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The Undisputed Truth About Fears During Pregnancy

Updated on August 22, 2016
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My career as a nurse along with my experience as a mother combined with my passion in writing hopefully delivers great reading for others.

It is normal to have fears and anxieties during pregnancy.
It is normal to have fears and anxieties during pregnancy.

Fears And Anxieties Are Normal Before Childbirth

Fears and anxieties are normal before childbirth. This article looks at the anxieties that may be plaguing you and help you try and dispel them. Your expectations have a great deal to do with your labor and birth. It is normal to feel this way and every pregnant woman will go through fluctuating emotions during her pregnancy. Your confidence is the only requirement for a good birth experience for you and your baby. Bring a positive attitude to your labor and birth and keep your stress and anxiety levels down.

Stay Rested and Stress Free

Physical fatigue can increase your vulnerability and stress levels and it is important to have plenty of sleep.

Emotional fluctuations while pregnant are normal

Your high level of hormones circulating in your body is enough to increase your emotional sensitivity. Your feelings will be a mixture of high and low from bliss to anxiety and this is a common experience when approaching the end of your pregnancy. Some concerns and thoughts are likely to be more intense if this is your first baby. So there is no need to feel guilty about your feelings and be concerned about them. This is a natural part of pregnancy so enjoy it as you will return to your normal self in due course.

Mother And Baby

After medical intervention during childbirth
After medical intervention during childbirth | Source

Fear Of Pain And Medical Intervention

Normal fears are to do with your capacity to cope with the pain of the birth or the intervention of forceps. Far from fearing the experience of pain and seeking to avoid it why not choose to embrace the experience to ensure that your own birth experience is a positive one. Develop an interest in your sensations flow with it and experience it as an experience that is greater than you but not hostile to you. If you opted for painkillers or medical intervention this does not mean the birthing experience failed. It is simply another means of delivery to bring your child into this world. Keep your mind open and do not fixate in one idea and you will increase your chances to respond naturally to whatever happens.

Breathing Techniques are also an effective way of releasing endorphins which is Natures Own Painkiller

Dreading for the safety of your unborn baby

All mothers have a moment of panic when they think the baby stopped moving or is rocking around excessively. Babies at times have heightened activity and sometimes it is less remind yourself that your anxiety is normal. Even mothers with normal pregnancies have dreams about having monster babies or generally something is going to be wrong with their baby. If you paid attention to your health during the pregnancy it is less likely that you will feel guilty or feel that there is something wrong with your child. If you are still concerned talk to medical experts to confirm whether is really anything to worry about.

Take a nap in the afternoon and go to bed early. Your sleep will be disturbed due to the difficulty of finding a comfortable position for your increasing bulk.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed and be scared of motherhood. Don't worry you will be surprised on how well you would cope
It is normal to feel overwhelmed and be scared of motherhood. Don't worry you will be surprised on how well you would cope | Source

Scared Of Motherhood

You may be anxious about being a parent how you would cope with the workload and the rest of your responsibilities. If you already have a growing family you might be concerned about how you will manage your household on top of your job. It is important to discuss this with your family and your partner on how you can altogether welcome your new baby into the family. Ask the older children to help out with the chores and have a plan as a team even before the new baby arrives. Grandparents and friends are equally as good support as anyone can get and if everyone works together motherhood will be a pleasant experience. Life unfolds in many unexpected ways so you might surprise yourself on how well you cope with it.

It is unhelpful at this point to add to your stress by doing any decorating especially as paints and solvents releases toxins.
It is unhelpful at this point to add to your stress by doing any decorating especially as paints and solvents releases toxins.
If it is clear from the start that the father is not going to be the support person due to a relationship breakup you can still find other people as support people. Recognising this and being ready to acknowledge your birthing experience will usually stand you in a good position.

Your Relationship With Your Partner Will Lead To After Motherhood

Increasing fatigue in pregnancy leads to an inability to concentrate irritability lack of concentration and lack of libido. You may become depressed about the size of your body and your inability to get physically comfortable. Cuddles and kisses can be very comforting but you may be worried by the effects of all this on your partner. Try talking it through with your partner and you may find that your fears are ungrounded and are just part of general feelings of vulnerability. Let yourself be pampered by your partner and others appreciate the attention and accept all offers and try not to have any expectations on the upcoming birth and take it one day at a time. Try and recognize what fathers are going through especially for first-time fathers. They will also be feeling anxious about the child but is unable to express them to you as he considers you to have enough to deal with at this point. His main concerns will be his inability to provide support now and during the birth. He will also have concerns about providing for the family financially and increased responsibilities. His primary concern will be to be strong enough to give you support during the birth. Some fathers may also have concerns about the blood and guts that will surround him during the birth. It is important as a couple to attend some classes so both are prepared on the day.

 Its normal to have emotional fluctuations while pregnant
Its normal to have emotional fluctuations while pregnant | Source

Surviving Stress and Fears during Pregnancy

Your fears and anxieties are normal and you are entitled to it. Here are some ideas to best manage your stress before and after pregnancy.

  1. Sleep and Rest to Combat Stress and Fears. It is very important to get a lot of sleep and rest especially towards the end of your pregnancy. This will make sure that you are well rested and have enough strength to tackle the challenges of labor. It is also important to relax in between contractions and snatch a few minutes of sleep.
  2. Use Breathing Techniques. The simplest way to use breathing to relax is to divert your breath to each part of your body. Here is how to proceed.
  • First, sit and lie comfortably with your legs crossed with your back and head supported your eyes closed and start breathing rhythmically.
  • Practice a deep inhalation and exhalation. When you exhale keep letting go of your breath even if you think that it is all gone.
  • As you inhale and tense up exhale and let all your muscles go.
  • Repeat the process finishes the activity by sending one more deep breath to your mind and clear your thoughts. You can send one to your heart to bring joy and courage during birth and a third and final breath go to your womb and your baby so fills it with love and comfort.
  • If you practice the above techniques during pregnancy and become familiar with it, you should be able to use it confidently during labor in between contractions.

Acknowledge your fears and anxieties acquire knowledge and stay rested are all important ways to to build your confidence.

Fear Of Pregnancy And Childbirth

We have looked at some ways in examining and overcoming mental negativity during pregnancy and how to trust your body’s ability to give birth to a healthy baby. You should now feel empowered and active. Acknowledging your fears and anxieties and staying rested are all important ways to build your confidence and trust that your body is designed to give birth to babies.

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