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Facebook sabotages your silhouette

Updated on June 19, 2013

Physical exercises make you smarter! So don't spend all your time on Facebook

In other words, our presence and conversations with friends on Facebook deflects our attention from reality, forcing users to make foolish decisions in real life, generally because their self-control decreases substantially. There are studies in this regard (for instance Keith Wilcox, Columbia University and Andrew T. Stephen, University of Pittsburgh).

Women are more affected than men. This decreasing of the self control is the reason why women tend to eat unhealthy foods or snacks (full of calories and E substances) during or after conversation with friends on Facebook. This is why the online social activity (which, in the same time, encourages a sedentary lifestyle) is a real danger to ladies silhouette. That's why I do not exaggerate when I say that all social networks predispose to weight gain. Or, more accurately: a longer time spent on social networks may be associated with a higher body mass index.

In the case of people who spend a lot of time on social networks, the human behavior changes in another sense too: they are tempted to do shopping online, buying things they do not need.

A while ago, a well-known physiologist, Per-Olaf Lstrand, said that if we do not want to spend daily some time doing physical exercises, it is necessary to consult a doctor to find out if we can deal with the destructive effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

I said, from the beginning, that the danger of social networks can be reduced only if we are able to find a balance in our life. Nobody says it is better to give up on online friends, or online farms, or online conversations. We can do that, but it's better to do it in a safer mode: giving up on unhealthy foods and sedentary activities. Only 15 minutes of physical exercises per day can do wonders. This activity (a quarter of an hour) reduces the risk of death by 14% and the risk of illness from cancer by 10%. In the same time, these 15 minutes a day increase life expectancy by an average of three years. These benefits are available for men and women, regardless of age, including people who have cardiovascular risks.

In contrast, people who do not do sport face an increased risk of death (by 17%) compared to people who practice low-intensity exercise.

So, you can still choose Facebook and exercise, in the same day. Choose to enjoy life and live healthy!

Facts about aerobic exercise

The term "aerobic" was initially coined by sports exercise physiologist Kenneth H. Cooper (from Cooper Institute, Dallas). The verb "aerobic" means "with oxygen." Cooper added only the letter "s". Cooper's book, "Aerobics" (1958) launched the specific exercise method known today as aerobics.



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