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difference between fat loss and weight lose

Updated on December 26, 2010

no fat, fat loss

fat loss difference.

The picture above shows 4 men who are technically over weight but have no to little fat on their bodies. Most people think fat loss is equal to the same as weight loss and it is not. Fat loss just means as it is, lose fat on the body. Good examples are olympic athletes, bodybuilders, most MMA fighters and most pro wrestlers. They get their bodies from lifting weights and some aerobics. So overweight doesn't always mean a person is fat nor obese. To make or keep this type of body there needs to be little fat in foods eaten or if so it needs to be burned off.

weight loss difference.

The above photo is a person who is skinny but has lots of fat on their body. People forget just because you lose weight doesn't mean you will be toned up and look better. The TV commercials and ads always show models before and after being toned and fit or show muscular people for supposedly losing weight. This is where people get this idea. Weight loss doesn't always equal fat loss too. Its not related all the time. if a person is fat with a beer belly they can also be skinny with a beer belly as well. The key thing about food with weight loss is basically just fiber and digesting food quickly out of the body. The difference of fat loss and weight loss is that in fat loss you have to pay more attention to what you eat. In weight loss this is not so the case. You can eat junk foods in moderate amounts but the key is to digest it fast and consume enough fiber to eliminate waste. Plus physical activity is not always needed but to loss fat it is.


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