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What are Electric Mobility Scooters?

Updated on January 22, 2013

Electric mobility scooters are great devices that enable elderly people, the disabled and seriously ill person to move around freely without the assistance of other people. Mobility is a very critical issue to just everyone on every aspect of everyday living; without it, life will be very difficult. Having the freedom to move around enhances a person’s capability to learn, earn a living and socialize with friends and families.

Statistics shows that a large percentage of people that face mobility challenge have permanent disabilities, meaning they would never reclaim the freedom of movement naturally and need to depend on some external assistance. Many people also suffer from conditions that make moving around an extremely hard and painful task and which this including arthritis, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. For these individuals, mobility aids and devices are definitely very beneficial for them to lead a fulfilling and active life. The most popular forms of independently operated mobility equipments are electric mobility scooters and motorized wheelchairs.

Electric Mobility Scooters
Electric Mobility Scooters

A motorized wheelchair is a personal mobility device that typically has six wheels and is steered with using a joystick type of control mechanism which, normally attached to the arm rest area. Motorized wheelchair also known as electric chair, power chair and power wheelchair.

A motorized wheelchair is designed in such a ways that it is equipped with outstanding maneuverability features that make them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. However, a motorized wheelchair is recommended for indoor use since it is designed to be utilized in such a way.

The power mobility that’s provided by electric wheelchairs has made a dramatic difference in many mobility challenged people’s lives. The constant development of new technology in this industry has made it possible for people to obtain smaller, more lightweight and better maneuverable motorized for use at home and which allowing them to move around easily and doing their daily activities chores without needing the help of others.

Compare to motorized wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters have either three or four wheels and steer much like a bicycle, using a set of handlebars and hand operated control mechanisms.

Electric mobility scooters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities; they can glide smoothly and easily over a variety of surfaces without any problem. To make it even more convenient for disabled people, there are even portable version of electric mobility scooters that could fit easily in the trunk of a car.

Electric Mobility Scooters - A Viable Solution For The Disabled

Electric mobility scooters are very reliable, comfortable, save, easy to operate and do not have the more obvious medical appearance of a motorized wheelchair thought this can be the least important feature. Today’s mobility scooters have either three or four wheels (depends on the needs and individual preferences), a steering column (known as a 'tiller') with handlebars and hand operated control mechanisms and a small platform that supports the seat, battery and the riders feet.

Mobility scooters are much less physically strenuous and require less effort compare than a walker or manual wheelchair. Although the rider of a mobility scooter must be physically able to take a few steps and have adequate upper body strength and dexterity, they, however, do not require the more substantial amount of strength and dexterity necessary to operate a walker or manual wheelchair. It is provide more comfort in the long run compare to the later two. Besides, the swiveling captain’s style seat of an electric mobility scooter is typically easier than moving the foot supports of a manual or motorized wheelchair. In addition, Electric mobility scooters are simple to maintain and easily recharged using a standard electrical outlet and charger.

With motorized wheelchair and electric mobility scooters, disabled people can now enjoy the freedom to move around and participate actively in their daily lives activities. They could also regain back their self esteem and confidence and note relying too much on others.

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