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Disaster Preparedness Plan

Updated on August 28, 2011

Be Ready: Hurricane Preparedness Kit

There are many kinds of disasters that can happen. And it seems that over the last couple of years we have had many close calls. Just in the last week here in Maryland we have had Hurricane Irene and last week we had the first earthquake that we have had in years. And the past few winters have been very severe. Last year we had 3 major snow storms and blizzards which had us home bound for days.

With each disaster warning I found myself running around in order to be prepared. And always I wished I thought to be prepared beforehand. But for this last hurricane, I made sure I planned and was organized. Thank goodness the storm wasn't nearly as bad as we expected. But I wanted to save my disaster supply list here so I can make sure I always have the supplies I need.

Here is my Disaster Preparedness Kit Checklist

Be Ready for Any Disaster


If you are out of water for a few days or more it is important to make sure you have drinking water. You should have a gallon of water for each person for each day. I try to make sure we have at least a 3 day supply ready. This will also give you extra water for washing as well.

You may also need water to flush your toilet. I suggest filling up the bathtubs with water prior before severe weather hits. This way if the water is off, you can always use the water in your tub to pour water into your toilet.


Make sure you have at least a three day supply of non perishable canned foods and drinks. And don't forget the non electric can opener. Make sure you have lots of snacks as well as cooking tools, paper plates and plastic utensils.

Keep in mind that you may not of power to cook. So be sure to have lots of food that doesn't need to be cooked or refrigerated. Canned meat and tuna fish is a good idea.

Clothing and Blankets

Make sure you have extra clothing and blankets in case if they are needed. Don't forget about things like boots, rain coats etc.

First Aid Kit - Medications

Make sure you have a First Aid Kit that has a huge supply of bandages, ointments, pain relievers sterile gauze etc. And of course be sure to make sure you have your prescription medications with you and if you have prior notice of the potential disaster, get those prescriptions filled a head of time.

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Flashlights, Batteries

I like to make sure I have at least 3 flashlights with plenty of extra batteries. I also have lots of candles with matches. You may also want to have a wind up radio and lantern which can run without batteries.

Wind 'N Go Lanterns and Lights

Other Stuff

Don't forget...

  • To fill your car up with gas.
  • Put your important documents in a zip lock back to prevent water damage.
  • Have some extra tools (mop, shovel, hammer) just in case.
  • charge your cell phone and lap top.
  • extra cash just in case credit machines are down.
  • have a deck of cards and some other games on hand to help pass the time.
  • BE SAFE!


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Very useful and it must be horrifying to live it through. I feel sorry people have to bear it.

    • poddys profile image

      Tony Payne 6 years ago from Southampton

      Great information Wendy. Tornadoes and Hurricanes are far less common in the UK, but if I was living in an area that was prone, I would definitely have an emergency pack ready. A plastic storage bin makes a great place to store emergency items, so you always know where they are when they are needed.

    • whitneyz profile image

      whitneyz 6 years ago from Crown Point, IN

      Great post! We need to be prepared for so many situations. Thanks for the information. Let's hope it helps people be more prepared. Voted up!

    • Cagsil profile image

      Cagsil 6 years ago from USA or America

      Very nicely written Wendy. Most of the time I don't worry about Disaster preparedness, because in the past, there really haven't been too many disasters in my area. However, even with that said, in recent months, we've encountered at least 3 Tornadoes and now Hurricane Irene, which is presently coming through, slowly but coming. LOL! Right now, as I post this comment, the wind is increasing and I'm prepared for what happens. But, it's not likely to be a big thing where I am specifically, however, other cities might be different. Thank you for sharing. :)