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Death's At the Door? Tell It To Come On In.

Updated on October 13, 2011

Why Do People Fear Death?

Is death to be feared? So many times we go through our lives doing things that are deemed "safe". Things that keep us off of trouble’s doorstep because we don’t want to test the limits. No one wants to lose their life in a final game of Russian Roulette. I wouldn’t either for that matter. But honestly, what do some fear about dying? Once death places its cold grip upon who it has chosen, isn't that it? Afterwards, there is no more feeling of emotions that burden us. The struggles we had alive are non-existant. No more pain and suffering. Freedom?

I am by no means trying to glorify death. But I can’t help but wonder what is so feared about an act that leaves you without any recollection of your former life to even mourn or long for it? It’s like losing your memory and not knowing that you were rich. You wouldn’t miss this unknown glamorous lifestyle so there would be nothing to want back from it because it’s as if it never existed. The slate is clean. Or perhaps, I’m naïve to think that there isn’t any residual memory of your former self. Some out there might feel quite the opposite and feel that they will exist on another level where all their memories will be intact and they will suffer as a result of missing their former selves and loved ones. So having said that, is the fear of death an act of selfishness? Not wanting to leave a life they have managed to compile during their years on this earth? Many can’t let go of material things while their alive so why should it be any different when they are faced with death?

Some do not hold fear in their hearts because they have come to accept the fact that beyond death there is a place of happiness and joy. But is that an ignorant assumption on their part? I’m not an avid Bible reader but through all the years that I have been on this earth i have been told that once you pass from this life you feel, no pain, no sadness and everything is glorious. So if some, like myself, are told that they will walk down the streets of gold why are people afraid of dying? For me, if i know that I’m going to a place where things will be euphoric when I get there that would not give me cause to fear it. Even if there is no promised land and there's nothing, why would one be afraid of nothingness? So could one say that that is where the fear lies? Is it that the fear of death comes with the differences in religious beliefs intertwined with the anxiety built up from being afraid of the unknown? Plenty feel that there is something beyond death that could lead into an alternate life filled with pain, suffering and soul burning. Not knowing if that’s where their soul’s destiny lies. In that case wouldn’t you be afraid too?

And maybe it’s just the fear of the pain that could be felt as you die. At this point in my life I do not fear dying. The only thing that I can honestly say that would cause me to be afraid is the pain that may come with the process of it. Or the extension and attempted prevention of death while in some cold institution with masked and jacketed strangers as I lay suffering. These are not thoughts that I have often but I have seen the fear in a person's face when they think they are going to die and I always wonder where this fear has generated from? Perhaps some are programmed to fear death via television and movies they have seen during childhood. Or maybe it is instilled within some by their families. They have possibly displayed an emotion towards death that has left a scarring impression of how death should be perceived. At that point does it become a phobia like a fear of heights or snakes and it’s just something that is innately formed within some?

The best thing we can do in this life is live it the best way we know how and do things that are worth smiling about. Yes death is final but don’t we owe it to ourselves to enjoy the life that has been set before us? Make the most of it by loving those around you and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. No one knows how long we have on this earth so I say live your life to the fullest. Morbid topic I know but what are your thoughts on it?

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