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Diet Tips for Weightloss

Updated on October 13, 2018
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Dehlia is a registered Midwife and an entrepreneur, who does health and fitness coaching, now Pursuing her career in online marketing.

What is Dieting?

I can tell you what dieting is not. It is not starving or eating cabbage for a month or drinking nothing but water for 30 days. It indeed is not eliminating all nutrients from your diet.

It is creating a healthy balance between what we consume and a proper exercise programme. It is making sure your daily caloric intake will sustain brain functions and physical activity without feelings of severe fatigue

There is no Greater Motivation Than the Sound Of your Most Inner Need - DEHLIA

4 Easy Ways to Stick To A diet

Deciding to go on a diet to lose weight is the easy part. Sticking to the diet and weight loss plan is the hard part. Here are some tips to get you started on the right path.

Set Goals

The first thing is to figure out what your goals are. Find your why. Dieting for a reason is one way to keep motivated. Finding that motivation from inside is important. If are dieting for a partner, if that person leaves, then What?

Your motivation has to come from within. You must want it for your reasons. It could be to feel better, to be healthier, to live longer, to look good in clothes. No matter what your reason is the bottom line is your reason must be for the benefit for you, anything or anything else comes in a far second.


Secondly do your own research. A lot of articles and studied these days are based on the opinions and results of other people. Doing your own research is essential. I guess that is why you are reading this post. You have to be aware of the different food groups and their function in the body. The side effects of not eating a particular food or consuming too much of another

Keep a journal

Be accountable every day for your activities and what you eat as it pertains to your weight loss journey. Even if you did not achieve your daily goal still document that is why it is called accountability. When you can look back at where you were and then see where you are it will propel you to keep going forward.

Eliminate Negativity

As with everything we attempt in life negativity can and will creep into it. These negativity can be in our own heads or externally. Now if the negativity is external stay away or cut off the offender. Most times people are negative because they feel inferior and the only way they can feel better is by discouraging or putting others down You will do better without them. If it is within your own head, get out of your head. Make affirmations each morning write them down and stick them on your bathroom mirror or anywhere you will have to see them. Read motivational books or quotes. Remember it is not easy but always remind yourself of your why. Get hungry and get up and work for it. Ask yourself if you want to be in the same position this time next year. If your answer is no then get up and go.

How to Diet for Weightloss

You may be wondering how exactly you should your diet. I will not tell you a lie it is not easy and I have fallen off the train many times. But as long as you keep your why in focus there is no reason why you will fail

It is important to eat while dieting, yes that is right, eat. If you do not eat your body is going to think you are starving and it will go into starvation mode. So three to six small meals a day depending on your activity level and goals.

If your goal is merely weight loss three meals and two healthy in between snacks will be great for you. It is not how much you eat but what you eat. Your caloric intake is essential. If you are eating above your caloric needs you will not lose weight.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it should have all the nutrients to keep your body going throughout the day. It must contain foods that will fuel your muscles and your brain at the same time. It must be filling so you are not hungry before your next meal or snack time.


Lunch is where you incorporate your salads and protein. Eating fewer carbohydrates at lunch and more protein will keep you full longer and fuel muscle growth if you lifting at the gym.


Dinner should be your lightest meal consisting of simple carbs and proteins. Evening into the night is your least active time, therefore, you do not need that much energy and food not digested will be turned to fat.


While on any diet we get cravings. Eat healthy snacks like almonds and cashew. Limit peanuts they can contribute to weight gain


It is important to remain completely hydrated all day every day whether or not you are on a diet. One gallon of water may sound like a lot but anything less will just not enough.


We eat so much processed food which most of the time it is what causes obesity that we need to detoxify our bodies. The best detox tea is The Red Detox Tea. There is a Free Guide To Detox. It makes a good read.

It tells you all about dieting and detoxing and how you can jump-start your weight loss programme


While dieting it is very Important to exercise. I good weight loss program will have you doing less cardio and more weight training. The weight training will build more muscles and the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn. A combination of a good diet plan and weight training will turn you into a fat burning machine. You will lose weight fast.

I hope you liked this article and I will see you in the next one.

The Red Detox Tea

© 2018 Dehlia Hudson

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