance moves that tone your muscles -- no barely-disguised 'aerobics' here.

If you have any trouble with the steps, the DVD includes a Step Guide tutorial for you to get the moves down before trying to put it all together. The hip hop routines are a funky 'basic' hip hop, a sexy routine with a focus on sensual, undulating movements, and an ethnic fusion style of hip hop that includes some hot Latin and Bollywood moves.

Luscious Belly Dance Workout

There is nothing quite like belly dancing to make you feel feminine and beautiful. Those hip rolls and flowing movements also give your whole body a workout -- especially your abs!

The Luscious Belly Dance Workout needs no belly dance experience and is easy enough for beginners. This DVD workout is led by 3 of the most popular belly dancers who have a wealth of dance talent between them: Neon, Blanca, and Sarah Skinner. One reviewer appropriately describes them as "The Three Graces".

The routine is challenging enough to give your body a genuine workout. At the same time you will learn a full range of basic belly dance moves and will feel gorgeous into the bargain!

Samba Reggae Workout

If you are looking for an energetic, exciting workout that gives you a real buzz, this Samba Reggae dance workout from samba sensation Quenia is the one for you!

The choreography, danced to live music from Quenia's band, is great fun and will also challenge you with its speed and intensity.

If you don't have a natural sense of rhythm be patient with yourself as you learn the steps. This one is a great choice for Zumba fans.

You get a thorough warm-up on the DVD but will need to add on your own choice of cool-down afterwards. Quenia leads you through a full 37 minute dance workout followed by a short but intense high-speed workout.

Island Girl Dance Fitness

Wouldn't you love to dance with the grace and beauty of a Hawaiian hula dancer? Even better, those sensuous hula moves are also a proven way to firm up your abs and tighten those buns!

Kili has a range of highly-rated dance workout DVDs that combine hula with body toning moves. Her Island Girl Dance Fitness Workout for Beginners: Hula Abs and Buns is the most popular of all, making hula workouts accessible to everyone.

It's a 30 minute workout so great if you don't have an hour to spare -- but don't be deceived, those 30 minutes deliver! Reviewers have lost weight and noticed full body toning. Kili also takes you through warm-up and cool-down sections.

Dance Like a Bollywood Princess

The Bollywood Dance Workout

Bollywood movies are fun with their sensational dancing and catchy rhythms. By learning some Bollywood dance moves you can experience the exuberance of this dance style for yourself

Hemalayaa will get you dancing Bollywood style in this exciting dance workout. After a warm-up she teaches you the steps you need, then takes you through a lively dance workout that includes cardio and toning. You can keep her narration on or switch it off once you know what you are doing.

You won't learn authentic Indian dance by doing The Bollywood Dance Workout, but there's a good chance you'll have a lot of fun -- and enjoy the results!

Country Line Dance Party

Can line dance give you a workout? It sure can! If you're into line dancing, you'll know that done properly it can get your heart pumping and burn off fat. Only most of the time you are having way too much fun to notice.

Like many of the dance styles featured here, line dance is also a great way to lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. It has the advantage too of avoiding some of those high-impact moves that might make other dance workouts a challenge for your joints.

This workout is idea for all levels and ages. If you are a beginner you'll have a chance to learn the steps in a tutorial section before going into the dance routine. This is Amy Blackburn's second Dance of the Inches: Country Line Dance workout DVD and was only recently released.

Is a Dancer's Body the Physique You Want?

Have you tried any at-home DVD dance workouts?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'd like to join dance classes, perhaps after the surgery later this year...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You grabbed me with your title...what gal wouldn't want a body like a dancer. Loved your intro and sooo intrigued to give these a good look to see what would work for a woman of 50ish with bad knees :)


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