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End Digestive Problems By Eating Great Food Combinations

Updated on August 27, 2011

Food Combinations Are Key To Digestive Health

So many people are burdened with poor digestive problems.

Such afflictions as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid-Reflux Disease or GERD, Diverticulosis, Gastritis and Colitis are running rampant all over the world. These conditions all cause some type of stomach pain.

The pharmaceutical giants have built entire fortunes on relief from these digestive problems. Doctors have received literally billions of dollars, accumulatively, treating these stomach, bowel and digestive problems. The same old answer is given to anyone who asks why these digestive problems are occurring. That answer is always "acid build-up," or "neurological ailments." However, no one seems to ask the cause of the acid buildup or the neurological problems themselves. Why?

If people actually knew the answer to this question, the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors would literally be out of business. The reason is simple and straight forward: digestive problems are caused by poor diet. Does this mean that all people who have digestive problems are eating the wrong foods? No, it simply means that all of these folks are eating the wrong "combinations" of foods.

You see certain foods, when mixed together in the stomach, cause the body to release additional amounts of acid. On the contrary, other foods, when eaten together actually cause the opposite, a decrease in the normal amount of stomach acids.

It is a common belief that if one consumes an acidic food, such as an orange, which is high in acid content, the acid from the orange will cause the body to become more acidic in nature. This is not necessarily so. The determining factor will be what other foods or combinations of foods are consumed with that orange.

Some foods, when mixed with others, will actually cause the acid in one food to be neutralized or even reduced to a slight alkaline state, even if the acid is strong, such as in the orange.

Now, a combination of foods such as beef, tomato sauce and cheese can usually cause quite an increase in stomach acid, thus causing night time discomfort. If the consumer drinks an alcoholic beverage such as beer with that meal, the acidic condition is raised even more. However, if an ingredient such as carrots or broccoli are introduced into this meal, the acid is reduced and the effects of acid-reflux are significantly diminished.

There are various combinations of foods, food groups, beverages and spices that can actually make a tremendous difference in the health of the digestive system. The digestive problems that torment many people are the result of improper mixing of different food combinations.

It has been proven that when specific foods are combined with other foods, almost all digestive problems and afflications can be easily controlled.

The nice thing about this discovery is that the specific beneficial food combinations are very much unlike a diet. When one learns how to combine certain foods, they can actually eat full meals and still lose weight and not suffer from digestive problems such as colitis, GERD, diarrhea, constipation, etc.

The secret is in learning the food combinations that work well with each other in order to lower the amount of digestive acids and bring the body into more of an alkaline state. This is not difficult.

Results can be achieved almost overnight and any person can begin to sleep better, have more energy, awaken refreshed and still eat almost all the foods they enjoy.

The secret to digestive problems being eliminated is simply learning how to prepare and eat foods in the appropriate combinations.

So, What Are The Right Combinations?

The appropriate food combinations that are necessary for a pain free diet are numerous and beyond the scope of this particular article; however, the following is a web site that provides a PDF document of a working food chart for determining the appropriate food combinations.

Food Chart

If you'd like to find out how to put this all together, you should consider looking into this great food combining program by Sherry Brescia. Many people have used this program with great success. Certainly worth investigating if you have frequent stomach pain. Of course, if you have frequent gut pain, the first thing you should do is visit your health care professional and make sure you don't have something serious, like stomach cancer, which should be treated by an oncologist as quickly as possible.


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