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Diabetes Type 2 - Control With Self Control

Updated on September 27, 2018
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Peter is not medically trained but after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes has developed a keen interest in staying healthy!

Oh, NO !!! not Diabetes ?
Oh, NO !!! not Diabetes ?

The World Needs to Wake Up on Diabetes

Hey WORLD wake up Diabetes is getting us. According to some reports Diabetes is now rated as the 7th worst killer of the human race!

And in most cases of Diabetes Type 2 it is self induced illness.

Some points to ponder:

  • It is costing lives
  • It is costing Billions
  • It is usually caused by 'lifestyle' habits!
  • If so I can usually be reversed by change of Lifestyle habits!
  • So get on it and get a test - today

Diabetes Type 2

" Er....... You have Diabetes! "

"Oh no" I seemed to scream , but it was only in my head, did the doctor just say that I had Diabetes.

I had just lost my sister who had suffered terribly from Diabetes Mellitus disease and I definitely was not prepared for this!

After gathering my thoughts which included going through the visions of administering insulin injections or taking tablets, losing feet or worse legs to gangrene I could hear him through the haze saying " Are you OK you look a little pale ?"

I was about to say to him: "F**K ! how would you feel bozo if you had just been told out of the blue that you had diabetes"

But no I just stared blankly at him and said " Well that was a bit of a shock "

After I composed myself the Doctor continued on to tell me that it was Type 2 diabetes and with the proper treatment my life as a diabetic would not be as bad as I might imagine.

He said that to control the 'blood sugar level' was the hardest part and that was mainly controlled by a fairly strict 'diabetes diet' !

Well that was a few years ago now but I still remember it as though it was yesterday.


OK, now that really did happen and I still do have Diabetes but thanks to good advise, a beautiful spouse that helped my along the way I have now got this disease under control.

In two ways I have got control of this horrible disease called 'Diabetes'

  • I control the disease by proper management of my health.
  • I use 'self control' by what goes into my mouth.

I would advise anyone in the risk zone to get to their doctor and have the proper tests carried out.

Diabetes Symptoms

Although not all are listed here I have listed the symptoms of diabetes that prompted me to go to the Doctors for a check up:

I always felt tired and weak and had a feeling of un-wellness without actually feeling sick. I would have an almost uncontrollable urge to sleep

My vision would blur for no explainable reason.

I was losing feeling in my feet (I dropped something on my toe and it did not hurt , I thought that was odd)

If you are concerned you can find plenty of information on the Internet but just to get you stared have a look at what the Mayo Clinic says about diabetes type 2.

Diabetic Causes

This list is not definitive and relates only to my own personal health conditions.

After discussions with the Medical professionals we came up with the following causes and eventual methods to get my health back to normal.

Tests indicated that I was weighing in at over 100 kg where my ideal weight should have been 75kg "oh my" .

I put this down to my own excesses during my working life on the road of having up to 10 bottles of Coca-Cola , hamburgers, hot-dogs, hm, did I mention the 2 or 3 Chocolate bars. My wife's cooking, on analysis, was probably what was keeping me in a reasonable state of health. It was my own hands that were doing the damage!

So there was only one thing for it. 'shape up' or 'ship out' in a wooden box !

Not being ready to 'pass over' just yet I had many things to accomplish , I buckled down and with regular exercise , cut out the junk food and drinks to a minimum and a good dose of healthy food from the better half I cut my weight down to the required 75 kg and quite miraculously my blood sugar levels dived down below the normal level.

Over Weight , Me Oh Oh

Oh no overweight or obese !!
Oh no overweight or obese !!


Now if you are over weight , are in a genetic danger zone for diabetes I would urge you to get your ass down to the Doctors and have a good test for this disease!

Early diagnosis makes it a lot easier to control. So don't just sit there get movin' OK

Here are some frightening stats on Diabetes.

Close on 8% and rising of the American population are suffering with diabetes ( classed as an epidemic) . Many do not even know that they have this disease!

The increase in the children being diagnosed with diabetes has been linked to obesity and is disturbing authorities world wide.

Dr.Fuhrman - Curing Diabetes ???

Unsolicited Comment

In case you miss this unsolicited comment from 'elly' I have decided to include it in the text of this Hub.(thanks elly )

When you watch the video you will see that Dr. Fuhrman is saying that it is possible to control and as stated even cure Type 2 Diabetes. He also alludes to the fact that Drug Companies seem to have vested interests in not finding a cure for Diabetes. Like "Hey guys if we find a cure for diabetes who will then buy our drugs"

Of course only change your medication after consulting and with the permission of your GP.

You will notice in the video that there is a reference to reduction of weight with diet.
That not only helps with your diabetes but helps takes the strain off other parts of your body such as : heart, feet, knees etc. (I know what your thinking, where are your etceteras lol)

It just goes to prove my old saying : You become what your eat!


I must declare that I have no medical qualifications whatsoever, and any treatment mentioned in the above text is purely based on my own personal experiences.

If you do have concerns I urge you most sincerely to go to your Doctor and have him test you for Diabetes type 2 .

Go on don't just sit there ! Move it !

Do you suffer from Diabetes ( no names or addresses collected)

See results

Update 2012 - Diabetes facts

According to the 'International Diabetes Federation' in 2012 more than 370,000,000 people are suffering from Diabetes.
The incidence of Diabetes is increasing everywhere.
In the USA alone there are 63,000,000 yes that is correct '63million' people in the USA suffer from Diabetes and bear in mind that these figures are only the people who have been diagnosed with Diabetes.

I know the participants are not high on our poll but according to the numbers 43 people out of 100 suffer from Diabetes 21 people out of 100 have never had a test!

If you have any queries on diabetes type 2 please drop them into a comment box and If I can i'll post a reply or refer you to somebody who can.

We must get on top of this disease for our kids sake!

Controlling Diabetes

Some methods of controlling diabetes is exercise, a healthy diet with plenty of the correct recommended fruit and vegetables and monitoring your blood sugar level!

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is good start for diet
Fresh fruit is good start for diet

Exercise walking along the beach

My favorite walking along the beach, with the dog perhaps?
My favorite walking along the beach, with the dog perhaps?

The discipline of walking with a group

Get a group of friends and walk at the park or lake !
Get a group of friends and walk at the park or lake !

Prick on finger

Only requires a little prick to test the blood sugar level
Only requires a little prick to test the blood sugar level

© 2010 Peter


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