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Failure or Success

Updated on March 6, 2014

Failure to success or success to failure

In this real life, how often do we fail? We failed in examinations, driving test and even in our jobs. The moment when you were born, the first step you take, you fall. It is the process of learning to stand on your own feet. Do we consider this as our first failure or a route to success? Sometimes, I wonder if there is no any failure in life, what will happen? Will the person be too confident, never understand what is the meaning of failure?

In fact, a lot of times we don't admit failure or rather say can't see it is the key to success. Taking this person as an example: Mary couldn't adapt to her new working environment. she kept making mistakes and ended up she was dismissed by her boss. When she was sacked, she could not accept it. She went around telling people, blaming everyone except herself. "It's simply them (colleagues and boss). They are so unhelpful. It's all their fault." Deep down, she knew along the problem lies on her but she just could not face it. How many of us are like Mary? When comes to relationship, family problem or even at work, is it really what we don't want to face critical truth? Or we are just too arrogant that lead us to failure...

Thomas Alva Edison

Edison was born in Ohio in the USA in 1847. At school his teacher thought his ideas were crazy and that he might have a learning difficulty. After that, his mother taught him at home. He was full of curiosity and she encouraged him to learn things for himself. He made working models of a steam engine and steam-powered sawmill, and experimented with chemicals. Despite Thomas Alva Edison had failed a thousand of times, he never gave up and keep on trying. In 1878, Edison worked to discover a way of improving the electric light bulb invented in England by Sir Joseph Swan. Electricity was passed through a filament wire to make the wire glow, and a glass bulb, from which air had been removed, enclosed the filament so that it would burn longer. Edison experimented with materials that would make a filament to produce an brighter light. In1879, he used a filament made from burnt sewing thread, and in 1880 he used bamboo filaments. By the end of 1880 he had developed a 16 watt bulb that lasted 1500 hours.To make his invention practical for everyday life, he invented ways of producing electricity and distributing it through wires to homes and businesses. By the 1890s, hundreds of towns throughout the world had Edison power stations.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates started off playing with the computers in his Lakeside Prep school. He and his friends wasted no time in exploring the new machine and soon started causing problems. They caused the system to crash several times and broke the security system. They even got banned for several weeks after changing into the file that recorded how much computer time they were using and altered it. From all these failures, to what he is now, is the co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft, and founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Forbes magazine has ranked him as the richest person in the world for twelve consecutive years.

Their successful stories come from numerous failures... ... and to and fro between this journey of success and failure, they found the key to success - never give up trying. Most of the times, we are too impatient, we are too eager to know the outcome and tends to forget to see in depth of what is really happening around us. There is always a reason behind every failure. If we able to find that reason, that motivation to the key, we are one step nearer to the success. So whether is success to failure or success to failure, it is the story of how we are going to write and not how we are being blindfold by it.

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