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In the Delivery room: What to really expect

Updated on August 31, 2011

Expecting a baby is a time of excitement and anticipation. Before I had my first baby, I had visions of me screaming and crying for my life, but it never happened that way. If you have never had a baby, it is a scary time in your life, being as you are not really sure what to expect. There are lots of horror stories, but remember that your labour experience will vary from another woman’s. Worries from pregnant moms range from dealing with a new baby to coping with the inevitable labour. Wanting to know what to expect is completely normal and good for preparing for the inevitable.

As you have probably read, the beginning stages of labour are like menstrual cramps. With first babies, you may not even feel these. But one of the first things you will notice, is if your water breaks. That is cause to call your midwife or doctor, labour will be coming soon. Mid labour brings with it heavy cramping. Meditating and massage are great pain relievers, get your husband helping and involved. Keep him busy, as he will also be anxious and anticipating the birth too. Your mouth may start to feel dry, keep ice chips or water close by.

Pushing the baby out takes the most effort but can take the least time. It usually goes fast so try to remember that it will pass. You will feel a burning sensation when the baby’s head is crowning and then numbness. The nurses, doctors or midwives will direct you when and how to push. Focusing on seeing your precious baby will help you get through.

Once you have pushed her out, a feeling of total love will fill you and a strong feeling of euphoria. You may feel really tired, but it will be difficult to sleep, this new baby will enthral you and your husband. Remember to get rest though, you will have the rest of you lives to get to know one another. 


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    • winegoddess55 profile image

      winegoddess55 7 years ago from Mount Forest

      As both a daughter and a grandmother, I can say that I wish someone would have warned me of all this before I had babies, lol!!