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How to Enjoy Old Age

Updated on April 10, 2019
Greenlily profile image

Greenlily is enjoying her senior years and she generously shares the secrets here.

Enjoy Your Senior Years

Here is a good news to all seniors and to those who are approaching their senior years. Your senior years can always be the best stage of your life? Yes it can be!

Entering your senior years is a new beginning marked with opportunities and privileges.This is the time when you can enjoy your life with all the privileges only seniors do have. This is the best time to enjoy your family even more, to socialize with friends and former classmates, and to engage in hobbies or any wholesome activities you truly enjoy.

If you learn the secrets, you can avoid living your old days sick and sad. There are various ways you can keep yourself healthy, active, connected and engaged just as when you were younger.

Your senior years can always be the best stage of your life.
Your senior years can always be the best stage of your life.

The Pains of Getting Old

Many people dread getting old because old age has always been associated with being weak, forgetful, and sickly. To many people getting old means being bedridden or just sitting on rocking chair alone and sad

At a certain point in their life, seniors go through biological process that lead to physical, sexual, and emotional problems. This biological process lead to low energy, bone density, thinning hair, loss of teeth,weight gain and other physical changes and discomforts.

The degenerative joint disease (arthritis, osteoarthritis) is common among oldies. But worse, many old people deal with major health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, pneumonia, and alzheimer's disease. More often than not, they become too ill and spend the rest of their life in bed.

These are the oldies who live unhappy and depressed.

Unhealthy Diet Is the Road to Sickly Life

It is common among many folks especially the younger ones to eat what they want unmindful of whether it is healthy or not. They would sleep as late as they desire, and engage in vices such as drinking and smoking. This lifestyle weakens their immune system and eventually, health issues will come their way. As they grow older, their life will become even more difficult as they battle with being diabetic or hypertensive, or with kidney problems, or (God forbid) cancer.

Unhealthy lifestyle is almost always the culprit when one becomes sickly. What we eat is what we are. What we do to ourselves is what we become. If we feed ourselves with nothing but junks, and we engage in unhealthy vices and habits all our lives, we will end up living like a junk.

No fatty foods
No fatty foods
Eat cucumber instead of junks
Eat cucumber instead of junks

Watch What You Eat

Eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid fatty, salty and sweet foods. Processed meat is a no, no and soda drinks too. Avoid coffee or any drink with addictive substance. Remember that what you eat is what you are and it will make a great impact in the latter days of your life. If you don’t know how to practice moderation in eating and in every thing, you will suffer the consequences.

Don't eat junks. When hungry in between meal, eat cold slices of carrots, turnips, cucumber, apples, pineapple, avocados, bananas, and any fruit in season. Those are healthy and will not bring toxins and carcinogens into your body. Better yet, get a good Juicer. Juice your fruits and vegetables and this will bring in greater health benefits to you.

If you can't have self control when it comes to food, don't ever expect to live a healthy and happy senior years.

Regular Exercise is Vital

Engage in a regular exercise at least thirty minutes a day. You don’t even have to go the gym. You can do daily exercise without spending any money. Brisk walking is the best exercise for both men and women. Engage in a daily walking activity with your spouse and old folks in your locality. Doing it with others makes it more enjoyable and not tiring. Do it for 30 to an hour but I don’t exceed that time. Remember, exercising does not mean making yourselves too exhausted and tired.

Brisk walking is the best exercise for women
Brisk walking is the best exercise for women

The Importance of Drinking Enough Water

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Most women can’t even consume three glasses of water a day. Take at least 8 to 12 glasses each day. Don't substitute carbonated drinks, tea or coffee to water. Water is the cheapest and yet the most effective way of avoiding early wrinkles. It does not only refresh and hydrate but it also cleanses the body. But make sure your drink mineral water not the purified water only.

If you do not drink water, you will end up wrinkled and sick. Our skin needs enough water to be well moisturized. You don't need to spend big money in beauty salon, to keep your youth, just drink enough water.

Also, those who do not drink enough water will end up with kidney problem and that is proven.

Get Enough Sleep

Many old folks have problem with sleeping and this is most likely due to unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep will dry up your skin and will weaken your liver and your immune system. Engage in daily exercise for this will induce good sleep. Also avoid being stressed. Just always leave your burdens to God and always believe that He is there to take care of them. It must be at least seven to eight hours a night. Also remember that lack of sleep will weaken your liver.

Forget About Vices

Avoid smoking, drinking and all other unhealthy vices. Good for those who do not engage in these vices for they will reap the benefits but for those who do, it is time to stop lest you stop breathing and go to your grave earlier than God has intended.

Maintain a Happy Disposition

Even the Bible has good words about this. In Proverbs 17:22 it says, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit drieth up the bones." So take these words seriously. Despite the odds, there are countless things to be thankful about. Take time to enjoy your loved ones, play with your kids and be as happy as they are. Attend school reunions and reminisce the good old days with your classmates. Travel with your family and see places as much as you could. Engage in a daily activity with fellow seniors.

Learn to live life easily and be cool in stressful circumstances. Let God take care of your worries.

Happy with the kids
Happy with the kids

Be Healthy, Happy and at Peace With God and Men

You can always grow old gracefully. You can always age without health issues that make your life unhappy. You can always be at your good physical, emotional and spiritual conditions even if you are old.

Just learn to follow the right steps toward aging gracefully. You will not only become healthy and strong but also at peace with people around you and most of all with God from whom you owe everything.

May God bless you all!


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