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Dealing With Depression Naturally - Three Natural Cures to Feel Happier

Updated on October 15, 2013

Dealing With Depression Naturally

Three natural cures to feel happier; no medicines, but they definitely help.

When in the throes of a depression, it can be very difficult for the sufferer to see a way out, as even the simplest activity becomes a mammoth task.

Pharmaceutical treatments are not always helpful, and can have serious side effects that are far more common than previously suspected during clinical trials.

The following three methods are very effective natural methods to deal with depression.

Three Natural cures to Feel Happier

1. St Johns Wort

St Johns Wort has been proven to be effective in dealing with depression, however it can take around four to six weeks to see the full benefits. Some people do suffer side effects on St John's Wort, these commonly include some fatigue, dizziness, and occasionally a dry mouth. However most depression sufferers are able to take St John's Wort without any noticeable side effects. This supplement is not recommended for children, expectant women or patients who may suffer with liver or kidney disease.

St Johns Wort, or Goatweed

Lying around is Bad

2. Sleep Deprivation

Very surprisingly, sleep deprivation can be very beneficial for people suffering from depression. If you can manage to stay awake for a full 24 hours, you will probably find that during the following day, you will have prolonged periods of feeling normal again. If you are a sufferer who tends to feel very bad in the morning, you will find you benefit even more from sleepless nights. this is ironic, as often when depressed all we want to do is sleep. Sleep is referred to as 'depressogenic' and wakefulness as 'antidepressogenic.'

3. Excercise

A more well known effective way of elevating mood is exercise, which when taken regularly will release chemicals in the brain and decrease stress hormones. It doesn't have to be anything too strenuous, depending on your own level of fitness, but even a short walk each day will help. You'll be amazed how much better you'll feel just by getting out in the fresh air for a short while, even though it's the last thing you feel like doing.

Find Your Solution

These natural remedies will work well either alone or in conjunction with each other. Just remember, there is always a solution, some easier than others; you just need to find the right answer for you.


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