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Death is The Next Chapter in Time, and The Next Step in Eternity.

Updated on March 22, 2016

These words hope to inspire and tug on any understandings that people might come to, if they have experienced something similar to dying or even deaths doorstep. I hope to reveal a more beautiful side of passing on into the unknown.

Cold body,
flourescent memories.
Vacant expression,
full of emotion.
Slower pulse,
fast releif.
No more...
yet all at once.

Falling... falling deeper into the warm embrace of the same oblivion that birthed me, a glad acceptance breaks any fear that once ruled me.
Native to this black empty nothingness, all familiarity has vanished along with my recollection of who or what I am; but somehow equating to what this feels like, is home. There is a deep and low humm penetrating the depths of my being, yet no noise is given.
The essence of this abyss is that of an uncomprehensible love, unconditional and indefinite until experienced. This is not merely Death, this is Birth.

I intwine with the endless and multiplying energy that powers the very core of existence.

The Next Step in Eternity

It's the calmness after all ecstasy has gone to rest from the day, and the gentle sway of knowing within the bush and trees. It is the rose with the drop upon it's petal, from the clouds that ventured across the seven seas. It is the spiral of beings in which share the expanse of perception, and the yoga within the running waters. It is perfection painted by an imperfect painter. It is Life.

Alan Watts - Acceptance of Death

Two different poems I wrote after coming to a deeper understanding with my father's passing:


Time... like a train I wanted to be on slowly takes away the reality that fuels the sadness sealed away in my memories. What once was is now a leaf in the winds of understanding and like a forgotten shrine where you once were, is but the bygone of what held too much meaning. For what you are is in me, you live in this spirit and this spirit is free.


Busking in the streets of heaven,
for nothing but your smile,
as they now have begun to lessen,
it's nowt more but your soul's trial.
If you can use the tears you shed,
to wash away the pain,
then there's nothing more there left to dread,
for those who're loved don't die in vain


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