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Essential Oils For Any Kind Of Pain Relief

Updated on October 8, 2014 Instant Pain Relief, from arthritis joint pains, essential oil blend

How Effective is Essential Oil Against Pain?

The idea of using essential oils and aromatherapy as an alternative form of medicine. However, there is still a small amount of doubt amongst the general population regarding its ability to be as effective as it claims. But aromatherapy and health experts would go as far as saying that essential oils are more effective in pain relief than other synthetic medicine or drugs.

This is due to the essential oils' ability to target not just the physical aspect of the pain, but also cures you mentally. For instance, you are suffering chronic pain on your lower back. Applying a therapeutic massage using essential oils will help relieve the feeling of soreness and pain on your lower back due to the balancing and soothing effect of the oil. On the other hand, you also get to inhale the aromatic essences of the oil, which helps calm your mind. Pain is sometimes a sensory thing; hence, the less you think of the pain, the less you are going to be affected by it. This is why essential oils are considered very effective in pain management.

The Use of Analgesics

When deciding on the best type of essential oil to achieve pain relief, one of the most important properties you should be looking at is analgesic. This particular property is one of the most basic ingredients added when making synthetic drugs for pain relief. This particular property affects pain in two ways: by either targeting the peripheral system (the actual source of pain) or your central nervous system (the perception of pain).

Hence, this is how essential oils affect the perception of pain; rather, it blocks the perception of pain and trigger the right emotional responses to it. Therefore, essential oils are perceived as nature's way of helping an individual cope with the sensations of your different organs and body parts as caused by your emotion. When combined with other essential oil properties, it can produce an effective pain relief.

Arthritic Pain Relief

Arthritis produces mild to intense amount of pain whenever your joints develop swelling and stiffness. When the arthritis has reached a certain level of severity, it is impossible to walk without support since your joints cannot take on the weight of your entire body.

Essential oil is a good form of alternative medicine against arthritic pain, especially those with analgesic properties including marjoram, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and eucalyptus. One of the most popular methods of applying these oils to relieve arthritic pain is through massaging the specific joints affected by pain. However, newer methods like foot or hand baths are also used to allow the analgesic properties of the oil to penetrate your joints and affect healing.

Clove, Spruce, Rosewood, essential oils stop pain instantly

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Relief from Muscle Pain

Muscle pain are developed when constant stress are exerted on specific muscles of the body. Menstrual cramps are quite common in most women, which requires immediate attention be given for muscle pain relief.

Just like arthritis, essential oils also offer effective treatment against muscle pain. It starts out by encouraging blood flow into specific muscles of the body affected by pain. Then, the presence of warmth in your muscles cater to soothing those muscles. Some of the essential oils that you can use to treat muscle pain with topical treatment include jasmine, melissa, chamomile, ginger, birch, and marjoram.

Back Pain

Back pain develops when stress is exerted on that area of the body. It is very common among individuals who work on long hours sitting on a desk. In some cases, back pain also comes as an entailing condition from muscle spasm.

There are several essential oil choices that effectively relieve back pains such as thyme, sage, mountain dittany, horsebalm, and rosemary. To use any of the above mentioned essential oils, simply add to a few drops of carrier oil. Then, massage the mixture into the area to provide relief.

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How to Blend and Use Aromatherapy Oils to Relieve Pain and Stress : Aromatherapy Massage Oil to Relieve Backache

Most Reliable Essential Oils

Pain is an inevitable part of life. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge and tools that will help you combat such conditions. If not, then it will greatly affect your ability to become effective in your daily activities.

Aromatherapy is a recognized field in medicine that provides healing through the use of essential oils. There are three best known essential oils though when it comes to pain relief, especially for chronic types of pain.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is a versatile kind of oil with a wide range of use in aromatherapy. However, it is mostly known as an effective natural pain reliever, which increases blood circulation and boosting energy supply in the specific area of the body suffering from pain. Aside from being used as cure for muscular pain, its sedative properties also help in the mental aspect pain management.

Camphor Oil

Pain sometimes take place in the mind. Hence, camphor oil is suggested by experts as the main type of oil to use in managing intense pain by calming both mind and body. When your body relaxes, you are better able to eliminate thoughts of the pain and disable your mind to dwell on the presence of pain. Aside from pain, camphor is quite effective against wounds and inflammations.

Wintergreen Oil

It might not be as popular as other types of oil in the field of aromatherapy, but that does not make wintergreen oil less effective in treating or relieving pain. In fact, it is approved by the FDA as an alternative form of medicine in treating joint or muscle pain. And unlike other drugs commercially marketed, it does not offer harmful side effects.

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More Essential Oil Choices

There are several reasons why an individual suffer from pain. However,

*Lavender essential oil – This type of essential oil is highly recommended for pain due to wounds or providing protection against infection because of its antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. Aside from addressing the specific wound that has brought pain, it also helps reduce your blood pressure and blood thinning. Lavender is also effective in other types of pain such as rheumatic pain, muscle spasm, strain, sprain, contracture, and cramps.

*Chamomile – This essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that make it very effective in curing low back pain, dull muscles, headaches, and other menstrual conditions such as PMS and dysmenorrhea.

*Helichrysum – This particular oil has been used in anointing various illnesses all throughout the history of aromatherapy. It utilizes the therapeutic massage for the healing essences of the oil to bring about relief for burns, bruises, shock, among others.

*Vetiver – This particular oil has balancing and revitalizing effect to greatly improve conditions such as stiffness, sprain, muscle aches or pain, and arthritis.

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    AskLindaDavis 8 years ago

    Hi, thanks for this hub. I was in a bad accident 30 years ago and have had lower back problems every since. I'm told it's arthritis now, I didn't realize essential oils might help. I'll look into the five you mentioned here.

    Nice Hub!