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Feeling Trapped in a life You don’t Want or Have Planned.

Updated on March 11, 2013

Have you ever felt trapped in a life you really don’t want or have not planned that was in your heart?

It seems that every time you try to correct what is going on in your life, it seems as if you’re slamming your head against a brick wall and all your plans blow up in your face.

This brings on anxiety, the feeling of helplessness, depression for your yearning for a better life. A life you dreamed of all the days of your living. Now you’re feeling trapped. Trapped into someone else’s life, someone else’s dreams and there you sit wondering, how you got to this point in time in your life of how you let all this happened.

Especially in today’s society where no one can handle their own lives yet wants to tell you how to live your life, your wants, your dreams etc., which is interfering from that perfect life you’ve always wanted and dreamed about.

Does not make any sense, now does it. If a person can’t control their own life, how can they control other’s lives? Thus making you as a person feel helpless and trapped into a life you don’t want. Then you sit and wonder why they are controlling your life instead of making changes as to bettering their own life. Then the trouble begins.

How do you break away from such nonsense? How do you start living your own life? Sure, you make plans for your life, but do you dare start putting your actions in place to better your life to make you happy or do you just go on with life and keep letting the other person run your life. There has to be a breaking point, and when your down and depressed, there is no solutions to anything for your depressed, which the other person says to you” there is no reason to be depressed here is what we are going to do."

On the other hand, they say, “I have plans and here is what we will do.” However, it’s not their decisions to do what they want, especially with your life, or your items. You think to yourself, stop controlling me, let me be me, I am not you and you don’t know what is good for me, I do.

Now were does this leave you? Back in the same old controlling situation you’re trying to get out of, and to saga goes on and on until you’re in a deep depression.

Well here is what I am doing, I just had a melt down and just can't take all these people around me telling me what I should and shouldn't do with my life or what is good for me when they to have troubles and can't control their own lives.

Yes, I live in this situation, but this time I have turned my thoughts feelings and life over to God. I have been reading my bible and praying for a clear way for only, God can control my life. God is my ruler, my Father and my life. He now is telling me what I should and shouldn’t do in my life and the other person/persons are rebelling against what I want in life because these people are unhappy and want the people they hang around with to be unhappy as well. They want you to be miserable and not succeed in life as they have not succeeded in their own lives. Yes, I too am trying to break away, so that I don’t feel trapped in living his/their life and yearning for my own life which I know I will be happy.

I now am looking for a camper in which he will live in, since he is not my boyfriend and is my ex-husband. I am going through a depression yes but God is telling me what I should do, so I am trying to obtain a camper for the ex to live in, this will cut some of the stress in my life.

I also making other plans silently thus trying to put them in place, I know I will be very happy if all things work out and God is on my side. Sure I don’t make a lot of money and am looking for a real writing position to supplement my income for now in hopes that position will help me obtain my new life quicker, but if I plan right, put back some more money, I not only will be able to obtain the camper at Gods will, but also obtain the other plans I've made with Gods help.

This is what God is telling me to do, and in a few years without the other party knowing it, my camper will be paid off in full. If the loan goes through, which I am praying hard for. Then I can proceed with the other plans God has set fourth in my heart. If this too does not blow up in my face, and so far it has but I will continue on, praying to God things will work out for the best. but only in Gods time.

I know I will not only live in the seclusion closer to God but also be secluded for all those who want to control my life and tell me what to do in different ways. I will also have a piece of mind that I am on my way to not only freedom to live my life as I so please and as God tells me but also to live in peace and harmony with Gods plans that he has for me.

I then can proceed with my promise to God, of helping him with other plans he has placed in my heart that I feel so strongly about, to please God and to do his work or help him do his work.

Yes I know there are many struggles in life, but once I leave from here, those struggles will not be as many, as they are here with people telling me how to live my life. They will have to learn to live their own lives before telling others how to live other’s lives.

God has made me do a lot of thinking and this is all silenced as to what I plan to do with my life in future years. I am tired of feeling trapped all of the time, i am tired of being depressed all of the time, and crying all of the time and this time. I see very clear as to busting out of the same old rut that I am in and moving forward in life without people telling me what I should or shouldn’t do.

It took a deep depression and a ton of prayers to God to help me clear my mind as to what is really going on. This is why I feel more people should turn to God and leave God take the wheel. He will help you with a better way, maybe not right away, but he will give you ideas if you only sit in silence and listen to your thoughts in which God puts in your head and in your heart. You’re not alone in your worries and woes and you never will be. God will be there to un-trap you in your mind and in your situations.

I am tired of being other peoples puppet on a string. Its time to break free from the nonsense and people telling me what to do with my life as they want me to live to keep me down in a society of looser's.


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