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Exercise Steps to Improve Reaction Time

Updated on February 12, 2018

Exercise Steps to Improve Reaction Time

Agility and quick response not only matters in sports but daily basis communication as well. Few people are naturally gifted with active reflexes. Hence, they outperform in the games like martial arts, boxing and even in fighting. Those who are not lucky enough to have genes for good reaction time, often look for how to improve reflexes. Luckily, natural traits have not much to do with the ability to respond quickly. At times, it only takes few exercises to enhance a reaction time in response to some stimulus.

Lets’ have a look at these easy exercise steps to improve reaction time.


Agility Exercise with Cones

You must have observed athletes running between the cones, on the instructions of their coaches. Sportspersons from cricket, hockey, football and those from other games practice this exercise. They change their direction and movement between the cones to reach the target upon instructions from the coach. Consequently, they learn to improve their reaction time in response to some instruction. Very often martial arts learners practice this exercise as an answer of how to improve reflexes in the fighting.

Playing with Balls of Different Colors

Throwing balls on the walls and catching them is a great exercise for enhancing the reflexes. The same exercise proves more beneficial with the use of different colored balls. For example, throwing red, green and yellow balls and then reacting to these different colors requires more energy. The task also demands more attention. Consequently one also learns to concentrate better and utilize the mind in apparently difficult situations.


How to Improve Reflexes with Yoga

Whenever we talk about how to improve reflexes or how to improve reaction time, balancing exercises need a special mention. Every reaction requires keeping the mind out of turmoil. For this purpose, first, a person needs to think calmly even in the most chaotic situation. The phenomenon is also linked to better decision making. Balancing exercises not only improve the physical agility but also make the brain to respond in q quick manner.

One familiar and easy to do balancing exercise is yoga that makes the body flexible. It is a fact that increase flexibility makes a person respond quickly. Practicing the basic cross-legged posture of yoga even for 5 to 10 minutes is enough to achieve balance. In a bit complex position, one can practice passing balls from hand to hand while doing yoga. Consequently, the person learns how to enhance the reflexes for a quick and right response in the time of need.

How To Improve Reflexes | Rapid Response Drill

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    • profile image

      Meg Lowry 

      11 months ago

      Try an exercise app called Clock Yourself for reaction time training. It's brilliant.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      12 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I've never tried yoga, although I know it's very popular. I do a lot of walking though, which I enjoy.


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