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Different Forms Of Green Tea

Updated on December 29, 2011

Different Forms Of Green Tea

Green tea has long been celebrated for its health benefits. As opposed to the sugary sodas and juice concentrates that are consumed all-too-often in the Western world, green tea provides a healthy, zero-calorie beverage alternative. While catching on in popularity in the West, green tea has been enjoyed for centuries by the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and peoples of the Middle East. It is no small wonder that green tea is regarded with such prominence in these Eastern cultures that embrace longevity and celebrate a natural, healthy diet.

While a hot cup of tea brewed with a tea bag remains the most popular and typical representation of green tea, it may come as a surprise that there are several different forms of green tea available on the market today. In my experience working in the alternative health and supplement industry, I have come across several of these forms. This page highlights some of the different forms of green tea available, with a fundamental explanation of their features and characteristics. You don't have to enjoy brewed tea to be able to enjoy the health benefits of green tea!

Bigelow's Green Tea (Click To Buy)
Bigelow's Green Tea (Click To Buy)

Green Tea From A Tea Bag

As I mentioned, the most recognizable form of green tea is the tea bag. Brewed hot or iced, green tea is sipped slowly and can be enjoyed alone or with a meal. The behavioral routine of sipping green tea is also physically very relaxing, and for this reason many people enjoy their green tea brewed from a tea bag as a traditional and familiar habit.

While many different varieties of brewed green tea exist, one of the most popular is Bigelow's Green Tea. With a traditionally fragrant, light and mellow brew, this tea appeals to health-conscious tea drinkers as well as green tea purists who swear by the brewed cup. This pure, unadulterated green tea does not feature any other additives or flavoring. Green tea at it's simplest.

HerbaSway's HerbaGreen Tea (Click To Buy)
HerbaSway's HerbaGreen Tea (Click To Buy)

Liquid Green Tea Concentrate

For those on the go, liquid green tea concentrate affords convenience by allowing for quick preparation. A few drops added to plain water (hot or cold) creates a delicious green tea drink without waiting for water to boil or tea bags to steep. The concentrated form of green tea can also be considerably more potent than brewed green tea, and therefore can be used to quickly and directly benefit from the antioxidants, polyphenols, carotenoids, tocopherols, minerals and other phytochemical compounds present in green tea.

One of the most popular liquid green tea concentrates available today is HerbaSway's Original HerbaGreen Tea. 30 drops added to 6-12oz of water (hot or cold) is more than enough to create an antioxidant-packed health drink that capitalizes on both the taste and the health benefits of green tea. Also included in this formula are extracts of Lotus, Kudzu and Ural Licorice as well as a blend of Lo Han and Stevia. No calories, no preservatives, no alcohol and no caffeine are present in this product.

Jarrow Formula's Green Tea Extract (Click To Buy)
Jarrow Formula's Green Tea Extract (Click To Buy)

Green Tea Extract In Capsule Form

The miracles of modern science have made it possible for the health conscious to enjoy green tea without having to drink any tea at all! Green tea extracts encapsulated in a standard gelatin-based capsule have been gaining in popularity in the West due to their potency and ease of supplementation. This form tosses the traditional practice of slowly brewing tea aside in favor of a quick and efficient dosage that fits into any pre-existing supplementation routine.

Jarrow Formula's Green Tea Extract capsules pack 500mg of water-extracted green tea extract per dose. Up to five capsules can be taken per day, however it is advisable to check with your doctor before beginning any supplementation routine.

Wisdom Of The Ancient's Green Instant Tea (Click To Buy)
Wisdom Of The Ancient's Green Instant Tea (Click To Buy)

Instant Green Tea

In keeping with the emphasis on speed and ease of preparation, green tea is also being made in an "instant" formula. Similar to instant coffee, instant tea is simply scooped and added directly to water (hot or cold). Stir or shake, and then enjoy. While taking somewhat longer to prepare, this form of green tea remains slightly more true to the original than liquid concentrates or capsules.

Wisdom Of The Ancient's Green Instant Tea is a popular brand of instant Green Tea. 1/2 of a teaspoon of this tea (containing green tea and stevia extract for a non-caloric sweetener) added to 8 oz. of hot or cold water is sufficient to quickly make a cup of green tea. Wisdom Of The Ancients suggests adding honey or mint to their instant green tea for flavoring. This particular product contains naturally occurring caffeine, and therefore should be avoided by those with a caffeine sensitivity.

Uncle Lee's Tea's Loose Green Tea (Click To Buy)
Uncle Lee's Tea's Loose Green Tea (Click To Buy)

Loose Green Tea

For the absolute purist, there is loose green tea. Consisting of nothing more and nothing less than the full-bodied of Camillia sinensis (the plant from which green tea is derived), loose green tea is not for the speed-oriented. Those who enjoy loose green tea often find it aesthetically pleasing and satisfying to hand-make their own tea bags, or to steep the leaves in water using a filtering device. I have not heard of anyone eating the green tea leaves dry, however if one desired to do so one would simply have to pick up some loose green tea.

Uncle Lee's Teas is a reputable packager of bulk, loose tea leaves. Their Loose Green Tea comes in a 5.29 ounce tin and is a do-it-yourself tea brewer's best friend.

Country Life's Green Tea Extract (Click To Buy)
Country Life's Green Tea Extract (Click To Buy)

Green Tea Tablets

Lastly, green tea extract in tablet form is available for those who have a preference for a method that allows for more rapid dosage whilst avoiding gelatin-based capsules. Marketed as a vegetarian alternative to encapsulated green tea extracts, green tea tablets are often bound together by cellulose and other mineral-based agents such as magnesium stearate. In many cases, manufacturers of green tea extract tablets capitalize on the tablet form by adding other beneficial minerals or nutrients to reinforce the benefits of the supplement.

Country Life's Green Tea Extract tablets are Kosher and vegetarian and combine the polyphenols and antioxidizing elements of green tea into a potent tablet. Each tablet contains 300mg of green tea extract as well as 40mg of calcium to help with bone health. These tablets may be taken up to three times daily with meals.

Other green tea products can be found on

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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Yes, there are many flavours in green tea itself, thanks for showcasing them.

    • ericrthomas profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      @anonymous: Sounds wonderful!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Nicely done! My friend manufactures Green Tea with Pomegranate extracts and I enjoy that delectable combination!

    • vivekrai08 profile image


      10 years ago

      Have been a green tea user and I can vouch for its anti aging and detoxification properties, learned quite a bit about Green Tea from this lens. Thanks!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I drink green tea. Great lens. a thumbs up from me.

    • Paul Ward profile image


      10 years ago from Liverpool, England

      Interesting. You should have a look at ratetea's lenses.

    • ericrthomas profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      @Runnn: The tea bag is definitely one of my favorites, although I have found that a few drops of the Herbasway concentrate directly into the mouth can give me a little boost while I am on the job. It can be a bit bitter however in undiluted form!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I prefer to tea bag green tea. Taste better.

    • ericrthomas profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you very much!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      WoW ... Nice to see such a comprehensive Lens on Green Tea. Good Job!


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