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Advantages of the Blind Against the Full Sighted!

Updated on August 2, 2018

What is being blind?

This is a state whereby one cannot be able to perceive with the eyes. Blindness therefore is a disability. A blind person is sight challenged. They have lost their sense of sight. A blind person can only see darkness. Whether it is day or night, to a blind person it is all the same. Your life becomes dark. You cannot appreciate light. Color to you is a non-existent!

One who has full sense of sight may look down upon those who are blind as being less fortunate. They may even play pranks on them. That is uncouth behavior. One needs understand that disability is not inability. We ought also to understand that one can easily lose his sight. Old age also comes with the failing of the eyes. Some may not see near objects or objects which are far and lastly become totally blind. That is the more reason we treat the blind with the due respect they deserve.

Advantages that the blind have

The blind people have numerous advantages over the full sighted. I will try to list some of them here so that my reader may be able to feel with them.

1. Sense of touch.

The blind people have the most powerful sense of touch that any other full sighted person has ever possessed. Once they touch an object they can easily draw a lot of details about that particular object. They may tell its texture, value, advantages and even disadvantages of that object. Braille is another wonder of the blind people that few normal ones can use.

2. A very sharp memory.

The blind people also have a very sharp memory. Once they encounter something, the memory imprints itself in their mind. They can easily recall it to their advantage. A blind person who is never led has the map of the place he frequents in his mind. He can move unaided to so many places. He may just need a guide when he wants to cross the road.

3. A blind person is never hindered to read in the dark.

While a blackout will automatically hinder a normal person from reading due to lack of light a blind person will read as if it was in broad daylight. He uses his sense of touch to read and not the eyes. Students who suddenly find themselves in the dark may use a blind student to read for them before they solve the light problem.

4. The blind people have intuition or sixth sense.

They can sense whether an object is blocking their way long before they reach the object. When talking to them, they can easily tell your height. This comes about when they perceive the height the words are coming from. They can tell your weight from how you are stamping on the ground. They can tell your character and so many other details.

5. They have the best sense of smell.

Blind people can easily identify people by their smell.

So when we see blind people we should know they have things that we have and do not know how to use.


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    • stbrians profile imageAUTHOR

      Meshack Bwoyele Keya 

      6 years ago from Vihiga County,Western Kenya

      @Dana Tate The sight is when area that may bring darkness to ones life but if we take it as only darkness to our eyes and not our lives then we become safe

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      6 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      I have heard that when one loses one sense the others become heightened. Great hub , sometimes it is easy to lose sight of how what some may see as a hindrance others will realize a blessing.

    • stbrians profile imageAUTHOR

      Meshack Bwoyele Keya 

      7 years ago from Vihiga County,Western Kenya

      My special thanks goes to Mr. Wycliffe Aliona who made me learn much about the blind.He is blind


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