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Exploding Noise in My Head

Updated on September 22, 2013

A Exploding Noise that Wakes You Up

Sometimes this exploding noise is accompanied by a flash of light. Some people experience headache after the exploding sound and flashing light. If you are experiencing these symptoms. You have what is called "exploding head syndrome."

Usually the symptoms occur while falling asleep. Causing the victim to be afraid to go to sleep. It is common to have insomnia because of fear of being woken up with a bomb going off in your head.

Most people right it off the first time this exploding noise goes off in there head. Thinking they really heard a loud boom just don't know where the booming noise came from after being woken up.

Some people wake up and assume they were dreaming.

Sufferers often feel a sense of fear and anxiety before and after an attack causing sleep paralysis during an attack. Imagine how you would feel if someone came in your room while you were sleeping and shot a shotgun beside your head.

Imagine what it would do to you! Repeated attacks lead to the sufferer gaining a fear of sleeping. The suffer of exploding head syndrome wakes up in a panic. Exploding head syndrome is nothing new. Suffers of exploding head syndrome was reported back in 1920 by the Welsh physician and psychiatrist Robert Armstrong-Jones.

Inner Ear


Middle Ear



Exploding head syndrome often is associated or followed by a headache.
Exploding head syndrome often is associated or followed by a headache. | Source

What Causes Exploding Head Syndrome

It is unknown what causes the exploding head syndrome. Test have shown of electroencephalograms recorded during actual attacks show unusual activity only in some sufferers, and have ruled out epileptic seizures as a cause.

Extreme fatigue also triggers attacks. Withdraw from drugs or alcohol can cause the exploding head syndrome. Most suffers report the loud noise coming from the left side of the head, and seems to come from the inner ear region.

Professionals report that they really cannot pinpoint the cause of exploding head syndrome. It is unknown what causes the exploding head syndrome. Exploding head syndrome is thought to be highly connected with stress and extreme fatigue.

Should I Worry about Exploding Head Syndrome

Although the exploding head syndrome is very frightening no one has died from the exploding head syndrome. It is very similar to suffers that get the sudden feeling of falling right before falling to sleep or prior to waking up.

"There is a switch in our brain that sends neurotransmitter signals to our muscles and senses," says Joseph Kaplan, director of the Mayo Sleep Center in Jacksonville, Fla. Which causes sudden movement.

Exploding Head Syndrome

Waking Up Hearing a Shout

Now I recently heard a shout. It sounded like the shout came from the outside of my head. As if someone was shouting in my ear.

Like someone shouting out my name. It was startling! I wondered if I was just dreaming. I also thought it could have been my best friend Jack that just passed away trying to get my attention.

I have heard shouts before in the past but never heard a loud boom or exploding sound before. I will admit I have problems sleeping. I had also problems with vertigo for a couple months. While in bed I felt like I was falling.

I believe my equilibrium was off because I lost 36 pounds in less than a month because of illness.

Possible Causes of Exploding Head Syndrome

  • Extreme case of tinnitus
  • Minor seizures
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Sudden shifts in middle ear
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Consumed too much alcohol
  • Withdraws from drugs
  • Caffeine
  • Too much weight loss
  • Sinus infection

If you have constant ringing in ears cut back or stop the possibilities that are listed above. You just may need to change your lifestyle a bit.

If you are awaken at night by loud noises caused by exploding head syndrome cut back or quit consuming what's listed.

Advice for Exploding Head Syndrome

See your physician do not assume you have exploding head syndrome. Do further research on the subject.

Go to bed at a decent hour. Do not take on unnecessary stress. Take a multivitamin everyday. Do not lose lots of weight in a short period of time.

Voting helps suffers know they are not alone suffering from exploding head syndrome

Do You Suffer from Exploding Head Syndrome?

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    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 3 years ago from Northern California, USA

      This is really enlightening to me. When I first moved into my new home out in the country, I kept hearing explosions. My husband didn't hear them. I finally figured the explosions were just part of a nightmare I didn't remember. I don't hear explosions anymore, but I'm glad I read your hub about this. It really has given me some peace about it.