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Dr. Siegal Diet

Updated on September 9, 2010
Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet
Dr. Siegal Cookie Diet

Dr Siegal Diet - What is it?

It's a low calorie cookie diet that is designed to help ease the appetite and promote quick weight loss. Although this diet is perfect for those trying to lose weight for a special events (weddings, parties, vacations) a cookie diet really isn't good for long term use. Nursing or pregnant mothers should avoid these types of diets. In this page we'll discuss the history of the cookie diet, nutritional facts, cost, complaints, and any other Dr Siegal Diet news.

Nutritional Info and Cost

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Siegal's diet cookies are low calorie. Eating 6 cookies a day will put you a little under 1000 calories. The protein amino acids and dietary fiber found in the cookies are supposed to provide hunger relief while dieting. The cookies come in different flavors but all appear to be around 90 calories a cookie.

The comparison chart below was done on the chocolate chip brand for Dr. Siegal, Smart for Life, and the Hollywood cookie diet. Use the following link for a full review on the Dr Siegal Diet

Cookie Diet Comparison Chart

Flikr: unleashedlive
Flikr: unleashedlive

Cookie Diet Pros and Cons


Obviously having and maintaining a healthy weight is important for your overall well being so the most important aspect of the Dr. Siegal diet is its ability to promote weight loss. Since cookie diets are so low in calories, many dieters see loses of up to 15lbs in the first two weeks.  This diet is perfect for people who need to shed some pounds for a vacation, wedding, birthday, or any other special event that is a few weeks away.


The low daily calorie intake has been highly criticized by many dieticians and has been called dangerous.  The body requires a certain amount of calories (fats, carbohydrates, and proteins) to maintain a healthy balance.  Dieticians feel this low calorie approach does not give your body the required nutrients to function optimally.

Dr. Siegal's response to this criticism is simple.  He simply asks for those to consider the alternative (which is to do nothing and be obese).  In any case, I have to give credit to Dr. Siegal as he himself does not recommend anyone using his product without the supervision of a doctor.

The Man Behind The Cookies

Dr. Sanford Siegal started his career back in the 70's where he used his diet cookies to help his patients that were at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. Over the past 30 years, he has worked on his unique blend of amino acids to provide (in my opinion) the most popular cookie diet available.

Dr. Siegal was the former provider for the Smart For Life brand and has since terminated his association as of 2006. Since the launch of Dr. Siegal's e-commerce business, the national media attention on his cookies has exploded. He has been seen on NBC's Today Show, CBS' Early Show, The FOX Morning Show, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Dr. Siegal in the News

Its official...the cookie diet is now a fad. With new cookie diets popping up left and right, Dr. Siegal is trying to put a strangle hold on the competition. Here is an excerpt from a Yahoo press release.

"It's unusual to have so much national media attention in a single day but we're not complaining," said Matthew Siegal, President and CEO of Dr. Siegal's Direct Nutritionals, LLC. "We're gratified that producers and editors have done their research and due diligence and chosen to focus attention on the real Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet and not the copy-cats that keep popping up."

According to Forbes, Dr. Siegal's online store generates roughly half of his total sales (7.2 million a year). That being said, it's clear the cookie doctor(tm) is head and shoulders above the competition but for how long?

The Other Cookie Diets

There are several other cookie diets on the market. The ones that pose the greatest threat to Dr. Siegal’s empire are Smart for Life and The Hollywood Cookie Diet.

Smart For Life is one of the largest weight management centers in the United States with over 40 clinics. Dr. Siegal used to be the official cookie provider of Smart For Life but after a very public separation back in 2006 they have created their own square diet cookies for their patients.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet screams "Look at me...I'm a winner!” Made popular by celebrity endorsements, the Hollywood Cookie Diet is probably the easiest to purchase after being picked up by major drug stores such as Walgreens. Although their cookies are cheaper, it's very evident the difference in nutritional value based on the chart above.


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    • profile image

      diets4u 7 years ago

      Dr.Siegal's cookie diet really does work I have personally been doing it on and off for years, mainly for special occassions and maintain a healthy diet after that. If you are looking to shed some quick pounds do it but keep in mind that once you abuse the diet it can become dengerous. Hey, it's safer than going under the knife!

    • profile image

      Cookie Diet 9 years ago

      It is not confusing to me because there is only one cookie diet that worked for me, and that was the Smart for Life Cookie Diet.

    • profile image

      loseweight 9 years ago

      Wow... I had no idea diet cookies existed. Great Hub. I don't really like meal replacement programs but will keep this one in mind.