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Fear of Dentist

Updated on July 18, 2012

Corey Young S. Park. DMD, Not My Dentist Anymore!

I live in Jacksonville, Fla and recently had a terrible experience with a Dentist!

1. He looks at you as a dollar sign and does not have a clue on the
numbers he is spouting out or does he? Reminds me of a car salesman from the 70's.

2. His front answer machine thinks she is an expert and makes
excuses for his mistakes when you point them out what he did.

3. The girl that puts on temporary crowns is to lazy to remove them
when she ladens them with to much glue, installs them and they
are much higher than they were before Dr. Park yanked it out of

First let me say I hate and fear going to the Dentist!
Back in the eighties I allowed Dr. Larry Sayre talk me into
about six crowns because I had some "chips on my teeth" and I
guess he needed the business other than that , why would a
Dentist that is supposed to save teeth, talk you into grinding
them into nubs? Well, that was my mistake and that's when
the trouble began. It was not long after that when things started
falling off. One crown, then another, then another. I went back
and back and back again. At one point I got tired of going back,
got lax and let the teeth that had been crowned and lost the
crowns go.

In the early 2000's I went to Dr. Bard, spent about $6000 and
got some relief. He did a good job but it hurt like hell and "I hate
going to the Dentist"!

I went to "Dr." Park the first time about a year ago for a root
canal. Of course he was of the mind to spend about $3 to $5
thousand dollars of my money and I was not working at the
time but he "could work it into my budget". I got the root
canal and left.

I was in Golden Coral recently when I discovered the white
rice was not cooked and switched to the fried rice and bit
down on what sounded and felt like a piece of glass. Of
course, it chipped the tooth in front of the one that I had
the root canal applied to the year before.

I made an appointment with "Dr." Corey Park and the kaos
began. Of course I had to fill out paperwork as if I had never
been there before and then i got to see Park. He again said I
needed to get my two crowns on the top raised, and then have
implants put on the bottom because my jaw had dropped. I
would have to have the chipped tooth removed because why?
I still don't understand why he could not repair it as I wanted
him to. Then came the double talk. I thought he was a sounded
like politician for a moment, because I did not have a clue as
to what he said except for the cost he avoided to bring up.

Again I refreshed his memory by saying I was still not working.
I told him I may be able to come up with $10,000 and that was
it. He said todays cost would be $156.00 and the other would be
much less than 10 thousand dollars, then he says lets do some
ex-rays. The $156 turned into $301 and the less than $10,000
turned into $15,000 and he did not even have the intestinal
fortitude to tell me himself. he had his mouthpiece speak for
him. He reminded me of a 70's car salesman except with no
negotiations. I'm the dentist and this is the only way. My way!

Not two days after I left his office, the crown replacement fell
out. The Dr.s assistant knew it was not fitting and was too lazy
to take it back out and redo it properly! Oh yea, when she stuck
the sharp tool into my lip she said, oops. "I'm sorry! "I hate
going to the dentist". After me complaining about the fitting
she then said, "if I have a problem just come back" and as I was
biting down on the re-install before any other tooth around it,
it did not make it two days, and that was eating very carefully.

Mostly mashed potatoes and the like.

I had to wait till Monday to call to get the misplaced crown
put back in and when I got this from the Dr.s mouthpiece.
I said my name is so n' so and I was in recently when Dr. Park
yanked off a crown I was having no problem with and his
assistant replaced it to high. I need it reinstalled. "Your so
lucky that the crown came out while you were here because
so many people swallow loose crowns. Actually, I had
no problem with the crown until he popped out the so called
"loose crown" and I have had at least seven crowns come out
without "swallowing them". I guess I'm just lucky, huh? I read about people dying from swallowing crowns everyday! It's so terrible. NOT!

The woman then says, let me get with the Dr. and I will call
you back. It took an almost two hours for her to call back with,
"Since your so unhappy with us we think you should go some
where else". Now, he has yanked out a molar after telling me my

bill will be ultimately less than ten grand that jumped to $15,000 and popped off a crown. Now with no follow up and his assistant has half assed stuck in a crown that came out and now I can go somewhere else for service because I have an attitude. Excuse me but i think I have a right to have an attitude!

WHAT? Is that ethical? I think not.

That completes my reasons why not to go to Corey S.Young Park, DMD!
Do you disagree?


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