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Fat Burning Foods

Updated on September 6, 2012

Natural Fat Burning Foods: Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are allies of choice to prevent weight gain. So much so that some schemes do not hesitate to propose a "pineapple" or "grapefruit" diet plan. If these wacky methods are not recommended, it seems that some plants do possess an advantage: they contain fat burning molecules!

We know the virtues of fruits and vegetables for the fight against surplus weight. They supply a lot of fibers and water, and relatively little energy. Result: one stops being hungry before ingesting too many calories. But their virtues do not stop there. Some indeed contain specific compounds that are real fat-burners for the body. Here is an overview of the molecules that lie between the fibers.




Osmotin for destocking fat

Osmotin is a compound found in many plants, which protects them from attacks by fungi. Now some scientists have found that this protein has a structure very similar to a human hormone: adiponectin. Produced by adipose tissues, adiponectin stimulates the storage of glucose in muscles, and fat oxidation by muscles and the liver: it helps eliminate the stored fat reserves...

Kaempferol to burn fat reserves

Kaempferol is a member of the flavonols, compounds found in many fruits and vegetables. It increases the oxygen consumption of cells and their energy consumption. The mechanism could involve activation of thyroid hormones: Kaempferol act thus by burning calories.



Resveratrol to resist weight gain

This compound, found in large quantities in grapes, is beginning to be talked about. It is already used as an ingredient in dietary supplements. Resveratrol seems to increase the basic metabolism of the organism, i.e. the energy consumption at rest. In mice that were given a high fat diet with resveratrol, a kind of resistance to weight gain was created by this fat burning metabolism.

Polyphenols to limit fat entries

Polyphenols are compounds found in vast quantities in fruits and vegetables. They are known for their antioxidant properties, but they also limit the absorption of fat in the intestine.




Certainly, this fat-burning property of fruits and vegetables must be confirmed by other studies. But to think that fat burning foods might exist is an encouraging tought tough...

A possible benefit to be added to the long list of health benefits of fruits and vegetables. But regradless of the outcome of these studies, fruits and vegetables are surely the best way to burn fat, and are to be consumed without moderation in a fat burning diet!


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