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“Enter at Thy Own Risk” Kick Down the Door of Embarrassment

Updated on July 13, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Image

No Holds Barred
No Holds Barred | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Move Through Accepted Identification

Let's talk about what it was or is that embarrasses you.(floods you with fear/anxiety/trepidation)


 No matter the subject, the object of its daunting appearance in your life is to guide you through a doorway of sacred experience that will open a realm of unimaginable joy and happiness.


Whatever you are embarrassed to do or hesitant about (thinking you are in someway inadequate) do it NOW! Don't knock on that ominous door “Enter at thy own risk" kick the s.o.b down.


Why stand on the outside of an event which clearly calls your name? If it were not of meaningful significance in your particular life, you would not have such a problem with it.

The deal is: stop backing up! Every time you back away from the incident, person, or solicitous episode, you add layers upon layers of unnecessary superficial apprehension.


Life is for the living! You are never to merely peer through the window pane of adventure wishing you could participate or embrace the sensual delight associated.


You are a vibrant sublime artistic sexual creature who has been given the divine right and privileged opportunity to do as you will with the gifts, talents, and potential you possess.


No one else inhabits the prospective ‘lot of expression’ in quite the same way you do. You are charged with the enamoring task of unveiling yourself to you.

How are you possibly going to approach such an intimidating task IF you continue to back away from uncomfortable challenges? Everything in your life is geared toward the opening of you in various stages, segments and verifiable transitions of surprising avenues.


Latent artistic talent lies hidden behind the door of barred apprehension. You are a vivacious sexual imaginative human being with much to offer and in the offering of your delegated gifts; you are commanded not to be ashamed, guilt ridden, fearful, or apologetic in demonstration.


In all reality, what are you so afraid of? (Is it that someone might see that you have something of worthwhile value [and you are concerned with appearing vain]?)


Or is the possibility of your opening up and sharing who you really are and what you are truly made so frightening to you because of the image you have developed and so identified?


Meaning: IF in fact, you come out from behind the tree and show what you are made of, you will have to drop your pretentious mask of boring conformity?

Yes…’tis true, when the door marked “Enter at thy own risk” shows up blatantly in your face, you are commissioned to come clean. You are put on notice that your days as a nimble phony are short lived and waxing in full panoramic view.


So, ‘what cha gonna do?’ You’ve only been allotted a certain amount of days her on the glorious Earth. Time’s a wasting! Now is the hour for you to get dead serious with the next second of your glorified existence.


 You are quite capable and equipped with the necessary goods to complete the assignment set before you.


No one else can do or should do it. It’s for your expedient trial of creative boulevards to travel. You are the one who carries the secret to the treasure chest of your unfamiliar experiences.


But, how will you ever know? Why bar the doorway to the innermost part of your sacred dormant desires?

The soul speaks to you in a ‘still small voice’ without any sort of guarantee of security. That’s how you know it’s real! What a tremendously boring unchallenging non-productive desensitized existence you would encounter on a daily basis


IF you refused to embrace the daring emotional rides of foreboding portent. In other words, you stop yourself at the point where you turn down the occasion to take a chance.


What chance? The chance you might find another aspect of your unlimited personality you haven’t met, yet.


The chance you might be able to venture into a land of indescribable sensual wonder and sexual artistic charm and magic.



The bottom line comes down to this: what are you willing to exchange to delve into the parts of your very own nature marked, “Enter At thy own Risk”? Am I saying there’s a proverbial dangerous abyss you must jump over/into? You damned right there is! It’s right between your eyes.


But how else are you going to break through the relentless incipient boredom and fear of failure (unexpressed talent/unlived potential) you deal with on a daily basis?


You are living in a mental purgatory; unable to escape the relentless ‘round and round’ we go episodes of reoccurring unsettled madness and anxious despair. Tell me. What’s worse than numbed indifference?

Whether you want to believe it or not, life is an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ adventure waiting for your entrance.


But, you simply can’t dilly-dally around on the other side of the door. I will reiterate once more; do those things you are the most embarrassed to do.


Then, after you’ve broken through the wall of your own cleverly disguised character pretence, enter the delegated ballroom where a celebratory initiation feast has been set up in your honor.



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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      I enjoyed reading this and it makes me think because we all have a point where we rather turn tail. Thank you.