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Causes of and treatment for eczema

Updated on January 19, 2010

What if eczema is caused by yeast?

This is not a scientific article, but a sharing of what I've learned over the years from personal and family experience, in case it might be helpful.

All through my childhood I suffered from eczema, specifically atopic dermatitis, i.e. an itchy rash of unknown origin, all over. It was awful, and no one knew what to do for it.

At that time, for children, strong antihistamines were prescribed, cortisone creams and cortisone shots that were much too strong for children's bodies, often causing dimples at the shot site. In addition, low dose sleeping pills were prescribed, when all else failed and the child couldn't stop itching. Unfortunately, that was me.

All of those medications have negative side effects. I struggled on. And it wasn't until I was in my 20's, and still battling itchy rashes, that I met a Naturopath who told me about systemic yeast (referred to with the controversial term "candida") in the body, imbalances, and how yeast can cause added heat, rashes, allergies, etc. In addition, she told me that other things can be associated with a yeast imbalance, such as chronic bad breath, low grade fever, increased sweating, increased body odor, increased gassines, digestive problems. Some of thiese I'd noticed. I listened.

I did further research and learned that candida starts in the intestines. And if a diet includes excessive carbohydrates, specifically sugar, it encourages growth of candida. Candida also puts a strain on the adrenal glands, which regulate blood sugar. Sugar is the food of choice for candida. If you find that you're craving sugar and carbohydrates, one possible cause is candida. When deprived of carbohydrates/sugar, the yeast die, releasing toxic substances. These can cause unpleasant side effects/reactions that cause the body to increase its sugar cravings. And so the miserable cycle goes.

The first step for me was changing my diet and removing all sugar, even fruit for a while (not easy to do, ugh). I quit eating wheat and dairy products. Also suggested to me was removing mushrooms, fermented products and alcohol. But I found that black mushrooms (my favorite) didn't seem to bother the yeast. The alcohol I did do without, and have to even today (except on special occasions). I've never been a big fermented foods fan, so that wasn't too difficult.

Just those changes helped immensely, but weren't quite enough. When there's an imbalance of yeast, it's like our bodies become breweries. I keep that image in mind even today when I choose foods to eat. It's true that we all have some yeast in our bodies, and healthy non-allergic bodies can handle it and stay in balance, others can't.

I followed the diet religiously for quite awhile. But who can do it forever? I couldn't. I was feeling better, so why stay on the diet, right? The rashes returned, of course.

I did get some relief from an herb called Pau D'Arco (a tree bark) that can be taken in capsule form, or steeped in hot water as a tea. I found the capsules to be too intense (I broke out in a rash), though I still drink the tea today and it does help the itch.

When things got so bad that I wasn't sleeping well, among other things, what finally helped me beat the yeast was Nystatin -- an antifungal medication -- and using a cortisone/antifungal combo creme for especially bad rashy areas. I continue to maintain a very low sugar, very low wheat and dairy diet, as well.

Nystatin is an anti-fungal medication that works in the gut and digestive system. Unlike the more potent anti-fungal drugs, such as Diflucan, Nystatin does not put the liver at risk. Those who need a more potent drug due to severe symptoms may get relief from a round of Diflucan. This medication strongly impacts the liver, so if you do take it, be sure and have your doctor monitor your liver enzymes closely.

One thing I did read about and experienced when I started taking Nystatin (and especially when I first did a round of Diflucan) was the Herxheimer Reaction , or more simply, die off. This can happen because the medication destroys the yeast in vast numbers. As they die, they release substances which are toxic to the body. If this process occurs more quickly than the toxins can be cleared from the bloodstream and eliminated by the body, a temporary toxic or allergic-type reaction can occur (i.e. feeling nauseous, or the rashes worsening temporarily, for example). But it passes within a brief period of time, so worth the short-term discomfort.

There ARE Western mainstream medical doctors who are educated and knowledgeable about yeast problems, and able to provide treatment. But you'll encounter far more who will express negative opinions about "candida," even with all of the research and positive results. Keep searching until you find a doctor who will help you, if you think you might have a yeast problem.

You might want to consult a Naturopath in your area, also, if there is one. They may not support medications, but some herbs and supplements can work, and might be enough for some people. Again, one herb that works well for me and I continue to use it even now is Pau D'Arco herb (taken as a tea). if you don't get relief from the natural approaches they recommend, I wouldn't hesitate to look into the medications. It's about quality of life, after all. The lifestyle changes that we make to maintain rash-free good health are a lifetime commitment. For me, chinese herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, glandulars, homeopathy, etc. all helped me a bit. But they weren't enough. Nothing cleared up the majority of the problem like the medications. They aren't for everyone, but it's something to consider, if your symptoms are severe.

I'll end by mentioning a terrific little girl I saw at a Farmer's Market a while back, where I was playing music. She was chowing down on a sweet juicy peach - and she was one big rash, poor thing, especially her face, all around her mouth, her eyes, cheeks and neck; she was a mess, just like I had been! I spoke with her mother who told me that everyone thinks she's doing something awful to her child to make her suffer and look like that. I shared my experience with her, and asked about treatment. They were doing the old massive cortisone and antihistamines routine, with no results and no relief.

I mentioned the possibility of a yeast imbalance. It turned out that the little girl, like me, had taken a lot of antibiotics because she would scratch and break the skin, which would get infected, repeatedly spreading. This constantly upset her body's natural balance - and she was craving sugar and sweets all the time, her mother said. She listened and I saw a light go on in her eyes, a new hope. I don't know if she pursued treatment, I never did see her again. But I hope sharing my experience here online might inspire others, parents included, to look into yeast issues as a possible cause of eczema.


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    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 3 years ago from California

      I've denied a post that talks about taking specific amounts of vitamin D3 and applying citrus. Neither are good ideas on their own, I feel, though it sounds like they helped the person who posted. Suggestions are good, but please remember that amounts of things vary per person. This is not a medical blog so all we can do is share our experiences. Want to give a shout out to the oops on using the Nystrom creme! :) Hope it helps ease the discomfort. And yes, diet is so important. Craving carbs, as I do too, is awful! But the payoff is worth it. In the summer heat, keeping the rashes at bay is even more difficult too. Using ice packs on hot itchy eczema areas helps a lot.

    • profile image

      hayley 3 years ago

      Baking soda in bathwater, lots. Diluted, unfiltered apple cider vinegar apply, do not rinse. And no x ma cream. Please try this if your child is suffering, my daughter has horrible, horrible eczema and this is the only stuff that help. The vinegar burns a little which is why i dilute it but it makes a huge difference overnight.

    • profile image

      maria 5 years ago

      My 4 year old son has eczema behind his knees, elbow creases, hip creases and groin area. He was slightly jaundice when he was born due to a high billiruben count. It balanced out on its own after a few day, so nothing serious. He also had mild cradle cap which we treated with olive oil. At 6 months I stopped nursing and went to formula. Around 7 months he developed small little white patches on his chest and near his outer elbow, nothing serious, ped. told us to use hyrdrocortisone. Around 2 years old the small little patches turned into red itchy patches behind his knees after a bad cold and never really went away. We treated with cortisone cream but it came back every month or so. Took him to a derm and she gave us cultivate, a prescription steroid cream. Took him to an allergist, did blood work and skin test for eggs, milk, wheat, soy, etc. No results. He gave us a body oil, which also contained a steroid. At 4 years old I was now applying his cultivate weekly. I always knew steroids where bad but thought we'd grow out of it by 3, as our allergist said was likely. I just read an article stating steroids retard growth in children and as I was applying it weekly now, it was time to try something different. We went to a naturapath and she said it was his liver. My father-in-law has a sluggish liver and a high billiruben count but no eczema. We are now on a new diet of no cows milk dairy, no gluten or wheat, no chicken, pork, or corn (including corn syrup). She also put us on supplements, a tsp of liverite-to detox liver, half scoop l-glutamyne powder, sulphor 30 - a homeopathy to help rash and a TBSP of cod liver oil. Things got really bad. The rash got worse than I ever seen it. The dr. said it has to get worse before it gets better. He got a really bad cold virus that lasted for about a month which probably made things much worse. We had our follow up after a month with no improvement. I gave him a cough med, hylands, when his was sick which could of made it bad also. The dr. took us off the sulpher 30 and gave us a 5,000mg supplement of vitamin D and took a blood test. She's wondering if he's deficient in D. Waiting on results. Anyway at home we decided to try no eggs for 2 weeks. I was giving him gluten free bread, he craves carbs and that's all he wants, so I decided to stop with the bread too, even though it was gluten free. Yesterday and today I have seen def. improvement. He's still itchy but it's a faint red now instead of bright. I am not sure if it is from getting him off the breads/YEAST/carbs or eggs or the vit D supplement. Also including eliminating dairy. We'll see. Hopefully we stay on the mend and then we can start back introducing foods. However, I believe the best diet for eczema and everyone in general is vegetable, meat, fish and some fruit. Including olive oil and other EFA's. It's very hard to do but instead of focusing on what you can't have focus on what you can have. Any vegetable out of many, any meat, fish and fruit. I also do brown rice and brown rice pasta. Whole foods are best.

    • profile image

      Amy 5 years ago

      I was looking at this thread because my 2 yr old daughter struggles with such bad bouts of eczema. She is covered and itches until she bleeds. The other night my husband mistakenly picked up a tube of Nystatin that was on her changing table and applied it to her eczema thinking it was her steriod cream which is in a similar tube. Her eczema improved substantially with the first application and I wondered if there was a correlation with his mistake. I have applied it again today and it seems to be working. This may be the first time that anything has calmed a bad outbreak other than antibiotics. It is definitely something I will pursue. thanks for the post.

    • profile image

      matthew 5 years ago

      does aloe vera gel help to stop eczema? or it just soothes it for a while? i've had eczema on my feet for ages now and can't help it with anything as my job requires me to wear shoes for long hours...ive found out aloe vera does help eczema but i dont know whether it cures it or just soothes it

    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 5 years ago from California

      Hi Anne,

      Good to hear you found a treatment that is working for you. Not something I've tried but congratulations! :)

    • profile image

      Anne 5 years ago

      I just wanted to give everyone an update on my progress of getting rid of eczema. The diatomaceous earth worked for me!!! I drink a full glass of water with a heaping tablespoon of DE every day. It doesn't happen over night but after two weeks I was eczema free. And I haven't had an outbreak since. Dusting your body with DE speeds up the progress. Lots of luck to everyone!!!

    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 6 years ago from California

      Hi Kristin ~ just want to reiterate that the Nystatin that works for me is the powdered form (most often used for cases of thrush - yeast overgrowth in the mouth and throat) put into size 00 gel caps. The tablets did absolutely nothing. Skip the tablets - they will just have your doctors saying "See, Nystatin doesn't help." It is difficult to get the powder these days, but compound pharmacies still have it available.

    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 6 years ago from California

      What is Diatomaceous Earth? Never heard of it. But you did remind me that for awhile, on the very worst eczema patches, I did use a clay mask on it and it did help dry it out and soothe the areas. Natural clay (powdered, you mix it with water)poultices work very well for soothing super itchy spots. It didn't cure it for me though.

    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 6 years ago from California

      Hi Heather ~ you can do it! Do you crave sweets? Feel like snacking all night? Those are two of the most aggravating problems for me when I am trying to not feed the yeast. I had to think of the yeast as these bugs (which it's not, but the image worked for me) that are always hungry and are forcing me to feed them. But I say no! And decide to feed myself instead, which means eating things they (the yeast, excuse my personification) don't like and don't find satisfying. But my does and is able to kill the bugs, which of course they don't like. And which makes me crave all that bread and sweets and mostly useless carbs and sugars. I try to put a time limit on my eating, too: no eating after 9 pm. Period. LOTS of water, herbal tea, bubbly water with lemon. The first week absolutely SUCKS. But you WILL gain the advantage and begin to feel when your body is hungry, vs. when the bugs are demanding to be fed. And Nystatin helps give you a boost as it kills the yeast and makes it easier for you to begin eating good non-yeast-causing foods. Try antihistamines on a daily basis too, because you might be having an allergic reaction to the yeast. I do. Again, I'm no doctor. Just what I've discovered about my own situation. You can do it!

    • profile image

      Heather 6 years ago

      I have been suffering off and on from eczema since I got pregnant with my first child, so about 10 years now. I have explored many ideas of what may cause it, but honestly, I rarely worked on my diet or eating habits. At one point I did a clinical study for a weight loss drug and lost 50 lbs not to mention felt the best I have in my entire life. It was double blind study and I didn't finish the study, so I very well could have accomplished that on my own without pills, but I do think I was on the medication, which has never been approved btw.

      After I quit the study, I gained all the weight plus some and acquired a ton of new problems. I am seriously overweight now and I am now worried that I may be at the least pre-diabetic. I have a myriad of other health problems including fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, blah blah. Seriously I am a mess. I also take a few different medications and over the past ten years I have taken tons.

      Elidel worked great for my eczema, but it is not a long term med and it does have serious warnings even possibly leads to cancer.

      With the idea of diabetes looming on my doorstep, I have finally made a decision to commit to a lifestyle change. Very recently and after a long time of no eczema...I had a vaginal yeast infection along with extremely puffy and itchy eyes and my eczema came back. I started researching and I think yeast may be a huge part of my problems (most if not all). I am glad to see that someone else has figured out how terribly yeast imbalance can effect one's health.

      I think I have a long road ahead of me and I know that it will require a ton of work and will power, but I really feel like knowledge is power and I thank you for sharing your knowledge here.

    • profile image

      Anne 6 years ago

      I started getting eczema in my late thirties- it has recently started to creep up my neck. I knew I had to do something about it. I put white distilled vinegar on a cotton ball and started to rub it on the patches. This has calmed the eczema down in the past. As I looked at the cotton ball I thought- I think I have a yeast problem. I don't know how I didn't think of this before. It makes perfect sense. I had a thought and sprinkled Diatomaceous Earth on my dry patches. It has helped to rid the patches. Also when you drink the DE it helps to get rid of eczema. I hope this helps all who are suffering from this problem.

    • profile image

      Kristin 6 years ago

      Wow that was a really good story. I have been battling eczema since I was born and just starting thinking in the last few years that the underlying problem may be candida. I've tried everything and not too much helps. I heard that most of the time you can develop an overgrowth due to taking antibiotics which I have a few times and my mom was on them while she was pregnant with me (but it seems like everyone has). I have been doing a lot of research for a while now on candida. I've tried the candida diet but it is very difficult. Also tried three lac which is supposed to be a good candida killer that helped at first but my eczema returned during the second month of using it. I've heard mixed responses about Nystatin. I was on lamisil once for about 2 weeks and it cleared up the eczema but as soon as I finished the pills it came right back :(. I am reluctant to go on lamisil again because it is harsh on your liver like diflucan. I think I may try Nystatin though. That may help since natural approaches don't seem to work.

    • profile image

      charla 6 years ago

      This was a wonderful article to read. Thank you very much for some helpful tips.

    • profile image

      Paula 6 years ago

      Found the most recent comment interesting as I too am struggling with eczema that started 2yrs ago from contact with epoxy and have tried many prescriptions including Elidel and Protopic which worked but returned after using and they aren't meant for long term use. My Derm basically gave up so I sought a new doc, and environmental illness dic. After only a few visits and tests I found I had multiple food and other allergies I had no idea I had. The result of a GI test showed problems in my colon and an overgrowth of yeast. This is what they think is causing my eczema as well as food allergies. I've been on Nystatin and a Candida diet for past week and am already seeing improvements. Hurray I hope within next couple of months I will be rid of my eczema for good!

    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 7 years ago from California

      Hi all ~ I recv'd the email below and wanted to respond to it here so everyone can get the info.

      "Hi MT, I'm giving Nystatin a shot to see if it will help with my horrendous eczema. My allergist doesn't think it will help, but doesn't mind me trying it. I'm about halfway through my first bottle. My dr. said I could continue with one more bottle and then see him. I was doing better last week when I started, although I don't know if it was more the result of the cortisone I used. This week I'm much worse and have read about the die-off that can happen - generally how long does it last? Does the die-off happen a few days/a week into taking Nystatin, or does it take several weeks to happen?

      I don't want to use cortisone right now because I won't know if I'm better because of the Nystatin or the cortisone. I'm trying to stick to the candida diet, but so difficult and really feeling weak. I'm wondering if you can tell me, when on Nystatin how long should it be before I feel it's working (the eczema itch subsides)? Can you tell after one bottle? Do you have to take it for months before you can tell if it's working? I'm weary - it's been 3 1/2 yrs. and I'm so tired of fighting this battle. Also I tried Elidel (was really scared to because of the warnings), and I felt really sick after, like I had the flu. Thanks for you help and for sharing any information ~G"

      Thank you for the email, G, and I'm so very sorry about your miserable struggles with this condition. I'm howling right next to you!

      So, hope just my own experiences will help a bit.

      First of all: what type of Nystatin are you taking? Is it tablets, powder-in-water, powder you've put in gel caps, or ? This question is very important. The tablets did nothing for me. If you're doing powder-in-gel caps, how many per day? All of this impacts its effectiveness.

      I think there is another component that might help you, as it's helped me. Digestive enzymes helped change my life. Apparently, a lot of us who have allergies don't break down our food very well, and when that happens, things get stuck. I use Super Digestaway and take it with every meal. I usually take two with each meal. Without it, the rashes do tend to return. It doesn't have to be Super Digestaway, but one that has a myriad of enzymes, not just Betaine HCI, for example, or pancreatin.

      Also, drinking aloe vera juice helps calm my digestive tract. Always worth a try.

      You know, the candida diet isn't for everyone. I try to just eat primarily fresh veggies, protein (for me, tofu, chicken, fish but no shellfish, turkey, almonds and occasionally beef from the health food store, organic), some wheat-free products, brown rice, and dried fruit when I'm jonesing for sweets! It's so boring, but I'm learning about spices and seasonings, and that's helping a lot.

      So if you are allergic to something that's on the candida diet, that won't be helpful at all :( Unfortunately, it's hard to tell what it might be when your body is in such an over-reactive state. And your body may be under-nourished, too. Sometimes I'll just have fresh veggies with seasonings and some butter (you can't do without everything!) and simple proteins for a couple of days. See if it helps calm the reaction. And other times, protein shakes, not sugar-sweetened.

      On a mental/emotional note, anxiety is a common symptom of people with candida/eczema struggles. Who knows which comes first. But an anti-anxiety medication helped me when things were at their worst and I couldn't even sleep due to itchiness. It's worth a try.

      I'm not familiar with Elidel - ? Is it an antifungal?

      The die-off, for me, lasts about a week. Then I start feeling better. But it may be different for everyone.

      I also found that the adrenal system gets exhausted by the body being in crisis all of the time. I took adrenal supplement for quite awhile, and that, too helped me.

      Breathe, too :) I'll keep thinking about this, see if I come up with any other things that helped me.

      Depression, too, is nothing to be ignored. Anti-depressants help us through the most despairing times. I know some people think of them as "happy" pills, but our chemicals get out of balance through all of this.

      Hang in there and let us know if anything helps.

      ~ MT

    • profile image

      Alexandra 7 years ago

      Thank you for posting this. It's very helpful.

    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 7 years ago from California

      Hi Kris,

      You know, that is one of the toughest things about eczema: you can't just stop eating in order to stop the cycle of reaction to various foods. And there will always be cravings of some kind or another. But to me it's a bit like alcoholics and alcohol - I know that if I eat, for example, a lot of wheat or sugar, I'm going to feel awful and have to deal with red itchy rashes and all the depression, etc., that comes with the cycle. So, on good days, it's easy to eat what my body can actual digest and use for fuel; on the not as good days, not so easy.

      My mother just turned me on to Dermalogica face cream. Great stuff - doesn't irritate my skin and does actually moisturize even slightly irritated skin. It's called Intensive Moisture Balance. Not cheap, but for very sensitive faces, male and female, great relief.

      Calendula cream still works well for especially rashy areas - especially after sun exposure. Eczema is often exacerbated by too much sun.

      ~ MT

    • profile image

      Kris 7 years ago

      Thank you so much for posting this article! I have just recently come to know the link between parasites, candida, and eczema. They all have one thing in common: a toxic body. Within the last 6 months with diet, herbal supplements,energy work, EFT, meditation, and exercise I have successfully removed the parasites and rebalanced the candida in my body, . Although I have gained my energy and brain functioning back, I am left with eczema that doesn't seem to respond to any kind of treatment. I find relief from using Aloe Life's "Skin Gel-Ultimate Skin Treatment" and their "Body Heat-Pain Relief Vanilla Rub". I have gone the holistic route and know from others experiences that there is no known treatment or cure for the very medically misunderstood eczema! I've been researching to find any information and relief. Although it is torturous, I feel very blessed that the eczema only resides on my right shin.

      I can tell you that the cravings come directly from the organisms inhabiting the body! Even when you remove the toxins from your body, you crave junk food, remove the junk foods and you still crave the sugar, remove the sugar, you crave fruit, remove the fruit, you crave carbs! Anything they thrive on, they want more of!

    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 7 years ago from California

      Hi Saren and Elizabeth (and thank you for the thumbs up, Ms. Homeopath!) ~ Elizabeth, I'm curious to hear if the Diflucan, more than one pill, worked for you. That's intense medicine - the Nystatin still worked best for me. Plus adjusting my diet and taking Zyrtec to stop the allergic reaction (helped with the itching for me). Let us know!

      And Saren, ow, my heart simply aches for all the time your daughter suffered through useless treatments. Your lesson is true for all of us - if it doesn't work, try another doctor/naturopath/NP/nurse/whoever can help. Everyone is "practicing" and each has only seen certain conditions, etc. The trick is to find someone who has successfully learned about and treated the condition. Yeast overgrowth is responsible for so many things - I can't wait for the medical field to catch up.

      Give your daughter a huge hug for me and tell her someone else went through all that mess, as well! And is very glad she's happy and healthy and her mom can breathe a sigh of relief. :)

      I've been thinking lately about the role of yeast imbalance in obesity - I know that when I'm rashy and in the throes of it, I'm constantly craving sugar and carbs. But the medicine eases the cravings. It's a study that needs to be done. Anyone know a health care professional who might be open to such a study? Obesity is such a huge topic of concern lately, and cravings are a key part of the problem.

    • profile image

      Saren 7 years ago

      My daughter had severe eczema from birth that covered most of her body. We tried everything (and I mean everything-including a bizarre Crisco regimen at one point!). She saw numerous doctors over the years, including a pediatric dermatologist. She underwent light therapy and we used so many different types of topical ointments I can't even count. What finally worked when she was about 8 years old is a new family GP prescribed Diflucan, and like a miracle she cleared up within 6 weeks, and has never had another eczema breakout! You can't imagine the joy I felt knowing my daughter was saved from her pain and the emotional and physical scars she most certainly would have had she not been cured.

    • profile image

      Elizabeth 8 years ago

      Hi, i have eczema (for about 4 years now-i'm 25) i took a dose of diflucan 3 days ago, so far not much has changed...i'm still hopeful it will help though, i came across this page cause i decided to search and see if anyone else had any luck with it, and after reading, it has gotten my hopes up a bit more!...about the moisturizer, i've found aveeno products to be the best...i've been using aveeno intense relief - overnight creme, i know it says overnight, but i use it all the time, even on my face, and just this cream alone made such a huge difference in my skin! aveeno soaps, and oatmeal baths are amazing also! i will update if the diflucan helped at all...

    • Online Homeopath profile image

      Online Homeopath 8 years ago

      Great read must say! very useful and to the point info. Homeopathic medicines have wonderful effect to cure eczemas of all origins. Thanks for the hub!

    • Ask MT profile image

      Ask MT 8 years ago from California

      So glad to see that my story is helping others!

      Paula, I hope your dermatologist can educate others about the importance of antifungals in the treatment of eczema. Let us know how the Diflucan works this time.

      Oh, I also wanted to ask if anyone has found a good moisturizing facial creme that doesn't irritate and actually works well. ?? Under $50 would be great, too!


      Ask MT

    • profile image

      Paula C 8 years ago

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share this article. I have had sporadic bouts of eczema since my mid-30s and the first bout was competely resolved by one pill of Diflucan. It was a mystery to me but it worked. I am having another bout now (15 years later) and am about to try Diflucan again. If it works, I will bring your article to my doctor and dermatologist to help them come to appreciate what you are saying. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      Microscope Functions 8 years ago

      Always a pleasure to come across some work that is useful, thankyou for the information keep the good stuff pouring in

    • profile image

      AskMT 9 years ago

      Hi Erica,

      That's wonderful to hear your story! I recently encountered problems getting my nystatin refilled after changing to Kaiser. The dermatologist was nice, trying very hard not to be patronizing, but it still came through. Although not all eczema is related to yeast imbalance, most definitely, I continue to be amazed at the lack of education.

      Diet changes are sooo difficult for all of us, but especially children. Hurray for you and your daughter! Thanks so much for sharing.


    • profile image

      Erica 9 years ago

      It is wonderful to read about others experiences with yeast imbalance. I too had a histroy of digestive issues, gas bloating etc and numerous visits to general practitioners and blood tests always returned within the normal spectrum. Tired and frustrated due to 6 miscarriages in a row, my excellent osteopath recommended a different Naturopath who had helped her to identify and overcome the symptons of Coeliac disease (Gluten). The consult was simple and finally gave me some peace of mind that my symptons were not just in my head but real. It is a simple pin prick and the small blood samples are viewed under a microscope in front of you and thoroughly diagnosed. I left with answers, some supplements and a new eating regime and hope. I respect that everyone's opinion is different, however within three weeks of seeing this naturopath I became and continued to be pregnant. Ironically when I advised other specialists about my success due to diet changes, it was met with sceptisim and even ridicule. I was so happy, I decided to take my 10 year old who suffers from Eczma and bingo, yeast imbalance. It has been 6 weeks and granted a huge effort on her behalf to change her diet, no sugar etc, she too has improved 10 fold, has more energy and any minimal eczma outbreaks.

      Keep an open mind and anything can happen.

    • profile image

      Ask MT 9 years ago

      Great, that is exactly what I hoped for. It may not be yeast, but I wish my parents had known about it when I was a little girl. Hope it helps your grandchild get some relief.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Very useful info. It is always good when you get info first hand, and you have provided a lot of first hand knowledge. I have a grandchild with eczma so will pass this on to my daughter

      Thank you.