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Drinking Too Much water is good or bad?

Updated on October 22, 2012

Some Common mistakes

  • What you think, if you drunk 7 liters of water in a day whether it will Detoxify your blood and reduce your blood pressure?
  • More water you drink, the better it would be?
  • More water you drink, more you can decrease your blood pressure?

These are all mistaken believes many people is having. If the amount of water drinking daily is many times more than the recommended daily consumption for sedentary adults for few months will lead to “Water Intoxication”. Too much water consumed causes Hyponartremia, a condition where there is insufficient sodium in the blood. As a result the excess water has to be absorbed by the body cells and Brain cells. This leads to swelling of brain cells and to increase pressure in the brain. This will affect the patient in different ways. If the pressure cause bleeding in occipital lobe, which is the visual processing centre of the brain and contain most of the visual cortex, the patient will lose sight.

The sodium in our blood maintains our cell metabolism rate. But once you drink too much of water, the sodium ions will decrease, causing the brain cells to swell. This will cause pressure and lead to bleeding.

Many Doctors says that drinking too much water can be fatal. Our body is constantly losing water through sweat, urination, defecation or exhaled breath, among others. Replacing this lost water is essential, but rehydration can be overdone, leading to fatal water over dose. According to doctors, the symptoms of Water Intoxication include headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination and mental disorientation.

Duel Debate Module

How many glasses of water you drink today?

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      This is interesting for me because when hiking in Hong Kong one needs to drink a lot of water due to the high temperatures and humidity. It is recommended to take salty snacks with you. Rather than just focusing on drinking too much water, is it possible to also give suggestions on how to counteract too much water intake when it is necessary eg. when hiking in hot weather? In a case such as this, drinking lots of water is paramount to avoiding muscle cramps and dehydration. Is my reasoning correct here?