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Eyes Dryness: Symptoms and Treatment

Updated on May 28, 2016

Dryness of Eyes

Dry of Eyes

Sometimes you feel uncomfortable in your eyes, and feel that they are dry all the time, usually this problem is a result of inability of the tears to provide adequate humidification of the eye, however, and no matter how different causes, the case remains uncomfortable and impedes your normal daily movement and it calls for a quick solution.

The symptoms:

  1. Tingling feeling and itching in the eyes.
  2. Profuse secretions around the eyes.
  3. Excess sensitivity of the eyes to wind and smoke.
  4. Red eyes and difficulty in wearing contact lenses.
  5. Blurred vision,especially in the end of the day.

The causes of Eye Dryness:

  1. Defect in the composition of the tears produced by the eye.
  2. Weakness in the amount of tears secretion in the eye.
  3. Problems in the eyelids what make difficult to process rack eyelash.
  4. Some medications that cause dry eye.
  5. Strong winds and dry air.
  6. Daily activities that require concentration for long periods reduces eye rack, such as working on the computer, driving and reading.

What are the treatments ?

There is no an effective treatment especially in the advanced cases that require medical intervention, but you can alleviate drought by a large margin or even complete in occasional cases by following these instructions:

  1. As much as possible to avoid direct exposure to air and that for long periods, for example, heating or cooling the car, hair dryers and air conditioners…
  2. Always put sunglasses while out in the sun or ride through any means of open transporting. Also, Wear protective glasses of water while swimming.
  3. Try to keep the humidity in your surroundings between 30 and 50%, you can use air humidifier in winter inside the house.
  4. Try to blink greater proportion to keep your eyes moist.
  5. Avoid as much as possible rubbing your eyes as well as Seek the help of drops of artificial tears, especially after activities that require visually effort.


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