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Esophageal Spasm Treatment Naturally

Updated on February 4, 2015

See how My Mom Stops her Esophagus Spasm Pain Immediately

My mother suffers from Esophagus Spasms. She gets about 2 Spasms per month but when she is under a lot of Stress, she can even get them as often as 2 times per day. The pain would last up to 2 hours. Her doctors didn't know how to stop the esophagus spasms nor did they know the cause. Lots of great information below from the Mayo Clinic. What are the symptoms of Esophageal Spasm and their Risk Factors. Who tends to get Esophageal Spasms?

Then read My Mom's Esophageal Spasm Treatment that works to Stop the Pain of Esophagus Spasm IMMEDIATELY. We are not doctors so please read ahead to see what the Mayo Clinic says about when you should see a doctor. Be sure to see your doctor as Esophagus Spasms can be similar to symptoms of a heart attack or other medical problem.

See the Mayo Clinic's Esophageal Spasm Symptoms list below. This is the esophageal spasms natural treatment that works for my mother. She figured this out on her own for her. She is being seen by her doctor for her Esophagus Pain.

This Esophageal Spasms Natural Treatment is a God Send for her while experiencing the intense pain that comes on suddenly and now with this treatment, stops suddenly. She does not know why is works for her but is very grateful that it does.

Keep this Customizable Mug Handy Filled with Water in Case a Spasm Occurs plus Share this Tip

Type in YOUR TEXT into the 7 Text Box templates or Keep this important tip to help LOTS and LOTS of people who deal with this painful condition. They will thank you for letting them know. You will be surprised at how many people will notice and appreciate your help. Look at the comments below on how excited they are to learn about how to stop esophageal spasms.

Esophagus Spasms - Arrows point to Esophageal Spasms as they Ocur

Esophageal Spasms
Esophageal Spasms

Esophagus Spasm otherwise known as Esophageal Spasm are very painful. See the Tip the Stops my Mothers Esophagus Spasm Immediately. Warning: Pain can be similar to a Heart Attack. See a doctor immediately.

Photo X-Ray from

Spread the Word on How to Stop Esophageal Spasms

You will Help Countless People Who are Suffering

Ask Me How to Stop Esophagus Spasms Shirt.

Readers Comment

Immediate Esophageal Spasm Relief

Esophageal Spasm Relief
Esophageal Spasm Relief

Fantastic Comment from a Squidoo Reader

This comment was sent to me regarding how this Lens Helped Him.

OMG When I read this Lens I about fainted! I was never told to drink cold water, like 8oz or more as soon as my symptom started. I just stumbled into this one day, or I should say night. I was getting that pain in my chest again, the one that hurts like a heart attack! I have been to the ER so many times in 5 years and sent home every time! One night it hit me again, the pain in the chest, up into the neck and on my right jaw and into my ear.

I went to the kitchen and drank a full 8oz of cold water, and bang, it was gone! This happened again and the water worked again!

I told my MD and she said to keep it up, and we will have a scope done to see it I did any damage to my Esophagus. This I want to find out!

So until them she (my MD) told me to keep the water handy and drink it ASAP when the pain starts up again.


Note from Little Linda Pinda:

Mom's Esophageal Spasms Natural Treatment

My mother and I are so thrilled this tip helped this gentleman. Please pass this very helpful technique to your friends and family. You will never know when they may need it. Please keep this Esophageal Spasms Natural Treatment in the back of your mind to help someone someday or help yourself.

WARNING: Because it is difficult to tell the difference between a Heart Attack and an Esophageal Spasm, you need to see a doctor immediately if you are experiencing pain that could be a heart attack.

How to Stop Esophagus Spasm Pain Naturally

Mom's Favorite Tip to Stop the Pain of Esophagus Spasm

Esophageal Spasm Pain

See How My Mom Stops her Esophageal Spasm ( Esophagus Spasm ) Pain Immediately and Everytime, the Natural Way. No medicine, no vitamins, no special foods. Simple Relief, Instantly.

Esophageal Spasm by Mayo Clinic:

What are the Symptoms of

Esophageal Spasm?

  • Intense, Painful squeezing pain in your chest that may feel like your having a heart attack

  • You may have a Difficult Time Swallowing which is called "Dysphagia"

  • Food or Liquid might come back up your Esophagus which is called"Regurgitation"

  • It may feel as though something is stuck in Your Throat which is referred to as "Globus"

The Mayo Clinic recommends that you see your doctor if you have any symptoms that concern you. Because one of the possible symptoms of Esophageal Spasm is a Squeezing Pain a symptom that is also related to a Heart Attack so if you are experiencing Squeezing

Chest Pain and you are unsure of what is causing your symptom, you need to seek Medical Attention immediately.

What Causes

Esophageal Spasms

The causes of Esophageal Spasm

are not known at this time.

A Normal and Healthy Esophagus will cooridinate

the esophageal muscles to move your food down to your stomach which is referred

to as "Peristalsis". When you

are having Esophageal Spasm ( esophagus spasm ), this process is disrupted

which makes it more difficult for the lower esophagus muscles to coordinate to

move this food along down to your stomach.

There are 2 Types of Esophageal


Diffuse Esophageal Spasm

This is often accompanied by

regurgitation of food and liquids and it is more of an intermittent spasm.

Nutcracker Esophagus Spasm

The Nutcracker Esophageal Spasm is a strong painful

spasm in the esophagus. People with this

type of Esophagus Spasm are less likely to Regurgitate Liquids and Food.

What are some of the Risk

Factors that increase your risk of getting Esophageal Spasm

Women tend to get

esophagus spasms more frequently

Stress and Anxiety can

also contribute to Esophagus Spasm

Consuming Hot of Cold

Foods or Beverages


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease


Above is From the

This is not Medical Advice nor am I a Medical Professional or a Doctor. This is one of my mom's favorite Esophageal Spasm Natural Treatment ( esophagus spasm ).

IMMEDITATELY, she runs, not

walks to the nearest Water and

Quickly DRINKS 16 to 20 ounces

of Water either WITHOUT taking a

breath or taking one little breath if

necessary. As quickly as the

Esophagus Spasm came on, that

is how quick the Esophageal Spasm STOPS, dead in its tracks,


She asked me to write about this because she has helped so many people who suffer from this painful condition. She used to suffer with this about 2 times a month for

What Causes Esophageal Spasms? Not know but my mother does also suffer from Acid Reflux Disease and a narrowing of her Esophagus which may be what causes esophageal spasms in her case. Consult your physician so they can look into what causes esophageal spasms for you.

Mayo Clinic Read More about Esophageal Spasm Symptoms and Treatment

See Your Doctor to Make Sure You are NOT having a Heart Attack

Mention this technique to your physician for approval

Have You Ever Suffered from Esophageal Spasms? - Did you ever even hear of Esophagus Spasms Pain?

Esophageal Spasm Treatment and Remedy
Esophageal Spasm Treatment and Remedy

Many people may have experienced this terrible pain that mimics a heart attack for some but many more people probably never even heard of Esophageal Spasms Pain. Read above my mom's Esophageal Spasm remedy that works for her. See your doctor because it just may be a heart attack. Don't take a chance. I hope this will be the answer for you.

Have You Ever Had an Esophagus Spasm

See results
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