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Earthing to Get Grounded

Updated on July 9, 2012

You Need to Be Grounded!

Would you like to find a passive way to improve your sleep, reduce pain and inflammation, and generally improve your health . . . and therefore your life? You need to get grounded! You can literally sleep your way to better health by sleeping grounded. Or take a barefoot walk on the beach, in the grass, or even stand barefoot on concrete and get Earthed.

Earthing, grounding by restoring your direct connection to the Earth, was discovered by Clinton Ober, a pioneer in the cable TV industry. After retiring and looking for his life's next challenge, he was observing people as they walked one day, and thought to himself that most people were insulated from the ground; he wondered if being electrically insulated could have some effect on health. He took a voltmeter around his house to test electromagnetic field (EMF) induced potential (in volts) and noticed the only electrical appliances in his home that did not increase his personal voltage were the refrigerator and computer tower, because they were grounded.

In his experiments, he discovered the place with the most voltage was his bed, because of the wiring in the wall behind the bed. The next day he created a grounded grid out of some metalized duct tape, alligator clips, and a ground wire run out the window to a ground rod. He placed this device on his bed and was playing with his voltmeter, when the next thing he knew, it was morning! This in a person who had chronic back pain and needed to take medication every night to sleep. He knew he was on to something.

After several nights sleeping on his duct-tape grid without pain medication and waking up feeling well, he told friends about this and made similar systems for them to try. They also slept well and experienced pain relief. Sleeping on these grids replicated going barefoot on the grass, dirt, sand, or concrete, all of which conduct the earth's electrons to the human body.

Clint worked hard to interest scientists in Earthing, having some prototype grounding pads fabricated and trying to interest sleep specialists in his discovery, but he was not having much luck. One day while getting a haircut he overheard people discussing their health issues and was able to get volunteers to test his grounding pads, eventually enlisting the aid of a registered nurse. This nurse was able to help Clint conduct a blind sleep test with 60 volunteer patients, 30 grounded and 30 not grounded; only Clint knew which patients were actually grounded.

The results were extraordinary:

- 85% went to sleep more quickly.

- 93% reported sleeping better throughout the night;

- 82% experienced a significant reduction in muscle stiffness.

- 74% experienced elimination or reduction of chronic back and joint pain.

- 100% reported feeling more rested when they woke up.

- 78% reported improved general health.

This was the beginning of many other studies, each one becoming more refined, all documenting a real difference in the body's response to Earthing. Below in this lens are interviews with Clint himself describing the effects Earthing in detail.

Earthing - The most important health discovery ever?

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?
Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

Earthing explains the discovery of Earthing and reproduces photos and images from medical tests participants underwent in the quest for information about Earthing. The book is multifaceted, featuring the observations of the authors, a discussion on the physics of Earthing by a Ph.D. in cell biology, and testimonies of many people who got more than just a good night's sleep! This is a great book, one I have in circulation among my friends!


The Nuts and Bolts of Earthing

excerpted from "Earthing"

"A study published in 2005 in the journal European Biology and Bioelectromagnetics, by electrical engineer Roger Applewhite confirmed two highly significant facts:

1. Electrons move from the Earth to the body and vice versa when the body is grounded. This effect is sufficient to maintain the body at the same negative-charge electrical potential as the Earth. We hypothesize that this flow of free electrons into the body is the mechanism by which inflammation is brought down.

2. Grounding powerfully reduces electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on the body."

How does this apply to us? When we're grounded by being in contact with the Earth by going barefoot or otherwise grounding ourselves, we are protected from EMFs from electrical devices. The free flow of electrons seems to bring down inflammation as reported by many who ground themselves and has been proven to improve blood viscosity and normalize cortisol levels. People have reported needing to decrease blood pressure, thyroid, and other medication after Earthing consistently.

blood viscosity
blood viscosity

Just One Example of Health Improvement by Earthing

Darkfield Microscope Images of Blood, Before and After

Stephen Sinatra, M.D. is a cardiologist and one of the authors of "Earthing." He conducted an experiment in Earthing in 2008 in which twelve people had a drop of blood taken before and after 40 minutes of grounding via electrode patches, then examining the fresh unstained blood under a darkfield microscope. There were dramatic changes in the blood after the grounding in 11 of the participants in that their blood appeared much thinner. The only person whose blood was already thin was Clint Ober, who had been grounding himself consistently day and night for years!

My purpose in this lens is not to recreate the "Earthing" book but to help publicize this tested discovery. Please get a copy of "Earthing" from the library or buy your own inexpensive copy - there is a lot of information in this book and it's an excellent reference! For more information on current research on grounding, visit, or just scroll down! We have it here, too!

Clint Ober Interview - The Discoverer of Earthing

Dr. Mercola interview Clint Ober in 7 parts; 3-part demonstration of earthing techniques.

Barefoot Band
Barefoot Band

Earthing is Free!

Here's how:

You are Earthing or grounding when your skin comes in direct contact with the earth, such as by walking barefoot or lying on grass, sand, dirt, or concrete. Swimming in the ocean is an excellent way to get grounded.

If you want to Earth with shoes on, wear moccasins or leather-soled shoes; if you need socks use cotton socks. The leather and cotton are conductive of electrons. This is probably not be as strong as directly going barefoot but there are electrons getting through!

Earthing Products on Amazon - When you need a substitute for going barefoot

I admit it, I hate going barefoot! I'm not into lying in the grass 'cuz I don't like insects. So for those fastidious souls who would really rather not touch the dirt, here is another way.

I ordered the Earthing Starter Kit from Amazon; the delivery is prompt and there are step-by-step instructions with the tools to help you determine if your outlets are grounded before using the grounded sheet and mat. And sleeping Earthed is easier than falling off a log! I highly recommend it!

There are other devices that have come out of Earthing research, such as travel bags, beds, pet pads, auto seat pads, as well as electrode patches and body bands for direct application to areas of concern. You can read up on these at

Earthing Starter Kit
Earthing Starter Kit

This is an excellent investment - comes with an Earthing book, ground circuit tester, cables, a grounding rod, a continuity tester, an Earthing mat, and an Earthing half-sheet. It's like one-stop shopping!

Earthing Universal Mat
Earthing Universal Mat

Great for using at the computer barefoot, or put it on your desk as a mouse pad or place to put your arm for some quick electrons. The cover is made from cotton with silver filaments embedded like the half-sheet, so you could use this in bed, too.

Earthing Half Sheet Kit
Earthing Half Sheet Kit

This is a cotton half-sheet with tiny silver filaments to make grounding contact. (Do not use bleach as it will corrode the silver. Yep, real silver - that's why it's pricey!)


Suffer from Jet Lag?

When you get to your destination, if the weather cooperates, find a grassy, sandy, or nice concrete place and walk around barefoot for 15 or 20 minutes. That should do the trick! Or if you've brought along an Earthing mat or sheet, use it and get acclimated faster.

men's heel grounder
men's heel grounder

Don't Be a Fashion Victim


Heel grounders will NOT give you the same effects as a direct Earth ground system. The difference is due to the dampening effect on the Earth ground signal by the in-line 1- or 2-megohm resister these cords contain. You can try them if you like, but I think you'll feel less like a fashion victim with leather-soled shoes or by going barefoot!

thermal studies - before and after
thermal studies - before and after

Want to Participate in an Earthing Study?

Click Here to Get Started!

I just participated in an Earthing webinar, but the presenters promised there will be other studies coming up, so check over there to become involved in a clinical study (and receive free earthing supplies for the study). It was fun and very informative!

Build Your Own Lens - It's Free!

It's fun and can actually earn you $$.

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Have an Earthing Story to Share? - Tell Me Your Grounding Experience

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