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Do Cardio As a Fitness Model Does To Promote Fat Loss-Written By Fitness Model Chuck Ryan Strogish

Updated on August 21, 2014

Cardio Used By a Fitness Model To Prepare For Shoots- Now You Can Use it On Yourself To Burn More Fat

Read on to learn about what a fitness model might do to prepare for a paid photo shoot. Model Chuck Ryan Strogish writes a free fitness blog called the Model Blog to help you do just that.

Read free fitness articles that are genuine, effective, and easy to implement into your life for real life results without gimmicks. used by a pro fitness model himself.

Here it is.

Keep reading this mini article to pick up some quick tips on how to burn off that extra layer of fat using cardio.

male model cardio workouts
male model cardio workouts

Male Model Cardio Workouts

Burn Fat, Get Lean, and Mimick a Fitness Model For Success

Cardio is definitely effective no matter how it's done. As you know, correct dieting is 80% of your results. That leaves just 10% to this section besides genetics being the other 10%.

10% is still huge and must be used to get your chiseled or sexy toned physique or figure.

Cardio is necessary for a variety of reasons. It peels off any stubborn body fat that you can't lose doing all them hard supersets and chicken and broccoli dinners. Besides that, even more importantly in the long run, it makes everything else you do more efficient.

It circulates your nutrients with increased blood flow to your muscle aiding recovery, digestion, and overall machine efficiency.

It also boosts those feel good hormones that will get you through the days of low carbs and make your quality of life happier day in and day out. Use your cardio as a fat burning, yet relaxing time for yourself.

Here's the deal

Like said before, you want to use cardio to make final tweaks and to fine tune your results. Doing harder cardio or more cardio isn't nearly as good as just learning how to diet and dieting right for a few weeks. Your best bet by far is to diet and then use cardio as the final avenue to reveal your best self. So if your diet isn't up to par, cardio isn't going to do a whole lot. Of course, it will still be better than not doing it in every way, but to get lean, you need to do the diet step before the cardio. Or at leasy make a serious attempt.

So with that said, the cardio prescribed here is to chip away at the fat without beating up your body, you need the leg power for your hack squats and stiff legged deadlifts.

Cardio Workout 1

I prefer to always use either the Step Mill, Treadmill, Or Stationary Bike. The elliptical is cool too but it is easy to do and you'll usually go to fast when it's not necessary with fat burning here.

Only do 30 minutes at a time, 5 days a week. You can do this either before your weight training, or after. The best is to switch it up by the week as it will cause confusion in your muscles and that's always key.

But the important part is to just get it done. You don't need to go fast, just enough so you can barely talk but you aren't breathing really hard, with a tiny bit of a sweat.

Usually to do this, you will do 35-40 or so steps per minute on the step mill. Or a fully maxed incline on treadmill at a 2.0-2.5 speed. For the bike, just pedal smooth and consistent, don't need to go really hard here.

The BIGGEST part is to make sure you drink a gallon of water every day at least. Your metabolism will skyrocket fast.

My friend doing this alone lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks, just upping the water intake to a gallon everyday. It's huge to get lean.

Increase the effectiveness by adding green tea extract drops or taking 200mg of caffeine before you head out to do it. Either way. Green tea extract works amazing when mixed in a gallon of water.

Then just do this until you're looking great. Of course the protein should be high, the healthy fats should be getting them in, and the carbs should be less than 100 grams daily until you are happy with how you look.

Try it out.

Chuck Ryan Strogish

Model Chuck Ryan Strogish-Male Model Cardio Workouts-Working For C-In2 Underwear NYC

Model Chuck Ryan Strogish-Male Model Cardio Workouts-Working For C-In2 Underwear NYC
Model Chuck Ryan Strogish-Male Model Cardio Workouts-Working For C-In2 Underwear NYC

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